September 10th, 2019

// Got Sore Muscles? 4 Ways to Recover after a Brutal Workout Session

Got Sore Muscles? 4 Ways to Recover after a Brutal Workout Session

If you enjoy exercising, then you may develop sore muscles in various areas of your body after an intensive workout session. Fortunately, there are great ways to recover, so you should use these tips that are recommended by others.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can relax your tense muscles to help you overcome pain and stiffness faster. A steaming hot shower or bathtub soak is a fast and easy remedy for the overworked muscles in your back, shoulders and arms. You can use essential oils on your body to help you feel better, and there is also a benefit from the fragrances of the essential oils. Some of the best essential oil fragrances to use for your heat therapy include lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile.

Hydrate Your Body

After an intense workout, you are likely dehydrated from perspiring. It is essential to begin drinking a lot of water or ready-made beverages that are formulated for athletes. By doing this, you can avoid having problems from muscle spasms or cramps that often occur from the loss of natural electrolytes in the body. You can bring bottles of water or beverages with you to an exercise studio, or alternatively, keep these items in a vehicle so that you can begin drinking the liquids right away.

Visit an Acupuncturist

Acupuncturetherapy involves the insertion of thin sterilized needles into the skin. A knowledgeable acupuncturist will consult with you about where you are having muscle pain before beginning the treatment. After your skin is cleansed with an antiseptic pad, the acupuncture needles are inserted, and the acupuncturist may twist or flip the needles to reduce the pain in your sore muscles. This type of treatment can last for up to one hour, helping you to feel better.

Cold Therapy

Rather than using heat therapy for your sore muscles after exercising, place ice packs on a stiff elbow, knee or shoulder. You can keep plastic ice packs in your home’s freezer, or you can make a cold therapy device by filling a plastic bag with ice cubes. Keep the ice on a body part for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, and you can repeat the process every few hours. After the cold therapy session, you can elevate the sensitive body part, or you might prefer stretching gently to alleviate any stiffness.

Avoiding Muscle Strains

The best way to avoid having sore muscles is by increasing the amount of time for a workout gradually and waiting until you are stronger before you try to do too much.

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