Solutions for Life -  Know Your Options


Starting this Saturday 9/3/2016, Mr. Paradise will host his own radio show titled Solutions for Life – Know Your Options  4 to 5 pm EST on Family Talk Sirius XM Radio, station 131.

Are you living in pain and sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you addicted to pain medication [or worse!], and feeling depressed and frustrated that you are not getting better? If not, there’s a high probability you know someone who is….

Meet Mr. Lou Paradise - a driving-force in today’s healthcare who is dedicated to bridging the gap between natural biomedicines innovation and all specialties of healthcare practices. This is a contribution to give doctors and patients 21st century options to improve the standard of care and provide better outcomes - ending suffering and restoring hope and quality of life.

Starting Saturday, 9/3/2016; Mr. Paradise will host a LIVE, call-in talk radio show teaching listeners natural safe effective options on how to treat the cause of their pain in an entertaining educational forum sharing his decades of experience as an accomplished natural medicines researcher and biomedicines product innovator.  His show, Solutions for Life, airs Saturdays on Family Talk Sirius XM Radio, station 131, from 4 to 5 pm EST.

Family Talk radio features the best in Christian teaching ministries, powerful talk radio, and entertainment.

Mr. Paradise’s listeners will learn how pain and inflammation are integral to the healing process and why analgesics and oral pain medication having no curative power and fail to bring relief of pain, leading to worsening medical conditions and addiction. Discussions will explore pain and the body’s healing chemistries, the important role of inflammation and the immune system, and how lifestyle factors such as exercise, hydration, and nutrition affect our health. In addition, specific conditions and ailments will be addressed, including: why obesity and diabetes are significant problems alarmingly on the rise, as well as how common arthritis is; carpal tunnel; and sports injuries such as plantar fasciitis, and other foot ailments. In addition, a natural approach to treating the pain associated with diabetic and chemo-induced neuropathy, fibromyalgia and more!

Mr. Paradise will also monitor and accept all calls, answering listeners prudent questions while providing hope in healthcare and inspiring people to thrive in life again.

The Caller Line:  877-956-9566

Says Mr. Paradise,

“Along with our dedicated staff, I am humbled to be a very dedicated part of the patient revolution and I am grateful to God to have a strong intuition, and humbled to be allowed a role in serving humankind...”

Mr. Paradise’s passion to contribute his voice is driven by his own journey that started following two tours of duty in Vietnam as a US Marine Corps, helicopter combat/rescue crew chief. Mr. Paradise sustained cumulative trauma injuries from the physical demands of combat and performing hundreds of rescue missions of fellow Marines, Air Force, and Navy personnel, as well as humanitarian missions of Vietnamese civilians.

Mr. Paradise is also honored to host after The Kat James Show, lead by notable nutritionist Kat James.

So Listen, Learn, Ask, and Receive Answers.  Why? Says Mr. Paradise

“Because Every Citizen of the World deserves to know all their available pain relief options upfront. No one should have to live in pain or suffer the consequences of chemical over-the counter, or prescription pain pill, simply because they do not know all your options….”