Hey American Friends!

70% of food in US contains #GMOs. Vote YES on CA's Prop 37 to label them, we have the right to KNOW what we are eating!

Today I discovered Blk. Water at my local store. The product already has tons of celebrity endorsers. I am betting we will be seeing lots of this water in the future.

According to their site  it is pronounced " blk.(bee • el • kay) n." and  "blk is the first ever fulvic-enhanced all-natural mineral water. blk is what happens when fulvic trace minerals are added to pure water. blk is powerful electrolytes and a high pH. blk is serious hydration. blk is a delicious beverage without any sugar, carbs or calories."

Blk claims that their product contains fulvic minerals. What are fulvic minerals? "Organic minerals within the structures of prehistoric plants were deposited onto the surface of the earth, where they were combined with fulvic acids. This continued for millions of years, gradually forming rare Fulvic Mineral deposits"

In addition to the minerals it is also Ph balanced for your body and we all know how important that is in water and for the body. I give this product a 5 star Train It Right Rating and will definitely be drinking lots of it.




Alicia Bell of Train It Right recommends Rivalus "Powder Burn" for a pre workout. It doesn't have a nasty taste and gives you that extra boost you need before your competition or workout. Not to mention it tastes great too!


If you workout often you need to include these two products in your life.

Sombra - which is a more natural type of A535 and is good for sprains, strains, bruises etc.

Traumeel - which is a homeopathic remedy for muscle pain, injuries and inflammation.