September 3rd, 2019

// 4 Unconventional and Effective Exercise Routines

4 Unconventional and Effective Exercise Routines

Who said working out can’t be fun? If your exercise routine is feeling a little dull, try one of these unconventional exercise methods—you’ll be able to burn calories and beat your boredom at the same time.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are a unique type of workout tool that promotes high-intensity aerobics. You’ll need two heavy gym ropes and plenty of space to practice. The ropes are attached to the wall, and you hold the other ends of the ropes in your hands. The workout routine involves moving and swinging the ropes while performing squats, lunges, and other common exercises. As you become more skilled at the workout, you can upgrade to heavier ropes that are more difficult to move.

Underwater Exercises

Working out in a swimming pool doesn’t always mean going for a swim. Underwater aerobics has been around for years; you can also try CrossFit, martial arts, or any workout of your choice. The weight of the water makes moving difficult, so you burn more calories and build more muscle with every motion.

For your first swimming pool workout, stand at a depth where your shoulders are just above the water. Hold on to the edge of the pool while you practice kicks and other leg exercises. Always stay where your feet can touch the ground; your focus should be on your workout, not on treading water.

Trampoline Exercises

A trampoline exercise routine can be a fun way to get aerobic exercise while reducing the pressure on your knees and hips. Workout routines involve jumping jacks, twist jumps, and other simple but energetic movements. These exercises burn calories and tone muscles without stressing your metabolism or causing you to run out of breath.

Look for a trampoline, such as one from Cellular Health Innovations LLC, with strong supports, flexible netting, and high-quality springs that will not cause jarring. This particular exercise method is a good choice for a small but not overly crowded exercise space.

Tire Training

Tractor tires are a simple yet effective workout tool. Tractor tires are much taller than regular tires—in fact, they’re taller than some of the people who use them to work out. If you have a large space in your home gym or back yard, flipping a tractor tire around is a great way to burn fat and build muscle. You can also use the tire for stepping exercises, weighted squats, or even couple’s workout routines.

When you try a new exercise for the first time, remember to follow the instructions of your trainer or the guide you are referencing. Use exercise tools as they are intended to avoid the risk of injury. Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy your unconventional workout.

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