Exercise is good for the body and mind and did you know exercise and sweating is good for your skin, too? Dr. Margarita Lolis, a New Jersey board certified dermatologist explains that, "When exercising we release toxins from our skin, opening up and clear out our pores. However, if you miss one important step when it comes to exercising and skin, you'll start to notice your skin going downhill." Here are some pointers to help your skin look its post-workout best.

A head-to-toe routine is a must Dr. Lolis found that those who work out several times per week seem to have similar skin issues. These 14 Skincare Hacks for Gym Rats provided by Dr. Lolis, are based on the common issues her own patients often face.

  1. Use disposable body wipes or medicated/herbal wet tissues right after a workout. This will help in removing excess oil from your skin.


  1. Always carry a small towel with you to wipe the excess sweat.


  1. Avoid touching your facewith bare hands to keep bacterial infections and acne at bay.


  1. Use a foot deodorizerto clean your feet after a heavy workout.


  1. Skip the tanning bed. It's harmful to your skin, in so many ways. There's also the range of cosmetic skin concerns, like wrinkles and sun spots. Opt for a self-tanning lotion or simply working out outdoors with SPF will give you a natural glow.


  1. BYOT (Bring Your Own Towel!)If you opt for a gym washroom for a shower, be careful of the towels and cleansing products you use. Do not use towels already used by someone. The sweat of other people can cause acne on your skin. Cleaning your skin should be hygienic.


  1. Wear fresh clothes after showering.Also, avoid wearing gym clothes after washing yourself clean. Gym clothes will be sweaty and grimy; they may cause acne and other skin related problems.


  1. Avoid close contact.Other people's sweat may also cause skin acne, pimples and other related problems. That hug to your trainer or gym buddy can end up triggering a breakout.


  1. Skip the hot water. Sure,your muscles are sore, and you're in the mood for a hot shower after a workout. Hot water strips skin of vital oils, leaving you with dry, itchy, dull skin.


  1. Reduce the redness.Calm down a flushed face with your own redness control remedy made up of a little bit of iced green tea and a spray bottle. You'll cool down your skin and add in a few extra anti-oxidants in the process.


  1. Rehydrate your skin.  After enduring a good workout and cleanse, it's critical to re-establish the natural moisture and oils that have been removed from your skin.  When it comes to your face, you really should invest in a high quality, fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich product that includes vitamins A and E and the super-ingredient hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound that is expert at restoring moisture to your skin and has also been shown to stimulate collagen production. If you've been exercising outdoors, a moisturizer with anti-oxidant ingredients is important to help repair damage caused by UV exposure and other environmental factors.


  1. Go bare. Morning gym people there’s no need to apply make-up. If you work out after work consider taking a face-wipe to remove dirt, make-up which may blend with sweat triggering breakouts. You want your skin to be able to breathe while you're working out.


  1. Wear a hairband. Hair should always be pulled back from your face, not only because of sweat, but because of your hair products, too. If you are seeing breakouts on your forehead or hairline, mousses, gels, or other hair products could be to blame. An elastic headband worn behind the ears about an inch from the hairline keeps stray hairs off the face.


  1. Wear gloves when working out.In addition to protecting hands from rough calluses, gloves also prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses like warts and staphylococcus bacteria; which can cause impetigo. Impetigo is a common skin infection that can be easily transmitted at the gym and result in blisters and sores. If you choose not to wear gloves during a work-out, disinfect your equipment with a wipe or spray.


About Dr. Lolis:

Dr. Margarita Lolis, M.D. is a board-certified cosmetic, medical dermatologist and a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon with over 20 years of experience. In her practice, she addresses common skin concerns such as acne prevention and treatment in both teens and adults, sun-damage, skin discoloration, wrinkles, changes to skin texture and loss of volume. On the medical side, she is a trusted expert in melanoma and over-all skin health. Dr. Lolis prides herself in honoring facial symmetry to deliver a natural look to her clients. She always recommends a healthy skin care regimen plus lifestyle habits that are aligned with her holistic approach to beauty. Dr. Lolis is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, American College of Mohs Surgery, and the American Society of Anti-aging. Her practice, Skin, Laser, and SurgerySpecialists is in New York City and Bergen Country, New Jersey.


