November 17th, 2017

// How Advances in Pharmaceutical Drugs Have a Positive Impact on Humanity

How Advances in Pharmaceutical Drugs Have a Positive Impact on Humanity

Over the years, there have been significant advances in modern medicine. This has allowed people to live longer, heathier lives. Here are some ways that pharmaceuticals have aided in this progress.


A simple infection can be treated with a few pills now. Before the discovery of penicillin, this could have been fatal. It was only through the scientific study of mold that this drug was created. Modern healthcare is based on the foundation of utilizing the advances available through the pharmaceutical industry. Antibiotic research continues to advance as healthcare professionals attempt to stay one step ahead of bacteria. This has lead to less preventable infections across the population. Hospitals are better able to treat their patients due to the use of antibiotics.


The discovery of inoculating an individual against a certain disease was considered a novel concept. The polio vaccine was the first true vaccine. Soldiers were vaccinated against common diseases starting in World War I. This directly improved the conditions of the military camps and reduced the amount of deaths. Most children are vaccinated today to prevent many different types of diseases. This has lead to an increased survivability from childhood illnesses. In the US, the smallpox vaccine is no longer administered due to the eradication of the disease. With increased vaccination programs more diseases may become a thing of the past.

Biological Storage

With the ability to safely store biological samples, there is more opportunity for medical advancements. Disease samples can be stored and studied to develop new treatments. It is common practice in most medical laboratories to use a cold biological storage solution for all samples. This provides a reference point to determine if there is a mutation in a virus or bacterial sample. Many research trials also need to store their samples in order to document their research. This has lead to new innovations in the development of treatments of diseases, such as cancer. Modern medicine is still learning everyday about the best way to treat the population.

Controlled Studies

Pharmaceutical companies conduct and fund many controlled studies. These studies are developing new drugs or working on cures for diseases. In order to gain the required approvals in the US, these studies need to demonstrate that their treatment is successful. These studies are carefully planned. They also have a control group to prove that their results are valid. It can take years to develop new drugs. The approval process by the FDA also takes many years. It is expensive to develop these drugs due to the amount of time and effort that goes into even one study. Studies play an important role in the advancement of pharmaceutical treatments to improve the quality of life in people.

Pharmaceuticals have positively impacted the lifestyle of the human race. Next time you get a prescription, consider the ways that the pharmaceutical industry has made this possible.

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