February 11th, 2019

// Top Fitness Vacations

Top Fitness Vacations

Spring break is fast approaching. We are all gearing up to escape the last remaining weeks of winter. However, all that hard work you have been doing since New Year’s on your summer bod doesn’t have to be thrown out the window. You don’t have to simply go to an all-inclusive destination to eat and drink until you can’t possibly think of food anymore. There are other vacation options. Those of which include fitness vacations. With fitness vacations, you can get all the perks of a regular hot and sunny destination but have more than enough fitness options to keep you healthy, active and always fun.

The options for fitness vacations are endless these days. You can now go away on a fitness vacation for a weekend, with your family, all-inclusive, outdoors adventurist, athlete, yogi or even prefer being in a gym. It’s all available to you with the different fitness vacations out there. 

The following are some of the top fitness vacations in the world. There is something for everyone. You don’t have to continue going to the same old all-inclusive every spring. A fitness vacation will keep you on track, healthy and help rejouvinate the body, mind and spirit.

For the outdoors enthusiast:

Whistler B.C – Canada

Weight Loss Retreat For Women by Whistler Fitness Vacation

If you are looking to stay in Canada year round the Whistler Fitness Vacations can accommodate you. They boast a luxury weight loss retreat that’s found in the beautiful scenery of Whistler BC. Their trips focus on human development through physical fitness and “we inspire women from all over the world to get fit, lose weight and feel great!” On top of that they say that “whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, you’ll feel a sense of team from the moment you arrive. Our inclusive boot camp program is spearheaded by one of Canada’s leading coaches, you will always feel pushed and never feel left behind.”

Athletic Training:

Athleteic Goal Oriented Training

PhuketFit – Thailand

Nestled in the beautiful country of Thailand you will find Phuketfit. They are advertised as Thailand’s number 1 fitness holiday and is a goal focused fitness holiday. They design the whole experience around your goals and support you with a physical routine, nutrition, exercise recovery, mental preparation and even supplementation that is all based around your goals. They offer 7-28 day packages but the pricing leans towards the more expensive side. 

Yoga for Families:


This is a great place for the Yogi and family to go. You get the beach, the sun and the full yoga experience. Your kids will love staying in colorful casitas You can practice daily with Empress, the resident yoga instructor. While you practice yoga the resort can cater to the rest of the family with biking or hiking tours. Its also good to note that the food is locally grown.

Water Lovers:

Costa Rica

No place says vacation like costa Rica. The beauty of this country is astounding. This vacation will leave you learning how to surf in the beautiful waters and help you explore life through yoga practice. This is a beach front all inclusive resort with breathtaking views and tons of fun for a vacation with friends, family or a loved one. 

These are all just a few examples of the different types of fitness vacations available today. There really is something for everyone. So don’t feel like you have to go on the same old spring vacation full of partying college students that will disrupt your sleep, goals and interfere with your relaxation because these fitness vacations are the perfect way to avoid that and will have you coming back refreshed, relaxed and still on track towards your fitness goals.

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