What can be worse than the onset of an unsightly skincare emergency the day of a big event such as a wedding, reunion, business interview, or first date? Have you ever cancelled a first date because a cold sore erupted? How about an acne breakout the morning of your sister’s wedding or worse… your own? With tips and insights is board certified dermatologist, Dr. Margarita Lolis to help us handle these common emergencies within 24 hours.


Problem: Hives, Redness and Allergies

Solution: When you realize a certain food, beverage, cream or cosmetic triggered an allergic reaction discontinue use or consumption. As for treatment Dr. Lolis suggests using hydrocortisone cream which can be purchased at the drug store and should always be on hand. Also take an allergy medication such as Claritin or Zyrtec. Try a cotton compress of apple cider vinegar which is an anti-septic and anti-fungal that pulls any toxins out of the skin. A compress with whole milk is also very soothing.


Problem: Puffy Eyes

Solution: Cool tea bags, cold cucumber slices work wonders to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling when applied for 10 minutes. You don’t need to see a dermatologist for any kind of treatment for this beauty issue however be sure to invest in a good eye cream and keep it in the fridge. Applying eye cream morning and at bedtime will help.


Problem: Cold Sore

Solution: “Most dermatologists will offer cortisone injections to tame a cold sore given its ability to rapidly address inflammation. This doesn’t take very long to do so many dermatologists will tell you to come in the same day. If you can’t get an appointment get your doctor to issue you a prescription for Famvir, Acylovir or Valtrex,” Dr. Lolis suggests. “Applying a lemon tea compress, applying witch hazel oil or peppermint are some natural ways to treat a cold sore,” she adds.


Problem: Cystic Acne Breakout

Solution: Resist the urge to squeeze and soak in rubbing alcohol. “This is such a common response and people end up making the pimple worse not to mention scarring their skin. Cystic acne is deep and if treated correctly beneath the surface it could remain a bump and not a red, scabbing mess,” warns Dr. Lolis. The secret to destroying a deep cystic pimple is to get a steroid or cortisone shot. “What the dermatologist will do is inject a diluted glucocorticoid right into the pimple. You’re basically getting a concentrated dose of steroid molecules that are naturally produced by our bodies responsible for regulating metabolism, inflammation and immunity. Within one or two days of injection into a cyst, the steroid will shrink the inflammation producing relief of pain and almost immediate cosmetic improvement,” explains Dr. Lolis. If you cannot get to the dermatologist apply a paste of baking soda with water then remove it within 20 minutes. Natural clay can also work very well as could a sea salt compress. Sea salt, especially directly for the ocean only takes 20 minutes to dry up skin.


Problem: Chapped Lips

Solution: “Use lip balms not waxes and go natural with ingredients such as almond oil, vitamin E or A and make and at home paste of sugar and honey to use as an exfoliator. You want to exfoliate lips in the shower when temperature is warmer,” Dr. Lolis advises. Dry lips are always a beauty bummer especially when they crack and bleed. If chronic chapped lips are an issue, you may experience flare ups when lips are especially sensitive. “Your lips lack a tough outer skin layer which is why they are a darker color from the rest of your skin. Plus, there are enzymes in our saliva made to break down fats and proteins which is why when we lick our lips it makes matters worse.


About Dr. Lolis:

Dr. Margarita Lolis, M.D. is a board-certified cosmetic, medical dermatologist and a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon with over 20 years of experience. In her practice, she addresses common skin concerns such as acne prevention and treatment in both teens and adults, sun-damage, skin discoloration, wrinkles, changes to skin texture and loss of volume. On the medical side, she is a trusted expert in melanoma and over-all skin health. Dr. Lolis prides herself in honoring facial symmetry to deliver a natural look to her clients. She always recommends a healthy skin care regimen plus lifestyle habits that are aligned with her holistic approach to beauty. Dr. Lolis is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, American College of Mohs Surgery, and the American Society of Anti-aging. Her practice, Skin, Laser, and Surgery Specialists is in New York City and Bergen Country, New Jersey.

