All4Fit Leggings Review

Recently All4Fit sent me a pair of leggings to try and for review. I found that the All4Fit leggings are very comfortable for both exercising in and lounging around. During my workout I found the material super breathable, which made them perfect for when I do my cardio sessions. More over, the elasticity over time started to stretch as the day went on making it very annoying to have to constantly be pulling up my leggings. The leggings were not see through which is amazing and very difficult to find now in days.

All4Fit offers many varieties of leggings with funky designs, colors and patterns. They offer a sizing chart on there website so you order your size the first time. I love that they offer 2 types of materials polyamide, which hides that stubborn cellulite, and polyester, which is super breathable throughout your workout. I definitely would recommend these leggings to anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd with funky designs.

I'm always asked to try new fitness clothing products and I really enjoy it. But what I truly enjoy is when I find something that I really like. And what I like more than that is when I'm asked to try clothes that are what I call 'multi-purpose', meaning, clothes that I can wear when I'm going out or on a regular day when I'm NOT in the gym and still want to look stylish. I must say, I've found something that I really like in the Svelte Cargo Leggings. I'm big on textures and sometimes I find myself buying clothes just because they feel good on.

These would definitely fall into that category. These leggings fit GREAT and I love how they also can double as shape wear because they come with a built-in waist panel. They lift and suck in giving you an amazing look. These are great to wear out and they're also great to workout in believe it or not (though they are really cute when you wear them out).

Check out this company, they offer a great variety in clothing and shape wear... Even Kim Kardashian wears shape wear so never think that you don't need it!

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Have You Hard of Zaggora Hot Pantszaggora - trainitright

What are Zaggora hot pants? They are a specially created tight that has what the company calls “cellu-lite” technology. The company claims that this material uses your natural body heat to give you weight loss results by burning extra calories when you exercise. The pants have had some buzz already appearing in OK Magazine, Wall Street Journal and many news papers. They even have a verified twitter account.How do they work? They claim to put the “hot” in “hot pants” and that they make you sweat and increase your energy expenditure by 7% while you are exercising and up to 26% post exercises. Virtually the pants/shorts create a personal sauna without having to sit in a room with a bunch of naked people.

The “hot pants” or tights are designed so that you can where them at any time. Zaggora says that you can wear them “…for a walk in the park, a session in the gym or a run down to the shops.” Meaning that they are not just for the gym. They come in shorts or pants and are available in a variety of bright colours.

Zaggora on twitter:
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Are you an athlete or fitness enthusiast? Are you having trouble fitting into jeans? The crafty fitness enthusiasts behind Barbell Apparel have designed jeans that fit. YEP I said it. Jeans that fit!!!!!!!!! They recently just launched their venture on Kickstarter.

According to the kickstarter site:

"Barbell Denim uses technologically superior denim designed to move in complete sync with your body. With our jeans it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing.

Designed for athletes, these jeans are made to fit comfortably over muscular legs by accommodating your quads and butt without forcing you to buy larger sizes for the small waist you work so hard for.

However, Barbell Denim will accommodate any body type. Even if your legs aren't particularly muscular, Barbell Denim will still look amazing on you and feel even more amazing as you move in them. Our hybrid denim stretches both ways so that it can compliment smaller legs, while still easily stretching to accommodate larger legs as well. "

I want a pair! I can never find jeans that fit! Who's with me?!

Nike is calling it their best fit. Ever.

I can't wait to try these out! They look so comfy!

Introducing The Nike Sculpt Tight:



According to Nike the ultimate workout pant has arrived.  Introducing the Nike Sculpt Tight which features a unique high-waisted design to flatter your figure. Things are getting trickier and tricker for the eye. Non the less of course I am digging them. These are on my want list!

Nike pant

I absolutely love the fit of Zaggora clothing so here is your chance to get it on sale!

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Check out the Nike Pro Floral Bazaar Tight & Bra drop today.

I don't know about you guys but I love it!



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  • Under Armour® Scent Control technology traps and suppresses odors so you're less detectable and more lethal
  • Quieter, lighter, and works up to 10X better than carbon
  • Dual-layer EVO ColdGear® provides a durable, slick, fast-drying exterior and a soft, brushed interior
  • Lightweight stretch construction improves mobility and accelerates dry time
  • Ergonomic flatlock seams prevent chafing
  • Classic mock neck for extra coverage
  • Allover camo print
  • Polyester
  • Imported

We love the top but the pants just may be too much. What do you think?