We've almost completed the glorious month of January and the big question is, 'How close are you to reaching your goals?' Did you fall off? Are you going strong? Are you discouraged at the progress or lack there of that you've made?

Well we all need encouragement and motivation to keep going, it's not always easy. Here are 5 things you should remind yourself of to keep going...
1.) Rome wasn't built in a day
Yes we've all heard it, we may have even said it a few times, but sometimes, we have to truly think about the meaning behind that saying. Always remember that anything and everything worth having takes time. Overnight successes are far and in between, though they can happen, in the world of fitness and health, it definitely doesn't happen over night. So keep going...
2.) It takes 21 days to start or change a habit... or so they say
Though some scientist say its true, who really knows if it is, as everyone is different. But one thing that we can all agree on is that breaking or making habits take time. Continue to remind yourself of that and just keep going. If you happen to fall, get right back up, but TRY to do something for 21 days straight and see where it gets you, it might get you to the point you need to make your new goal apart of your life.
3.) Beyonce' Wouldn't Quit
Maybe Beyonce isn't your favorite singer or person in the world, but you do have a favorite person or celebrity that you like. Do you think they got to whatever place they are in life and reached ultimate success by giving up? No, they didn't. So! keep going.
4.) Focus is everything
There are so many things that need our attention, but you can never forget that if you never focus on you or the things you want, you'll never be of real service to anyone else. So focus on your goal, see it, dream it, visualize it, and watch how fast you reach your goals. You'll be back in the gym, eating clean or whatever you're trying to do, in no time.
5.) Schedule time to make it happen
Life happens. To each and every one of us. Everyone needs something from us and there isn't unlimited time in the day. So with that being said, make sure you're scheduling to do what you truly want to do. Would you move, change or cancel your appointment with a person that could literally change your life and give you every single thing you want? You would be insane if you would. Well remember that you actually know and have contact with a person that can literally change your life and give you every single thing you want... YOURSELF! So don't move or change your appointments with yourself to help you reach your goal, whether that be working out, meal prepping, or whatever you're seeking to do to reach your goals.