Consonant Skincare Launches:
Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum™ 

The innovative new product transforms skin without irritation

Toronto, ON Consonant, Canada’s leading line of premium natural skin care introduces a new high performance product, Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum™, to its collection. The serum boasts the maximum allowable concentration of glycolic acid in an over-the-counter serum in Canada, but is clinically proven to be 100 per cent non-irritating and ideal for sensitive skin.

Specially formulated to exfoliate to reveal smoother, brighter and firmer-looking skin, Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum retails for $60 CAD and USD, and is available at ConsonantSkincare.com, sephora.ca, Consonant Skincare stores and select retailers starting December 4, 2017.

Consonant Skincare’s new Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum
Photo Credit: Consonant Skincare
When used regularly, this powerful serum dissolves the bonds that prevent dead skin cells from being sloughed away; at the same time loosening dirt, makeup and clogged pores to reveal clearer, healthier and younger looking skin. The Meta Serum is also clinically proven to minimize the look of fine lines, brighten skin and add hydration.

“We are extremely proud of our innovative formula and how it transforms your skin naturally with little to no irritation,” said Bill Baker, founder of Consonant Skincare. By nature, glycolic products are irritating due to their low-pH level, however, our Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum boasts four all-natural botanical extracts to soothe skin and minimize or eliminate irritation altogether. The hydrating and firming properties are all added benefits.”

A clinical trial revealed overwhelmingly positive response to the Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum:

  • 100 per cent of clinical trial users experienced no burning sensation or redness – a rarity with glycolic products with the maximum concentration of glycolic
  • 95 per cent reported smoother, softer skin
  • 95 per cent saw no tightness or dryness to their skin
  • 90 per cent reported skin was more hydrated
  • 85 per cent claimed skin was firmer, more elastic and supple

Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum is available at ConsonantSkincare.com, sephora.ca, Consonant Skincare stores and select retailers beginning December 4.

About Consonant Skincare:
Located at 2479 Yonge St. in Toronto, all Consonant Skincare’s 100 per cent natural products are created and produced in Canada, and are made with the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients. They are formulated to work in harmony with the body’s natural chemistry to improve the health of skin over time, rather than just covering up irritating symptoms. Skin appears firmer, healthier and younger without the use of synthetic ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, petroleum ingredients, phthalates and silicone.

Website:         www.consonantskincare.com
Twitter:          @Consonant
Facebook:      /ConsonantLife
Instagram:     @ConsonantLife
Hashtag:       #ConsonantSkincare

Crawford Street, Natural Skin Care, Opens NEW lab in Toronto


-- Protect your skin naturally this winter with these four NEW and all-natural products --


Crawford Street Natural Skin Care® reinvents itself, in the new Toronto lab, with a transformed line of skin care offering: plant-based, hi-end products in unique, efficient and environmentally friendly packaging. Crawford Street is well known and appreciated for its all-natural, high quality, and hypo-allergenic skin products. https://www.crawfordskincare.com/


Canadian winters can wreak havoc on the skin: windy, cold, dry outside temperatures combined with hot, dry or damp indoors conditions. Winter naturally invites relaxation, renewal and rejuvenation. Crawford Street welcomes winter with a NEW survival kit containing four new products including mineral baths, deodorant, body oil and cuticle oil - all in environmentally responsible glass packaging.


“I am excited about the new and all-natural formulas. Our customers want quality products, environmentally friendly options, catchy names and unique packaging. Crawford Street products work well and look beautiful on the shelf”, said Gaelyne Leslie, Founder of Crawford Street Skin Care.


Mineral Baths ($25): Soak away your winter blues with a relaxing mineral bath.

Crawford Street introduces three new mineral baths: Detox, Relax and Steam. Each contains high quality Dead Sea salts, and a carefully selected combination of therapeutic essential oils, to cleanse the body, unwind or soothe tired muscles.


Natural Deodorant ($10): A all-natural deodorant that works! Be prepared for everything winter throws: shovelling the drive, hitting the slopes or cozying up by the fire. When the heat is on, be prepared!


Crawford Street’s natural, HARD WORKING, deodorant cream contains a power packed combo of essential oils - all anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and deodorizing. It combines wetness absorbing cornstarch that will keep you smelling fresh all day! There is no aluminum, propylene glycol, phalates, or parabens but instead it contains beneficial botanical plant oils that deodorizes and kills bacteria. New scents include: Herbes de Provence inspired by the fields of Southern France; lavender essential oil, rosemary, marjoram, parsley and thyme creating a delightfully herbaceous scent, Woods, an earthy blend, includes cedarwood, juniper and clove, it’s a bit woodsy and a bit spicy but appeals to women as much as men. Think “Old Spice”!


