Novel Marine Omega-3 is Inherently Higher in Brain-healthy DHA*


Marine raw ingredient manufacturer Oceania Pure recently announced the launch of two new Omega-3 sources with naturally higher DHA concentrations. ShoalFoods™ Skate Oil and ShoalFoods™ Calamari Oil are harvested off the coast of Argentina where the marine Omega-3 profiles are inherently optimal for brain health—no artificial adjustments needed.*

Off the Argentine coast, the Patagonian Shelf (or shoal) extends for 200 miles into the ocean, creating an expansive shallow-water biome. Here nutrient-rich polar currents and warmer currents from the equator converge; the shallow ecosystem receives substantial sunlight; and a massive phytoplankton bloom thrives year round. These factors interact to create an Omega-3 DHA phenomenon.

The plankton bloom has a unique Omega-3 profile and this, in turn, influences the Omega-3 content of every other organism in the region. That includes teeming populations of skate and calamari. Not only do these fish demonstrate unusual Omega-3 profiles, these normally deep sea species can be caught in relatively shallow waters. So there is no impact to sensitive deep ocean ecosystems when harvesting Argentine skate and calamari.

“We refer to our ShoalFoods™ products as Enlightened Omegas™ because of the sunlit region where they are harvested and because of their naturally superior brain health profile,” said Steven Leonard the CEO of Oceania Pure. “Most companies have to artificially concentrate their DHA. We don’t have to. These are brain-healthy ingredients as-is, in their whole omega nutrient form.”

ShoalFoods™ Skate Oil has a naturally occurring 20/9 DHA/EPA ratio, while the Calamari Oil provides 15/11 DHA/EPA.

The ShoalFoods™ line will be formally launched at Supply Side West in Las Vegas, October 5-9. Both the skate and calamari oils are available to brand manufacturers as raw ingredients. Additionally, Oceania Pure has developed ShoalFoods™ as a packaged brand concept that is also available for full purchase. Interested manufacturers are encouraged to visit Oceania Pure at SSW Booth #804.

(FDA DISCLAIMER)  * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.