Thank You @gatoradecanada #keepsweating



Did you know that losing >2% of body mass through seat has been shown to impair athletic performance? Hydration is so important! and Gatorade helps with that.


I came home the other day to a giant box delivered to my concierge. I lug it all the way upstairs and open it up to find a giant gatorade water jug filled with Gatorade products.  Some I knew existed and others I didn't. Who knew that gatorade made protein bars. Not only are they packed with 20g of protein but they are delicious. Every single flavour. Im a fan of the caramel one myself. They also gave me a towel for sweat while I workout and an arm band to keep my iPod in while working out. There was every flavour of Gatorade, g2, Gatorade protein shakes, a water bottle, and even information on the Gatorade Sport Science Institute. The GSSI has worked with athletes from NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NASCARR, WTA, CHL, Ironman, NCAA football and even professional soccer.

The Train It Right household will be happily hydrated by Gatorade over the next few weeks! Thanks again Gatorade Canada! #keepsweating