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Nike Women's 15km Toronto

I received an email early last week from Athletics Canada asking if I wanted an entry to the Nike Womens 15km. Obviously I said yes as this is an amazing event and I also knew that entries were limited. Did you know you actually get entered into a draw to run it. Not only did I get a VIP bracelet for the ferry over to the island but the bracelet gave me access to all sorts of things like access to the VIP tent, Nike escort to the start line, cocktails and lunch afterwards. They really rolled out the red carpet for us. This was especially great to be in the tent since the morning started of pretty cold and rainy.


I have never claimed to be a long distance runner. I am from a sprinting background. That means short distances and lots of rest in ideal training conditions. Im definitely not experienced running in long steady state races like a 15km. With that being said I ran a Red Bull Wings For Life event that I also ended up running 15km. The weather was much nicer. At the start line it literally started pouring. They had us in the gate by 9:15am the latest. Since I am obsessed with being punctual I as there by 9:05am. However the race didn't start until 9:30am. Ideally for me I would have preferred to stay warm much closer to the start. They had lots of brand ambassadors, master trainers and Olympians on hand that were introduced and spoke before the race. That was very motivating and inspiring. The rain actually stopped after the first few km's in. Thank goodness!


My goal was to run close to the time I ran for my previous 15km. 1 hour and 30 minutes. I finished in 1:32 minutes. Despite a bad knee and something major going on with my gluteus I was a happy camper. I played Spotify the whole way which kept me very motivated. I even saw my good friend Dj Nora Tones at the 8km mark and hopped in her booth to say hi for a few seconds. My fav part of the race was running down the Toronto Island runway where the planes take off. There were also lots of cool views of Toronto on the boardwalk for the last couple of kms. I really wanted to stop for a picture but I also promised myself I would run the whole way. I will have to go back on another day to enjoy the scenery (it was my first time on the island.

One of the most motivating things about the Nike Women's 15km Toronto experience was that another thing that kept me motivated to finish was that there was a TIFFANY's NECKLACE waiting at the finish line for each and every finisher. Now if that isn't motivating for someone who dislikes long distance running (take a look at the shirt I wore) I don't know what is!!!

Another mistake I made was that I wore my number on my back (its what we do as sprinters). This was a bad idea because all of the race photography was sorted by number. So I had to email who were so kind and helpful. They helped me that same day find my pictures from the event! So a huge thank you to the kind gentleman who took the time to help me.

Overall I give the event an 8/10. I wish I could have gotten to the start gate a little later than the required us there so I could have stayed warmer in the rain. Other than that I highly recommend this race. It was fun, inspiring and an over all great experience. I am better for it. #betterforit

Christmas-Present-Train It Right

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list that loves health and fitness? Not sure what to get them? Here is your solution. Well here are the Train It Right Top 10 gifts for the fitness enthusiast this holiday season. Happy Holidays! Train It Right!

1. Blue Tooth Winter Hat -

Many styles available and all equipped with wireless blue tooth for all of your outdoor fitness activities.

bluetooth beanie - Train It Right

2. Omega8005  Juicer -

Omega 8005 - Train It Right

This juicer is quiet, easy to clean, No heat build up, allowing for no loss of enzymes so that you can enjoy nutrient-rich juice full of live enzymes, doesn't foam or clog, and User friendly - easy to assemble, operate and clean.

3. Jabra Wireless headphones -

You can't go wrong with a set of wireless headphones for your fitness enthusiast because if they workout hard they don't what any messy wires getting in the way of their workout. Freedom to move is a blessing during a tough sweaty workout.

Jabra- Train it right

4. Gaiam Muse: the brain sensing headband -

According to the website it reduces stress, improves your concentration to take your meditation and yoga to the next level.

Gaiam Muse - Train It Right

5. Nike Pro Tights -

These are available for both men and women and they are one of the most comfortable workout pants out there. Your workout will love to get a pair of these as a holiday present. They also are available in many colours and patterns.

Nike Pro =- Train It Right

6. Quest Nutrition Bars -

Low Carb, gluten free, high protein, many flavours. We can't get enough of these. They would make a great stocking stuffer for any fitness lover.

Quest - Train It Right Quest

7. Polar Heart Rate Monitor -

Affordable, counts calories, monitors heart rate, and comes in different colours. This would be a great gift for the runner on your holiday list.

Polar FT7 - Train It Right

8. Six Pack Bag - Expedition Backpack 500 -

This is a great bag for the fitness competition or the business man who is always on the go. It allows them to pack their food in a stylish backpack and bring it with them wherever they go.

Six Pack - Expidition BackPack 500 - Train It Right

9. Core 150 Shaker -

This Protein shaker allows you to store protein or other supplements right inside the core. It saves space and lets you bring protein or supplements with you all day long.

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10. Online Personalized Training from Train It Right - 

Alicia Bell at Train It Right provides a great online personal training program that you can access anywhere. The workouts are personalized for at home or in the gym. You have access to videos from apps to see the exact exercises and it is completely affordable.

Alicia Bell - Arms - Train It Right


My Experience At A Toronto Nike NTC Class

Nike NTC - Toronto



I love Nike. I love the NTC app and I see on twitter and Instagram all these great events that they have. It seems as though most of the NTC events are in the states. America has tons of amazing trainers that are Nike NTC trainers or affiliates but here in Canada. I only know of one Nike Trainer. I have no idea how they selected her or why. I've inquired to every outlet or anyone involved in Nike that I can get in contact with on how to apply, how to audition or how to become an influencer in Canada but no one can give me an answer. Or I get short turned with they're figuring out how to identify influencers. I just want to be part of a community  of like minded trainers that genuinely care and do a good job at motivating people. I feel that having a Nike NTC trainer role is a great outlet to do just that. My passion is helping athletes and clients achieve goals and keeping them motivated.

