If you're like me and constantly in the kitchen prepping meals, opening cans, bottles etc you are constantly having to waste time trying to open them. Time that could be spent more efficiently.

I was actually lucky enough to get sent the Magic Opener Plus and Mini which is called the Magic Opener Combo from Easy Opener Inc. Now I don't think that there is a bottle or cap out there that I can't open now.

The MO Plus will open 8 different sized larger caps found on sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water etc. The MO Mini also opens 8 different sized bottles like water bottle caps and soda bottle caps. Both include a can opener for pet food, tuna etc.

They specifically say that "Understanding and Practice, makes perfection." What do they mean by that? Well its because that they go out of their way to explain that the different between a magnificent Magic Opener and a terrible one is the two minutes you use beforehand to understand how to properly use the opener."

How do you understand and learn to use it properly? Simple. The best way to understand how to use the opener is by watching the video demonstration on the top of their website or on their youtube page and then try it as you see it in the video!

I totally recommend this product for any one. But I also think it would make a great gift for parents or grand parents that don't have good grip strength. So go ahead and gift them one or both of these! http://www.magicopener.com

Lifting Straps By Rip Toned Review #riptoned


These LIFTING STRAPS  By Rip Toned come in a pair of cotton padded weightlifting straps for both men and women. I was recently sent them to try for free. I actually have only used lifting gloves or grip pads throughout my long history of fitness and training. I never had the opportunity to use straps before. I was a bit nervous but they were easy to use and very sturdy. I  definitely was not disappointed and was very impressed. Why have I never used straps before?!?!?

A little bit about why these were a good product for me: I had a motorcycle accident last May which left me with 7 stitches in my hand and reduced grip strength. I am strong but I have been unable to hold the weight that I know I am capable of lifting to lift it. I quickly put the straps to use and I have to tell you these straps have helped me lift heavier than I was  able to before.

I also like that they give you a Product Guarantee. They are actually the ONLY Weightlifting Straps Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee.

Why use lifting straps? According to their website "Quality no slip weight lifting wrist straps allow the confidence, safety and leverage critical to achieving your body’s peak performance and health we all so desperately seek."


This straps are great for a variety of reasons:

- Lifting Straps overcome a weak grip allowing you to lift more weight while building your ideal body
- RipToned lifting straps provide an element of safety to your exercise when losing your grip could cause injury
- Great quality material for long lasting use
- Rip Toned workout wrist straps will not stretch giving you complete peace of mind
- Provides solid grip without slipping for maximum lifting power
- Top notch stitching and product workmanship
- Durable cotton material with thicker than most neoprene padding
- Comfortable one size fits most design
- Washable for easy care

Get yours here you won't be disappointed if you lift heavy and/or have difficulty gripping when you lift.

Thanks Rip Toned these straps will forever be in my training bag!