Smart tech could help pets keep healthy New Year’s resolutions

BURLINGTON, Mass. – The use of wearable fitness tracking technology is expected to play an increased role in helping people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, and PetPace, the provider of innovative health monitoring technology for pets, wants pet owners to know how technology can benefit their pets’ health in 2018.

With a few remaining days until the start of the New Year many people have made resolutions to get healthier, and will rely on technology like a wearable fitness tracking device to monitor their progress. This strategy can also be beneficial for pets.

Resolutions like losing weight, getting more active and making healthier dietary choices are long-term goals that can help improve a pet’s quality of life and increase the likelihood of a longer lifespan. Similar to human devices like Apple Watches and Fitbits, health monitoring technology from PetPace can be a useful tool towards keeping these resolutions on track, and more.

PetPace’s Health Monitoring Solution allows pet owners to track vital signs like temperature, pulse, respiration, plus heart rate variability, activity and calories. Through PetPace’s mobile application pet owners can get an in-depth look into nearly every metric of their pet’s health. Recorded data is displayed in easy to understand graphical interface, making it easy to monitor specific aspects of a pet’s health and wellbeing over time.

“Making health conscious resolutions for a pet is a great first step towards improving their health and enriching their life. With a PetPace device pet owners can keep track of daily fitness goals like activity levels and caloric burn and see their pet’s progression over time,” said Dr. Asaf Dagan, chief veterinarian at PetPace. “Speaking with your pet’s veterinarian to create an action plan and set the right goals, in addition to using health monitoring technology to track progress, is a great way to start off the new year.”

In addition to fitness tracking, PetPace is also a powerful safeguard for helping to protect a pet’s health. The device’s biometric sensors constantly monitor a pet’s vital signs and can notify the pet’s owner via a smartphone alert in the event of a medical emergency. This technology has allowed pet owners to quickly identify impending health concerns and monitor existing medical conditions affecting their pet.

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About PetPace

PetPace creates innovative technology that delivers peace of mind to pet owners. The smart IoT pet collar continuously monitors the wellbeing of elderly, sick, healthy, and at-risk dogs and cats, alerting caregivers remotely and immediately of changes in key health parameters. In the home or in the clinic, PetPace leverages data gathered non-intrusively from on-board passive sensors and advanced cloud-based analytics to keep all pets healthier and happier.

Founded in 2012 and privately-held, PetPace is headquartered in Israel, has a U.S. headquarters in Burlington, MA, and a global sales presence. For more information, please visit

Retired Teacher Pens Book to Help Deal with Loss of a Pet 


Do you have a child and an older or sick pet? This book is for you then. This beautifully illustrated book "The Time of My Life" by Karen Nicksich and Illustrated by Earlene Gayle Escalon.  List price of $41.99 is for you. The book is a bit lengthy as it is 73 pages with color illustrations throughout but it is well worth the read if you are looking to help your young one understand the passing of a pet. It is available in both hardcover, also available in softcover and Kindle editions. I received a softcover signed copy with book marks as well.  I will keep this signed copy with me for years to come as I have pets and someday hope to have children. I definitely think it is a good book to keep in your reading library even if you don't have children yet.  It is beautifully written and easy to follow for any age.

Karen Nicksich the author is experienced the unconditional love and devotion the came from her dog Max for eleven years. When he died, she decided to write a special book that seeks to help anyone who has lost a companion animal and to help children better understand the passing of a pet.


Her book, The “Time of My Life”, tells the story about a young girl named Anna who lives with her family at the Lilac Doggie Rescue Ranch.

Anna shares many of the most important things she learns about staying healthy and being happy from a wise old tree.  The Wise Old Tree told her:

  • Stand tall and be proud of who you are.
  • Go out on a limb to help someone, be it an animal or a man.
  • Remember your roots so that you may always be grounded, and respect what nature has given you.
  • Drink plenty of water so that you will always be healthy.
  • Be content with your natural beauty and that of others.
  • Show kindness to all animals, big and small, and in return, you will teach the animals to do the same.


With the help of Duke the Great Dane, Anna and the animals at the ranch learn about the importance of “Divine Time” and being “Grateful” as they celebrate the life and passing of one of their dearest friends, an aging golden retriever named Dante. The story is told through the wisdom and love of angels, a Wise Old Tree and the many animals living at the ranch.

I highly recommend this book and thank you so much Karen for allowing me to review it! Please go get her book.  Click the link below to take you to the books amazon page:

Tep The Giraffe Challenges You To Get Fit - App


There's a new app in town. Remember Tamagachie? Or however its spelled. Well some of you might be too young to remember them. Tep is the modern day version app. Download this guy from iTunes or the google play store. Tep the Giraffe challenges you to get fit. You have to walk him, feed him the right things to keep him alive. Im sure the app will get better over time. To me it seems kind of basic. But its a great interactive concept. I mean who wants their pet to die?!?!?



Your pocketpet depends on you – don’t let it down! Take care of it with your everyday workouts.



Take the journey, and level up for special surprises. The more active you are, the more agile your pet gets.



Track your walks, runs, and rides or synch your wearable activity tracker!

Download Tep here to stay Motivated: