February 15th, 2018

// Johnston Group Has Upgraded its Wellness Offering to Plan Members with New Innovation from Novus Health

Johnston Group Has Upgraded its Wellness Offering to Plan Members with New Innovation from Novus Health


TORONTO, Feb. 15, 2018 /CNW/ – Plan members of Johnston Group will now experience better access to health information with Novus Health’s new update to its digital health navigation platform. Since 2009, the two companies have been improving their plan members’ health through access to my-benefits health, Johnston Group’s navigation platform powered by Novus Health. With this improved responsive tool at their fingertips, it is easier for members to take charge of their overall health. The interactive platform’s resources make sense of the Canadian health care system, explain each member’s options in clear language, and provide customized plans based on the members’ individual health risks. The outcome is better health for members and a reduced burden on our health care system.

With the new Health Risk Assessment feature from Novus Health, Johnston Group’s more than 140,000 plan members get an upgrade in how they manage their health and wellness. This access to the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) tool helps them better understand their personal health risks and what they can do to improve their situation. What’s more, a team of Health Information Specialists from Novus Health are only a phone call away, ready to provide personalized coaching and assistance in both English and French.

Providing a single destination for plan members to access all their programs and services makes it easy for them to utilize the benefits available and allows employers, benefit providers, and similar organizations to offer additional products and services that will enhance members’ lives, reduce health costs, and increase revenue through voluntary benefits and services. Novus Health’s digital platform allows its partners to give their members access to all their program offerings and create a seamless experience no matter how tech-savvy their members are.

Novus is proud of its partnership with Johnston Group, a leader in providing bespoke benefit plans across Canada. Together through the my-benefits health portal we will make a difference in the quality of life for Johnston Group’s members. Both organizations are Canadian-owned and -operated and are proud of their roots as family-owned businesses with the goal of serving the Canadian public.

What’s New with the Health Navigation Platform

The latest platform combines the best in innovative technology and user experience design to let users find the relevant health and wellness content up to three times faster than before. It’s also mobile responsive, with interactive search tools and personal decision-making guides to help members take control of their health and the well-being of their families.

Alongside all of these advancements, the platform still offers the core services that have made it such a valued asset to companies and member services across the country. Through the platform, members are able to find local health practitioners, specialists, hospitals, and clinics, alongside helpful guides for managing the challenges of a new diagnosis and navigating the local health care system. All this with the support of bilingual Health Information Specialists who can help members navigate their options.

The Health Navigation Platform provides an interactive experience that removes barriers from the search for health information. The platform’s engaging tools help empower members to become their own advocates within the health care system. It not only connects them to community support, but also offers localized and medically reviewed content, including detailed information regarding drugs as well as medical conditions.

Learn more about the new platform here.

About Johnston Group

Johnston Group is one of the best-kept secrets in the Canadian group benefits marketplace—an organization behind benefit programs chosen by more than 30,000 businesses. Johnston Group has been providing group benefit plan solutions to business for over 30 years.

For more information, visit johnstongroup.ca

About Novus Health

Novus Health is an information and technology-enabled health services provider. The leader in health navigation and wellness solutions, Novus Health helps organizations make health care more accessible, understandable, and effective for their members and clients. Novus Health’s solutions are provided to over 5 million people, with offices located in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Paris, France.

For more information, visit www.novushealth.com and www.novussante.com.

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