14 Weeks Out - Not Every Day Is Perfect

As you guys know I am in Prep for OPA provincials. I compete in figure competitions. My photos show a strong physique but it takes a lot to get there both mentally and physically.

Lately I have been feeling more stressed than ever with life things. I have a lot on my mind. So I wanted to sit down and write to all my competitor friends, fans and any one else who is interested about how everyday is not perfect. Especially on prep.

On prep you often times have good days and bad days (I mean really bad days). Days where you're tired, hungry, upset, stressed or maybe all of those at once. And then if you are a woman and its that time of the month things seem 1000x worse.

You can't let those bad days throw you off track. You can't let those bad days, slip ups, mistakes or things that are out of your control dictate the rest of your day, week, month or prep. You have to be better than them. You need to learn to move on, move past them and make the rest of whatever is left worth it. Give it your all. Your 110%.

Every prep is a learning experience. A chance to gain knowledge, learn, grow and figure out what works well for you. And if you are lucky you will have a support system. That one person, group of people or even your coach that will listen, understand and support. You need to have at least one person on your side, rooting for you, in your corner and who can empathize what you are going through. Let it out, vent, cry but do not keep those emotions inside. Thats when more stress and problems occur. This will lead to elevated cortisol, hinder your progress and ultimately hinder your prep.

Let go of the people or person who holds you back. The ones who aren't on your side or in your corner rooting for you. Prep is a time to be selfish, put yourself first and do whatever it takes to get you to your goal. Its ok to go through emotions. There is nothing wrong with you. It's a normal part of prep when you are pushing your body to the limit. You are not alone. I have been there and so have many other competitors.

You got this!


A competitors biggest struggle in 2017

As a lot of you know who follow me know that I compete in Figure and also do competition prep coaching. I wanted to talk about Competitors Biggest Struggles today because I was having a conversation with one of my clients. She is a first time competitor and was telling me about the things she has been doing leading up to her competition. And I gave her a lot of advice however, it was a double edged sword. Because I too was guilty of all the things she was telling me about. And as much as I know better and try to teach better I too still fall into the trap of these struggles.

Comparing myself to other competitors on social media

Firstly INSTAGRAM and other forms of social media are not real life. So many girls I know with huge followings look so muscular, lean, and show ready in the photos they post. However thats not the case in real life. On social media they can  curate their posts, manipulate angles, lighting and posing. So when you see them in real life you realize that you spent hours worrying about them and stressing yourself out (which raises cortisol) for nothing. And in the end they actually aren't your competition. Why? Because in this giant world of fitness competition you should only be competing against yourself. Mentally, physically and emotionally the battles during competition prep should only be with yourself. To beat your previous best, to become the best version of yourself and to overcome your obstacles on your journey.

You can't get those hours back worrying about others. In those hours you should have been focusing on yourself, your mind state, your training, your diet and what you can do it better yourself. How you can be the best version of you.

Curiosity killed the cat. Although I know I shouldn't be doing this myself as a competitor and a coach that tries to tell my athletes not to do it. I look, I creep, I compare. I worry. And unfortunately I don't know anyone who actually doesn't look. Im sure some will say that they don't. But I can almost guarantee you that they do. We all look. Especially women.

Is it the society we have grown up in, to compare ourselves, to be jealous, to want what others have? Or is it that we are all just nosey and social media has taught us to be creeps? I don't think that social media is going to change any time soon. Its quick, its entertaining, its stimulating. I unfortunately can't stay off of social media during prep like some competitors do because It is one of my avenues for advertising my business, content creating and influencer marketing.

I simply have to have a stronger mindset. No one is going to influence me. I am my own competition. No one will work harder than me. And I do not care what anyone else is doing.

Mantra = Mindset

And I know you can do it too. So good luck to all of you competitors for this 2017 season! Don't fall into the social media trap of comparisons. You vs You instead. Enjoy social media for what it is worth but stop worrying and comparing yourself to others!

Eating Healthy And On A Plan Is Empowering

So this in between time that I had from the end of my last competition until starting my new prep at 21 weeks out was strange. For so long I had always had a meal plan to follow with a cheat given to me every weekend. It was a pattern. I had gotten use to it. I enjoyed it. Although for quite some time I have to admit I was resistant to it. In the beginning I felt deprived. And honestly I look back at it and it was mostly because I follow a lot of IIFYM people online. Although I am a firm believer there is not just one way to achieve goals IIFYM is not for everyone. For me personally - Following Macros is great if you like flexibility, are good with numbers and are organized. I also find that a lot of IIFYM focus more on macros and not micros and personally I think its ridiculous to count vegetables as carbs. I don't even track vegetables. ANYWAYYYY enough ranting....Eating Healthy And On A Plan Is Empowering.

Why? Because I know what I need to eat, when I need to eat it and exactly how much. Ive never been good with numbers so I don't have to stress out about them. I don't have to calculate and take time out of my day to figure out meals.  But for me its also helpful in a social setting. I can order exactly what I need. I can also easily pack meals for travel. Its simple. My coach does the work and I do the work in the real world.

Its also empowering. How? I go to events or a restaurant I have self control and make healthy choices based on my plan. I also find it more rewarding to follow my plan all week and reward myself with a cheat on the weekends. Its even better to enjoy the cheat with my boyfriend than shoving some terrible snack down my throat. Its simple: follow the plan. Get the results. Deviating from the plan you are only cheating yourself.

I was at one vent recently and saw all these people eating multiple muffins because they were labelled "organic" and "healthy." This was probably furthest from the truth though. All I could think of was yummmmmy but then I thought "you know what...abs are more of a reward than the quick little taste." Health over quick satisfaction with no rewards is so powerful.  Was I always like this? No. It takes mental toughness. Am I sometimes weak? Yes. Im not perfect. But when I make the best decision I am a happier and healthier person.

If you need help and are willing to follow a plan I am precision nutrition certified and would love to help you reach your goals. Send me an email: alicia@trainitright.com or head on over to my site: www.trainitright.com/contact