Body Oil ($45): After a nice soak, indulge in a little self-care. The simple application of oil has an amazing effect on the body and the mind. Body oils offer an intensely hydrating treatment for the skin, as they help lock in moisture and are quickly absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin keeping it moisturized longer than any lotion.

Toning and Smoothing Cypress Body Oil is the perfect way to combat dry skin caused by the harsh winter elements.  Carefully selected essential oils, in a base of grapeseed oil, will gently detoxify congested layers of skin tissue, improving skin tone and texture, while at the same time deeply moisturizing the skin.


Cuticle Serum ($25): Hands and nails take a beating in the winter due to lack of humidity, dry and cold air, along with repeated polish changes during the holiday season.  Serums don’t need to be limited to just the face. This luxurious Cuticle Serum, infused with Rose Otto and Borage Oil, delivers a deeply protein-rich treatment that will keep your cuticles healthy and soft, and it also smells divine!



Crawford Street Skin Care was founded in 2010 after owner Gaelyne Leslie had a severe allergic reaction to a commercial brand of face moisturizer. Her background as an investigative journalist led her to research the long list of ingredients in her moisturizer and the whole experience left her horrified, she having extremely sensitive skin.  As a result, she started to experiment with natural ingredients, eventually coming up with a moisturizer that was not only 100 percent natural, but it really worked! Friends noticed her glowing, smooth skin and soon she was whipping up cream for them too.

As a journalist, Gaelyne was committed to quality, integrity and education. She brings this same commitment to her skin care line. “I believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. And what is left out, is as important as what is mixed in.”

Every ingredient included in the product is carefully researched and chosen for its unique properties. Gaelyne is always looking for the best plant-based ingredients she can find for her customers. She always chooses fair-trade, sustainable and organic ingredients when available.

Today Crawford Street Skin Care products are produced in small batches in our laboratory on Crawford Street in Toronto. We take special care to ensure that each product arrives to you as fresh as possible.

Crawford Street Skin Care products are 100% natural. They are free of petrochemical derivatives, such as mineral oil and petroleum, PEGs, Parabens, DEA, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, artificial dyes and fragrances, chemical preservatives.

7 Little Self Care Tips for Lazy People to Start Today

Before outlining our seven tips to start today, it is important to mention some key points about human psychology and the difference between goals and processes. Many believe that people are creatures of habit and conditioning, and not just at the mercy of their genes. The significance of this is that routines and procedures can be put into place which become habit over time and then further evolve into an everyday part of your lifestyle. With this in mind there are a number of tips and strategies which can be used in order to get more efficient and steadily progress. By performing habits everyday you can build up momentum such that it is eventually just something you do everyday, as opposed to a "task" which has to be completed

The importance of goal setting is mentioned in practically every single self-improvement manual ever written. Put simply if there are no goals then there will be nothing to work towards. Having a goal gives motivation, the anti-thesis to boredom, which gets you out of bed in the morning. One of the main purposes of life is to achieve goals. Lazy people cannot be lazy if they have goals, as goals are what sets lazy people apart from active, motivated people. Write down your goals and all you want to achieve. Sign it with your name. And stick it onto the wall. This means that your goals are now tangible, and you have committed to achieving them.

A process is something that you will do everyday. A lesser known tip is that in order to reach goals you have to set processes. A goal might be to write a Novel. A process might be to write your novel everyday, or to write 1000 words every day. You cannot fail to achieve a goal if you commit to doing processes everyday, as ultimately your goals will be achieved.

7 Little Self Care Tips for Lazy People to Start Today

The following are Seven self care tips for Lazy people. Some might seem obvious at first, however it is important to bear in mind that not everybody has the same levels of motivation or enthusiasm, and everyone is different. Make use of goals, processes and signatures to put the following tips into action and to integrate them as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tip One – Exercise

Obviously you need your body in top physical condition. Use the goal/process/signature protocol mentioned above to exercise 3-4 times a week minimum. If you are sitting in front of a desk for 8+ hours a day looking at a computer monitor, then stretching is of the utmost importance, as well as fresh air. Exercise outside is best  as nothing can trump fresh air, which will also help you sleep. There are several hit and tips on GGP about how to motivate yourself to work out for extended periods of time.

