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One on One Training with Alicia Bell

Train It Right Online Coaching and Posing (CAD$):

Transformations and Lifestyle Programming
 $400 Initial - $250/month
Competition Prep Programming
8 Weeks Contest Prep Package 
 $400 Initial - $350/month
12 Week Contest Prep Package 
 $400 Initial - $333/month
16 Week Contest Prep Package 
 $400 Initial - $300/month
20 Week Contest Prep Package 
 $400 Initial - $280/month
FaceTime/Skype Posing (Figure, Bikini, Wellness) - 30 minutes
Off Season Competition Programming
 $400 Initial - $250/month

*All online programs purchased sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may cancel at any time on your end*

Train It Right Online Programming for Transformations and Lifestyle, Competition Prep or Off Season

Alicia only accepts serious inquiries only.

There are no refunds. And no exceptions to this rule.

A 30 day notice and final payment required for cancellation.

Are You Looking To:

  • Make changes to your health and fitness?
  • Look your best for an event or special occasion?
  • Build your dream body eating a variety of foods you love?
  • Learn how to use a realistic program to suit your lifestyle
  • Lose Body Fat and increase your metabolism - Gain Muscle

No matter what your goals are the Train It Right Online Training for Transformations, Contest Prep and Off Season is for you:

Sign up for Train It Right online training and receive an individualized comprehensive plan that will be tailored to you and your goals. At home or in gym options available.

Coaching with Alicia will include everything you need for success such as a detailed menu plan with macro nutrients and food items with options, cardio program, supplement program and a resistance training program designed around your individual body and areas that need the most focus.

I want to teach you how to train it right, when to train it right and what to eat. This way together we can make health and fitness a lifestyle for you. This is not a quick fix or gimmicky cookie cutter program. The individualization of the Train It Right Online Training will ensure you see real results and change.

Making a change to your lifestyle can seem overwhelming and even intimidating. Joining the Train It Right team can help to alleviate some of those feelings. Alicia has years of experience working with clients both male and female, who are from a variety of backgrounds and ages.

Your transformation will include both physical and mental aspects. The benefits of improved health stretch beyond simply looking better.

Some of the benefits can include:

  • lowered blood pressure
  • better quality sleep
  • more
  • lowered risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.
  • Additionally, your self-confidence will soar as you hit milestones along the way.


  • Member only access private Facebook page where Alicia posts motivational things like workouts, videos, recipes and much more!
  • Customized program that includes cardio, strength training, nutrition and supplementation suggestions that will all be tailored for your needs in order to reach your goal safely and efficiently.
  • Workouts based on availability of your equipment and/or access to recreational facilities. Home programming is available.
  • Regular contact with your coach via email to keep you on track and accountable.
  • Personalized programming based on regular review of stats and progress photos.
  • Exposure on the Train It Right social media pages, with your permission.


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