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Amanda M

This all started just over a year ago when I saw Alicia training at my gym. I thought wow this woman is in amazing shape and I want to be just like her. At that stage in my life I was contemplating doing another fitness competition. I did one about 5 years ago and it was the worst experience of my life. I got really sick during my prep due to a nutritionist not listening to me and my body. It took me a whole year to get my body back but its still been a process to get my mind back to loving my body. I had the worst body image of myself, and I know Alicia can confirm that. I hated every part of my body and was totally uncomfortable with myself on the inside and outside.

Fast forward a few years and a several pounds later and here I was stalking Alicia on social media. When finally, I took the plunge and decided to email her and see if she could take me under her wing. And she responded yes! We decided I had the shape to compete in figure and that was the goal! I sent in my start up questionnaire and check in photos and there was no turning back.

There are a lot of things I love about Alicia, but one of the most important things was that she listened to me. Every week during my check-ins I would tell her how I was feeling and how I my body felt. She took that into consideration when creating my new programs month to month or week to week. I never had a coach do that. She would also send me little pep talks, as there were several times where I just didn’t feel happy with my body! And she really taught me how to love myself from within. With that my confidence slowly built up!

We were chipping away at my body up until July 21st2017. The day I got engaged and everything changed!! We shifted from competition prep into wedding prep! Week after week we chipped away at my body, slimming down to fit into my size 4 dress, yes I said size 4! I have never been that size before, and word could not describe the feelings I had that day when I said ‘YES’ to the dress. My body was shaping up so nicely and I was fitting into clothing sizes I never really dreamed about fitting into. Not to mention that size 4 dress had to be taken in a little!!! I dropped weight and I reach a new milestone, I finally made it under 20% body fat! Something I never thought I would be able to do. I toned every part of my body and those thunder thighs were finally gaining shape! I could ever see quad cuts! Woo!!

A year of hard work between the two of us and there I was waking up on my wedding as a new person. Not just because that was the day I was marrying the love of my life but because I finally loved myself. I loved every part of my body, a feeling I have never really experienced. Since I was little, I was always the tall ugly duckling that didn’t really fit in. I played sports to help but I was still teased all through my younger years. This is where my poor self esteem stemmed from. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!! Alicia turned me from an average joe into a stunning bride!! Something I can not thank her enough for!

But what I really want to thank her for is all her hard work that went into not only making me the most beautiful bride but for helping me change my mind set towards myself and for giving my the tools to grow and learn! I have never been this confident in myself! I bought a cheeky bottom bikini something I never thought would have happened in a million years! And for that I will always be grateful to have Alicia!!!

Christina M.

I first met Alicia at the 2018 Arnold Amateur. After having followed her on Instagram and watching her prep, I was blown away by her beautiful physique in person. We chatted quickly in the changeroom and said our good byes.

A few weeks later I wanted to start my own competition prep. I emailed Alicia asking her for an in person consultation, and we met two weeks later. We conversed about future prep plans and had a show date in mind. The following week I got my training and meal program. From that point, Alicia revolutionized my life.

I was losing the weight I had struggled with for so long, and my hormones were beginning to balance.

She is not only a coach, but a friend as well. This woman is an empath by nature and a warrior by design. She has the most supportive soul. She works relentlessly to ensure both herself, and her clients are performing optimally. In regards to bettering myself physically and mentally, working with Alicia has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Monika K.

I really wanted to shout out my coach Alicia Bell - it's my first time prepping for a Bikini competition, and I've gone through so many different emotions in the process (as I'm sure you can all relate). She has been extremely supportive, incredibly knowledgable, and has been one of the reasons that my self-esteem has improved. Whenever I have doubts, or I'm unsure, she comes to the rescue. Just another reason I'm thrilled to be a part of the T-Rex family. Thanks Coach for everything!!!!!


I approached Alicia a little over year ago after discovering her through social media. At the time, I was feeling sluggish and had low self confidence in terms of how my body looked -- I was searching for a trainer who would not only help me achieve my personal fitness goals but also someone who would make me feel comfortable and confident again.

