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New V-log Posted To The Train It Right Youtube Page

Train It Right - Alicia Bell
Train It Right - Alicia Bell
Working my butt off for an upcoming figure show - vlog002


Mom's Empower Us Video by Coffee Block


Wow I saw this video and it gave me that much more respect for all of those Mom's out there. I love this! All the mothers out there I have so much respect for you.


Run To A Faster Beat With Alicia Bell

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Alicia Bell

Say hello to this ultra high energy, Toronto-based Kinesiologist, strength coach and track coach. Phew. Alicia has devoted her life to helping people reach their goals in fitness, sports and life. It’s pretty clear Alicia’s beat goes on and on.

Zaggora Tells Us How Amazing Women Are. Check out the video below for some inspiration and motivation.

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Trust Your Struggle.

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We are very inspired by the Kid President. Check out his Pep Talk that recently went viral.

Check out the latest video from one of your favourite athletic motivators. The man who takes no days off: Giavanni Ruffin. Follow him on twitter: