One on One Training with Alicia Bell


1 Session - $120 + Tax (Sessions expire 1 Month After Purchase Date)
5 Session Package - $600 + Tax(Sessions expire 3 Months After Purchase Date)
10 Session Package - $1080 +Tax (10% Discount) (Sessions expire 5 Months After Purchase Date)
20 Session Package - $1920 +Tax (20% Discount) (Sessions expire 7 Months After Purchase Date)
1 Personal Training Session + Take Home Program - $250 +Tax (Session expires 1 Month After Purchase Date)
In Person Posing - $60+Tax for 30 minutes
In Person Posing - $90+Tax for 60 minutes


Single Session (1 Hour) – $90 + Tax (Expires 1 Month After Purchase Date)

Alicia is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She trains in person clients upon request only.

Pure Muscle + Fitness:
5070 Benson Dr Unit 105, Burlington, ON L7L 5N6
Please contact before purchase.

As a personal trainer, coach and athlete, there are a few core principles I stand by. I believe that if you set S.M.A.R.T attainable goals you will be successful. If you go about your fitness journey by the following guidelines, you will be successful and you will have fun, enjoy the process and fall in love with health and fitness.

Do not compare yourself to others

I strongly ask that my clients do not let themselves get caught up in analyzing and comparing their progress to anyone else’s. Someone may be well into their fitness journey, while you are just beginning. One person’s goals, progress, beauty or strengths do not negate your own. If you have time to worry about what others are doing, you aren't focused enough on your own journey. Focus on YOU and there is no one who can compare to you.

Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for yourself. How you got to where you are is not because of someone else or something. Everything you do from here on out is on you. If you cheat there are no excuses. Own up to it. Don't dwell on it and move on. If you have a perfect day, week, month you better take responsibility for that and celebrate it. Don't get down on yourself always keep your head up, stay positive and know you will succeed!


Changing your body and mind is not a process that will happen over night. Everyone is different. Your journey may be longer than someone else. Be patient. Trust the process. Stick to your plan. It may seem simple but many people fall off of the wagon because they don't display the discipline to have the patience it takes. If you are patient I promise you that you will achieve your goals. Remember that there is no quick fix. Transforming your body takes time, consistency and discipline. Health is always top priority. I don't give clients crash diets, no fad detox teas and no miracle fat vanishing wrap. By keeping a healthy diet, training with intensity, getting your cardio done and being patient, you will see results.

Always Have Fun

Fitness should never feel like a daunting task, punishment or forced. As a personal trainer and coach, I want my clients and athletes to look forward to their workouts every day. Even if you have a bad day your workout should be fun and make you feel better! It wont always be easy, you will have to have discipline if you want to change. You should never feel miserable or unhappy. Every man, woman and child deserves to wake up feeling happy and confident, love their body and enjoy what they are doing.


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