Check out basketball wives star stepping her fitness game up. Evelyn Lozada posted this today.0


Evelyn shows us all why it's important to stay hydrated.


Evelyn Lozada despite all her personal drama looks stunning in her PETA add. We love how fit she is!

Evelyn Lozada for Peta
Evelyn Lozada for Peta

The beautiful Evelyn Lozada shows off on her Instagram on her birthday. Ladies she is 37!


Basketball Wives Miami star, and Train It Right favourite Evelyn Loazada has officially been named www.Latina.coms celebrity fitness blogger. According to the stars site starting next Wednesday Ev will be blogging about workout routines, eating healthy and other fitness related topics. Congrats!

Evelyn Lozada



What makes Evelyn Lozada so bad? Her dedication to fitness. Check out her rockin bod that she posted on her Instagram today! Can you say 6 pack!?!


What do you think? We always love strong women in and out of the gym. Go Ev!