From Elizabeth DeRosa of Finding The Way Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Author

Tips to Help You Navigate the Grocery Store


Trying to choose healthy foods while navigating the grocery store can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are my top 10 tips for a successful trip. Eating healthier “whole” foods increases your intake of necessary vitamins, minerals, and other disease-fighting antioxidants.

  1. Shop in the outer perimeter of the store. This is where you will find the fresh and perishable food choices.
  2. Read labels and know where your food comes from. Watch out for sneaky ingredients and beware of fortified foods. The shorter the ingredient list the better.
  3. Reduce packaged and processed foods that contain added sugars and many synthetic chemicals. Avoid the center aisles of the store.
  4. Download the Environmental Working Group’s phone App that highlights the yearly list of the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen produce to buy and stay away from. (www.ewg,org). Try one or two new veggies a week.
  5. Purchase organic and/or pastured raised meats.
  6. Purchase wild caught fish instead of farm raised fish.
  7. Reduce products that contain “white” flour (breads, cereals, pastas, bagels, etc.)
  8. Increase the purchasing of healthier foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and healthy oils.
  9. Be suspicious of the labeling of food as “natural”. You often see this label on many food items. There is no legal regulation or oversight for companies to mislead consumers.
  10. Purchase organic milk which is free from synthetic hormones, antibiotic residue, a grain-fed diet, and overall more humane treatment of the animal. Organic milk is lower in Omega 6’s and higher in Omega 3’s.