I may have found a great solution for those suffering with knee problems? You ever find you have difficulty training because your knees just won't cooperate? Well I think I've found a solution for you! I recently had the chance to try out itBandz Knee Band's and I must say they're pretty cool!

What I like most about them is how comfortable they are. A lot of knee products can be 'annoying' for a lack of a better word, but this one feels fine. The itBandz support and stabilize the knee for people who suffer from knee pain when they are active. According to their site, "itBandz help alleviate pain from tendonitis, arthritis, and other chronic knee issues." I could definitely see how they could help.

If you know me, you know I like fun, fashionable things and if you go check out their site, you'll quickly see that this product comes in a lot of cool colors.

So if you're suffering with knee problems, or scared that they are on their way, give the itBandz Knee Band's a try! You can check them out by clicking the link below:




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Today at physiotherapy my therapist used Voo Doo Bands on my knee. I have been working on flexion and with that I had lost some extension. He put these bands on my knee and did some manual work for only a few minutes. Then low and behold my extension was perfect. I suggest these bands be a staple in any athletes collection of gear! I need to get a set of these! So if anyone knows Rogue Fitness let them know I want a set.

These bands can be used for strength and flexibility. Have you ever seen crossfit where they use bands to add resistance or aid in chin ups? Well these are the big elastic bands that they use. They come in different strengths, lengths and widths. They are great to adding resistance to your squats, chest press or lateral walks. Put them around your ankles and they immediately help you activate your glutes. I recommend these for any athlete, trainer or fitness enthusiast to add to their training tool kit.

You can find them here: Woody Bands