The Real-Time Nutritional Biosensor, One X, Nears $50K Funding Goal on Indiegogo to Give Individuals Control Over Diet and Lifestyle

One X measures antioxidant levels directly from one’s palm and helps individuals make healthier choices by tracking habits that impact their body

Mountain View, CA - One X’s Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for their nutritional biosensor has raised over $44K, putting them just $6K shy of their $50K funding goal. One X is designed with the most advanced materials and sensors to provide the most accurate insight on how habits, such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress, alcohol, pollution and sun exposure, impact the body and its health.

One X is the first real-time nutritional biosensor that measures skin carotenoids from fruit and vegetable consumption and the effects of eating well. By measuring skin carotenoids, One X’s feedback reflects what the body effectively absorbs and actually stores. One X has an elegant, functional design with a soft touch and ergonomic shape, and it’s the first non-invasive, consumer antioxidant tracking system.

“We believe in creating an accessible way for everyone to uncover how their lifestyle affects their daily wellness, and we want to provide them with ways to improve their health,” said One X CEO Anthony Weil. “One X is perfect for families, couples and anyone looking to improve their day-to-day health. We used the perfect blend of science and technology to develop something that’s simple, portable and affordable for most.”

Users activate the device through the finger-touch sensor to automatically pair their measurement with the One X ID. By using fingerprint recognition, it allows the tracking of up to five different individuals on one device. Users will then hold One X in the palm of their hand for 20 seconds and will start to see the lateral LED start displaying the ongoing measurement. One X automatically syncs with the mobile app so that users can easily check their previous antioxidant levels and quickly track their progress. Individuals can also set challenges with their friends and measure their family at home.

One X is available on Indiegogo and will give individuals control over their diet and lifestyle in ways that other diets, apps and tracking devices fall short. Early adopters can pre-order one for $109, which is over 50% less than the market retail price. For more information on all of One X’s features, visit


Based out of Mountain View, California, One X was created with the vision to empower everyone to take back control of their health. One X’s non-invasive design was created to be simple and affordable so that everyone can measure how their lifestyle impacts their body. For more information, visit