Expert Offers New Addiction Treatment Solutions with Holistic and Spiritual Approach

Author Ellen Gardner, L.I.S.A.C., provides new tools and resources for those suffering from addiction as well as their families in new book

COTTONWOOD, Ariz. – Author Ellen Gardner, L.I.S.A.C., a semi-retired substance abuse counselor and founder of a former residential treatment center, has released her new book, “The Truth About Your Addictions: A Holistic Solution” which contains holistic and spiritual approaches to the treatment of addiction. Gardner provides insightful information regarding different approaches to addiction treatment for not only addicts, but the loved ones of an addict as well.

The book incorporates Gardner’s nearly 25 years of experience in working with people with various addictions and destructive lifestyles due to substances such as drugs and alcohol. Each chapter discusses the different parts of addiction, from understanding the concept of a holistic and spiritual treatment, to how to spot warning signs if a loved one is experiencing addiction.

With her insight, Gardner hopes to create awareness about the tools and resources one can use to live a healthier, and substance-free lifestyle.

“I want to provide a solution to the current epidemic of substance abuse and other destructive addictions,” said Gardner. “Deaths due to drug overdose is at an all-time high and this book brings different options to one’s struggling. Understanding that everyone is a child of God is the foundation of this teaching.”

A unique approach to the sensitive topic of addiction, “The Truth About Your Addictions” shares real-life success stories and is the conversation starter needed to guide someone suffering from addiction in the right direction.

Gardner is available for interviews and review copies are available upon request. To learn more, please visit

“The Truth About Your Addictions: A Holistic Solution”

By Ellen Gardner, L.I.S.A.C.

ISBN: 978-1-5245-9212-7 (sc); 978-1-5245-9213-4 (hc); 978-1-5245-9211-0 (e)

Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Ellen Gardner witnessed addiction in loved ones in her work as an ordained minister and licensed independent substance abuse counselor. In 1991, she founded Arizona Pathways of Life, Unity and Love, a non-denominational church and treatment center where she developed a holistic spiritually based residential treatment program believing that freedom from addictions is possible.  Due to a severe stroke and open-heart surgery in 2013, Gardner had to close the treatment center. Feeling physically healthy again, she believes that it is time to share what she has learned about freedom from addictions. Gardner has two adult sons and grandchildren that live in Washington and she and her husband Daniel of 50 years reside in Cottonwood, Arizona.

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