July 14th, 2019

// 5 Tips for Improving Your Cycling Workout

5 Tips for Improving Your Cycling Workout

Cycling is growing in popularity because it offers one of the best workouts in sports, as well as providing opportunities for achieving the highest goals for both teams and individuals. If you’re hoping to improve your cycling workout, consider these four tips to help you improve your daily performance.

Take Time to Warm Up

A thorough warm-up session before a workout does more than improve your performance. It can also help to avoid injuries that can occur from muscle and stiffness, when going from a resting state to an accelerated push. In addition, a good warm-up will also prime your energy production, so you can sustain a workout for a longer period of time. So, next time you think of skipping your warm-up, consider the benefits this effort provides for your body.

Tailor Your Warm Up to Your Workout

A good rule of thumb is to do a longer warm-up with a shorter, more intense workout session, and shorter, less complex warm-up for longer, more leisurely sessions. In this way, you can avoid strain on unworked muscles, and your body will be metabolically prepped to do the work you ask of it.

Do Power Bursts to Increase Strength & Endurance

If you feel you need to increase your muscle strength and endurance for longer rides, add power burst sessions to your regular workout. This method involves beginning at a very low cadence and speed, and then, shifting to a large gear and pedaling as fast as you can for 15 minutes. Slow down to the small gear and pedal easily for 3 minutes. Repeat 10 times, gradually building up to 15 times.

Increase Your Cycling Comfort

Your ability to perform at optimum levels can be improved significantly by maximizing your comfort as you do your workout. This should include clothing that offers the highest levels of comfort, while minimizing the common problems that often occur during cycling. Custom cycling kitscan ensure that your group can achieve the greatest comfort level during your workout, for the best performance.

Increase Your Long Distance Rides

Extending the distance of your ride is a good way to increase muscle strength, endurance and aerobic power. If you routinely cycle for two hours or more, try extending the ride to three hours and then to four. This routine can be done on a gradual basis, until you feel comfortable with the increasingly extended ride.

Regular training sessions that incrementally increase your strength, speed and endurance will help you to improve your overall performance. Take your workout sessions seriously, by doing a warm-up, practicing different speeds and lengths of practice and ensuring a good comfort level while engaging in your routine.

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