Got An Exercise Ball? Try This Workout

Working out is challenging. Sometimes getting to the gym can be challenging, and if we workout on our own we don’t get that extra push that a personal trainer or an exercise class would give us. Do you have an old dusty exercise ball that you have had sitting around for months but havent touched? If you have an exercise ball at home here is a free DVD that you can follow. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced options for all of the exercises.  This video was shot with Zenzation/Pur Athletics some time ago. It was a learning experience. Go check it out! #trainitright

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Flo told billboard on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards that he will be coming out with a Fitness DVD. And according to 99.7  it could be out before the end of 2012.

He was quoted as saying “I’m definitely going to do that,” Flo Rida said. “I have quite a workout regimen. I’ve always been about fitness and my fans can definitely appreciate that.” As a lot of people travel or only find time for home workouts Flo says “It will definitely be flexible,” for these types of people who travel and need flexible workouts. We are looking forward to seeing what he comes out with.

Try this Ab Workout. If you hate laying on the ground or are just wanting to try something different for your abdominals Jillian Michaels has this standing ab workout for you.