Who is Giavanni Ruffin you ask? He is a football player and someone I guarantee you have seen but didn’t know who he was. He is someone we all should look to for motivation and he is someone who has never stopped chasing his dream despite adversity. He is a real role model. He just isn’t in the NFL...yet.

To start off Ruffin is a football player with a lot of ambition and claims to “take no days off.” Ruffin is 23 and played at a low level college because of his grades. To make it worse apparently he was benched behind a returning player when he joined the squad. According to his website http://www.giavanniruffin.com He was put in to the teams sixth game for his chance to be able to prove his worthyness on the field and that he did. With averaging 153.6 yards per game and rushing for 768 while carrying 11 TD’s in just five games. Eventually he transferred to East Carolina where he got into some trouble with the police and was suspended from the football program. This life lesson taught him the meaning of all around athlete and showed him that what you do off the field affects what happens on the field. He was left out of the NFL draft and was a virtual no name.

With all of this the man never got discouraged and he used his experience as motivation to out work his peers. He never gave up on his dream of making the NFL, and too this day he works extremely hard at making this goal become reality. Giavanni explains on his site that, "twenty-three Pro Bowlers were undrafted free agents last year so, it's something to work for."

Now why does he train it right and how you probably know who he is but didn’t know his name; A video that his friend shot of  Ruffin’s intense training went viral. The video motivates, hypes you up and makes you question your own work ethic and asks you…how bad do you want it? The video that went viral is narrated by a  motivational speaker named Eric Thomas aka the Hip Hop Preacher.

Now there is a part 2 that motivates you even further because the work never stops.

His drive and mission statement “take no days off” inspired him to create a clothing company that has boomed #TNDO is the hashtag on twitter. Many of us use this term, I know I do. I just didn’t know where it came from. He also has been releasing a documentary that now has 4 parts. You can watch them on his website on the landing page before enter. It really shows you inside his life even more about who he is, what he does, what he wants, and what drives and motivates him.

Giovanni Ruffin on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Giavanni_Ruffin
Eric Thomas on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Ericthomasbtc

About the author:
Alicia Bell is a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer based in Toronto, Canada

Adam Goldston is what it means to be a true golden boy. He is an athlete, inventor, innovator and a role model. Goldston and his twin brother Ryan reside in Los Angels California and double handedly built a shoe empire. These two twins were walk ons to their college basketball team and developed a passion and drive to change the game. In 2009 they held onto their passion and love of basketball to create Athletic Propulsion Labs, better known as APL. Located in Los Angeles California.

With APL they created a shoe called the Concept 1 which was designed to instantly increase one’s vertical leap. As amazing as this shoe was, after much debate the NBA decided to ban all players in the league from wearing their shoes. This inspired Adam and his brother to use what they could have seen as a problem, as advertisement. They took this potential negative and turned it into a positive. The twins used “Banned by the NBA” in their product advertising and promotion. This slogan now graces APL’s homepage. “In terms of marketing, this is probably the greatest thing that could have happened to our company, because it basically blew us up overnight,” said Adam. Since the Concept 1, they have  released the Concours (their second shoe), and the highly anticipated sequel to the Concept 1, the Concept 2.

Over the past few years APL has blown up. The company’s value increases daily and this year has been full of even more success for the Goldston twins. Adam and his brother Ryan were named to the Empact100 list of America’s top young entrepreneurs. With this came the opportunity to be recognized at the White House in Washington D.C. on November 17, 2011. The twins were also given the opportunity to have a pop up shop at Saks Fifth Avenue this winter that according to Adam was “A success and a great opportunity to display our brand in front of a new demographic.” Adam is very private about things that go on behind the scenes of his business ventures.

Although Adam is a very busy businessman, he finds time to workout every day. Each day is different and some days he trains for a minimum of 50 minutes while others it can be up to 2.5 hours. He works hard no matter how long he is in the gym and hardly ever misses a day. A typical workout for Adam consists of targeting a specific muscle group, never a full body workout.

He keeps it healthy with his diet too. Some days he eats anywhere from 18-20 egg whites! Yes 20! And in a typical day he eats lean meats consisting of chicken, turkey, bison, and steak. He also eats his vegetables, grazing on sweet potato, lettuce, corn, quinoa, and avocado. He enjoys his cheese, wheat bread and corn bread while also supplementing his meals with protein powder.

We’ve got to give these guys props for creating a great shoe and living healthy active lifestyles!

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What are Zaggora hot pants?

Zaggora hot pants are a specially created tight that has what the company calls “cellu-lite” technology. The company claims that this material uses your natural body heat to give you weight loss results by burning extra calories when you exercise. The pants have had some buzz already appearing in OK Magazine, Wall Street Journal and many news papers. They even have a verified twitter account.How do they work? They claim to put the “hot” in “hot pants” and that they make you sweat and increase your energy expenditure by 7% while you are exercising and up to 26% post exercises. Virtually the pants/shorts create a personal sauna without having to sit in a room with a bunch of naked people.


The “hot pants” or tights are designed so that you can where them at any time. Zaggora says that you can wear them “...for a walk in the park, a session in the gym or a run down to the shops.” Meaning that they are not just for the gym. They come in shorts or pants and are available in a variety of bright colours.