I have always enjoyed going to the gym to do various styles of exercise but I was starting to feel my body plateau and knew that it was time to switch it up. Alicia's workouts are sweaty, effective, informative and most importantly, FUN! Alicia's knowledge and experience in the fitness and coaching world are unparalled -- I feel stronger and more confident today than I ever have. Alicia motivates me to stay accountable and inspires me with her own personal fitness journey every day. Although I sometimes doubt my survival throughout her workouts, they are always something that I look forward to and keep going back for more! Thank you Alicia!! Can't wait to crush it on Wednesday!!


“Thanks for the booty gains, the laughs, the knowledge, the motivation, the inspiration, and the good times. As a trainer you are fun, professional, and you know your shit. Basically the best.”


“Thank you so much for helping me to not only start my fitness goals, but to also achieve some of them. You were a better trainer than I could have imagined. Always positive, professional, kind, interested and motivational!”

Renee Alicia Peart

“The train it right transformation program with Alicia is the best program I ever could’ve joined. As well as working for the body you want every day Alicia provides the best motivation you could ever ask for which is her. She truly lives the happy healthy lifestyle she portrays. What better than a teacher that practices what they teach. She also grouped us with others in the same program knowing we can motivate, inspire and lift each other up. Whether it’s because we feel alone in this greatly needed lifestyle change or an audience to cheer us on for every little accomplishment we make on our journey we have our community where we can always go to get ourselves back on track and refocused. Joining this program has all around made me a better person no more procrastinating, finding a balance in life and if you really want something to give it your all and you will surprise yourself. My only regret is not joining sooner. Thank you Alicia for seeing something in me I once couldn’t see in myself.”

Arianne Young

“I have trained for all the wrong reasons in the past and it’s an eye-opening experience to train hard, train smart, and ultimately train right. This is what I’ve learned in the very short time I’ve been working with Alicia. Even if your lips are saying “can’t,” she shows you that your body can and there’s no better feeling than accomplishing something in the very moment you thought you wouldn’t be able to. I’m very much looking forward to working with Alicia in the coming months, and hope I will continue to work with her for years to come.”

Deanne Allgrove

“After gaining a lot of weight over 10 years, Alicia was the first person to get me over the fear of the commitment to begin a weight loss journey.

There is a unique combination in Alica…she has a way of balancing kind encouragement with the push you need to go a little beyond your usual comfort zone. Her words are not empty platitudes, when you trust her and do the extra she says you are capable of, you find yourself achieving new levels comfortably. You quickly recognize that her view of what you are capable of in each session comes from a place of knowledge and not empty ‘cheerleading’. Although she moved to another city, she continued to help me from afar. I utilized her e-book and YouTube channel to stay motivated.

Am now embrarking on yet another journey and programme with her. To see if I can shake these last stubborn pounds and go beyond a journey of plain weight loss and now aim to build my endurance and make my body strong. Alicia is not only a fantastic motivator, but has a wide range of experience, certifications and knowledge that allows her to stand behind her statement of being able to train pretty much anyone no matter their ultimate goal.”

Renée Weekes

“I would be the first to tell you, I didn’t think I needed a trainer. I have a sibling who’s a professional athlete, and I had trained with him on an off over the past 10 years. My challenge was that as much as I thought I knew about nutrition and fitness, I still wasn’t seeing the changes that I wanted to see and what resulted was feelings of resentment and anger when I would step on the scale. After seeing a photo of myself this past summer, I knew I had to take action, I was not happy with the way I looked. I really stepped up my fitness and healthy eating habits, but when after a few months I still wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted, I finally decided to seek the help of a professional trainer. After following Alicia on Instagram for a few months, and following her workout and eating tips, I knew she would be a great trainer. I’ve been training with Alicia now for almost 5 months, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She’s not only helped me to reshape my body completely, she’s also helped to transform my views on nutrition and what it truly means to take care of my body. She’s always available if I have questions or concerns and is constantly thinking of new ways to help me reach my goal. I can’t imagine life without her!”


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