March 20th, 2019

// 4 Chest-Building Workouts that Use Only Your Body Weight

4 Chest-Building Workouts that Use Only Your Body Weight

Many individuals don’t consider how important the chest muscles are until they find themselves in a situation where they need them. The chest enables you to lift, push, and pull more effectively, all of which are tasks required for most minimum wage jobs. If you can’t lift a box full of stock for shelves, you may find yourself in dire straits for work. It’s imperative not only for bodybuilders to acquire muscle in the chest, but for the average person as well. Fortunately for those without a gym membership, chest-building workouts don’t always require equipment. Rather the best at-home chest workouts involve multiple variations of the same workout.

Classic Push-Ups

While you may feel classic push-ups are beneath you, this simple workout is remarkably effective. The act of pushing against your own weight gives you an advantage in strength and endurance if done correctly. If you do traditional push-ups on a daily basis, you will quickly build upper-body strength, while also strengthening your lower back and core.

Inclined Push-Ups

This exercise is specifically meant to build up the strength necessary to perform a classic push-up. Instead of lying perfectly parallel to the floor, you can start off by placing your hands on a wall or sturdy, flat surface, and pushing up from there. This alleviates the stress on individuals who don’t yet have the strength to lift themselves up off the ground, and prepares them for a future where the classic push-up is possible.

Decline Push-Ups

Decline push-ups provide you with a stronger upper chest, but can be deceptively more difficult. Setting your feet on a sturdy surface that elevates them off the ground, you then proceed to perform push-ups as you would normally. Because of the added challenge of exercising at a different angle, it’s advisedyou not try this routine unless you can correctly perform fifteen regular push-ups.

Varied Hand and Foot Push-Ups

A number of push-up variantscan be found online, exercising various parts of your chest. Staggered hand push-ups, single leg push-ups, and diamond push-ups are a mere few where your leg and hand positions change, allowing you to strengthen different parts of your chest as part of your workout routine.Working out on a daily basis is a challenge in and of itself. By doing workouts that require only a small space on the floor at home as opposed to an entire gym full of machines and weights, you can take charge of your health without feeling like you are wasting travel time or money. If you want to improve your chest muscles, give push-ups a shot. Should you experience any pain or discomfort, seek out a physician to determine whether gentler physical rehabilitationis necessa

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