So finally A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook about the Toronto Nike NTC classes. They posted a link showing you when the next classes were and gave a link to sign up. I sent a bunch of my clients e-mails and asked if they wanted to go. YAY Nike NTC events! A few of my clients were available and said yes. So we all registered. Leading up to the event I did not receive a reminder e-mail or any other sort of notification. Fine. Not a big deal since I put everything in my agenda.

Even though I was in an accident on May 29th I am limited to the things that I can do with both my hand and my knee. I am great at  knowing my limitations and being able to modify exercises so I decided I would still participate (this was my first time working out since the accident), so I decided to still go.

Upon arrival at the Academy of Lions (where the event was held) there were signs for Nike NTC. I walked into the store front area of the gym and no one greater me, told me to register or had me fill  out a waiver (which needs to be done or I could sue for injury and liability). I then noticed some girls coming in and signing in at the front desk. I signed in. No one spoke to me with any direction or information on where to wait. So I sat and observed. Then we saw a small sign on the entrance of the changing rooms that said Nike NTC register at front desk. A little late but there it was. About 10 minutes later the front desk guy from the gym comes up and asks myself and my client if we were new to the NTC class. We said yes and he said ok I will need to get you to sign a waiver. He left and came back to the group again with no waivers for us.

At this point the instructor came and said "ok guys lets run to the park like we always do." NO INTRODUCTION, NO QUESTIONS, DIDNT ASK IF ANYONE WAS NEW, DIDNT ASK IF ANYONE HAD ANY INJURIES, NOTHING! So we proceed to go to the park. Halfway through the warmup the instructor finally acknowledge that I had a knee injury and gave me one alternate to the exercise we were doing. OK THANKS! I proceeded to modify every other exercise given in the circuit training MYSELF. The workouts lasted approximately 35 minutes then a 10 minute stretch. Yes I worked up a sweat but it probably was because of the sun.

My experience with that particular NIKE NTC class at The Academy of Lions was sub par. The instructor was fit, but must be comfortable in her role. A simple welcome to NTC class would have been great and a bit of her background. A greeting at the club upon arrival would have been nice and a waiver presented to me would have been great. I wouldn't recommend this particular Saturday morning NTC class for very beginner exerciser. Very little exercise correction was offered, I don't think it was conducted safely and the instructors enthusiasm was less than stellar. Exercises were done on pavement (bad for joints, knees etc).

Overall I would rate the circuit style NTC bootcamp a 3/10. Now don't get me wrong. Im sure not all the classes are like this in Toronto or all the instructors are like this but I was very disappointed with my experience. Let me know if you have done a Nike NTC class and how your experience was in the comments below.

An ode to the Lone Star State. The Nike KD VI Texas. Available Thursday, October10.


Check Out the Nike Free TR III


According to NIKE:


The Nike Free TR III Women's Training Shoe improves on its predecessor to deliver greater comfort and closer-to-barefoot training. The updated design combines enhanced training-specific flexibility and traction with lighter weight and a more modern upper-ideal for training at the gym or with Nike Training Club.


Deep flex grooves promote natural movement for a more barefoot-like feel. The upper is made of thin, lightweight materials with minimal seams to enhance multidirectional flexibility for natural range of motion.


The low-profile design lets you feel closer to the ground, with a Phylite midsole that provides lightweight cushioning and enough durability to double as an outsole, dramatically reducing the overall weight of the shoe.


Breathable foam in the upper and internal support straps in the lateral forefoot and medial arch offer training-specific support. Raised foam in the arch adds even more support where you need it.


The new comfort tongue lays flat on top of the foot and uses layers of sandwich mesh to help reduce lace pressure for a comfortable fit.


After learning that Stanford athletes had been training barefoot on the university's golf course, three of Nike's most innovative and creative employees set out to develop a shoe that felt natural and weightless, similar to bare feet. In 2002, they examined a group of men and women with pressure-measuring insoles taped to their feet, using high-speed cameras to capture images of each foot in motion.

The team spent eight years studying the biomechanics of shoeless running. The results yielded a profound understanding of the foot's natural landing angle, pressure and toe position, allowing Nike designers to build an unconventional and flexible running shoe from the inside out.


  • Heel pocket accommodates a variety of heel shapes for a comfortable fit
  • Training-specific traction pattern for multidirectional movement
  • Rubber pods at the heel and forefoot for durability


  • What You Should Know About Nike Free

    Nike Frees are different than traditional athletic shoes. They’re designed to let your feet move more freely and naturally, which means your muscles will be doing a bit more work than demanded of them in some other athletic shoes. Nike encourages you to get used to them gradually for a safer, more effective and more enjoyable experience.

    Please visit for more information on how to get the best from your Nike Free shoes.


Nike is calling it their best fit. Ever.

I can't wait to try these out! They look so comfy!

Introducing The Nike Sculpt Tight:




I really want to add these to my sneaker collection.

The Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi Women's Shoe is inspired by the first iconic Nike basketball shoe and remixed with a premium leather upper in a supportive fit. A concealed wedge heel offers elevated style and comfort, and an Nike Air-Sole unit delivers maximum impact protection.


  • Combination leather and synthetic upper with perforated toe panel for superior comfort
  • Adjustable ankle strap for a custom fit
  • Polyurethane midsole with visible Air-Sole unit for lightweight cushioning and impact protection
  • Hidden 2.6" wedge heel for style and comfort
  • Rubber outsole with circular pattern and pivot point for traction and durability

nike sky high


Do you like? Love? Hate?