Tip Two – Unplug

In order to engage in maximum productivity it is best to know how the mind works. Study after study has proven that best results are achieved by 40-50 minutes of focused attention, followed by 10-15 minutes of focused relaxation. Thus even if you feel you could work for longer than 50 minutes it is best to stop for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths, relax completely and utterly and resume work after your relaxation period. Most people actually take their work with them on their break, as their work related thoughts keep replaying in their minds. This is counterproductive. Time off is essential for mental maintenance.

Tip Three – Establish a Healthy Morning Routine

A good breakfast will set you up for the day in terms of what you eat. But a good routine will set you up for the day in all ways. Establish a morning routine which incorporates a period of meditation, eating a healthy breakfast, looking at the goals you need to achieve and saying positive affirmations. This will put you into a positive mind frame for the day instead of just rushing out the door in the mornings in order to beat traffic and make it into work on time.

Tip Four – Skin Care

Skin Care is perhaps the most overlooked area of physical health. The skin is the largest organ in the body. However, little attention is paid to skin care. There are ample opportunities to absorb much needed nutrients through the skin. The shower is completely under utilized and is a prime opportunity to allow vital minerals to soak into your skin. The shower is the ultimate form of skin care. Get an organic, high quality body lotion and just allow it to soak in. Your skin is “eating” the lotion in the same way that the mouth “eats” food. It is also very important to be aware of what types of skin products your skin care regime includes – makeup, sunscreen and hand lotions often contain harmful chemicals. Organic is best.

Tip Five – Eat healthily

This means an increase of fruits and vegetables, and a decrease in animals and animal products. It does not have to be a big deal, you can just give up sugar, alcohol and processed foods at a moment's notice. Simply stop eating them now and put focus towards eating healthy. 21 days is the time it takes to establish a habit. Thus if you can manage to eat a certain food for this time period it will no longer be a strain, it will be incorporated as part of your lifestyle.

Tip Six – Drink Clean Water

Aside from skin care this is perhaps the most overlooked area of physical well being. The advice to drink lots of water is well known. What is perhaps lesser known is that the quality of water indicates if you should be drinking it in the first place. A water meter can be purchased on Amazon for $10. The difference between drinking water with 0 Parts Per Million(PPM) and 200 PPM is quite literally the difference between drinking water that is pure and water that is poisonous. Most bottled water has PPM in the range of 200+. Test your shower water as well as the skin is efficient at absorbing water.

Tip Seven - Destress

Stress is touted often as the main cause of disease and mental illness. There is never any reason to stress. Even if it's a self help tip such as to drink clean water, do not stress if you cannot put the tip in practice right now. Do what you can when you can and don't stress about the rest.

Above are 7 tips which can be put into practice today. Right now. Set out goals immediately and identify what you want and how to achieve it. It is ultimately the only way to conquer laziness and boredom and to achieve your desires.



Organic Skincare Giveaway




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What’s new in organic skincare for holiday 2016? 

Anyone looking for true 100% organic skincare to address acne, anti aging, wrinkles, cellulite, cracked heels, dark circles, eye area, hands, joint muscles, oily, sensitive, or dry skin, sundamage, rosacea, rashes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, peeling, skin issues during pregnancy, stretch marks, scarring and shaving irritation, Inlight Skincare is the real deal.


The Inlight line of 100% Organic Skincare takes only the finest, ethically-sourced, natural, and organic ingredients and harness them at their most potent to create a gourmet, artisan, sublimely luxurious diet for your skin. Inlight organic skincare contains the finest and most effective organic food-grade and cold-pressed oils, herbs, the purest essential oils and beeswax. That’s it.


Using only certified organic ingredients, with 100% organic accreditation from the Soil Association as a further guarantee of quality and integrity; Inlight trusts their uncompromising standards, and their ethical principles reflect our own. Inlight is also proud to be the very first UK skincare company accredited under the new European-wide standard, Cosmos, streamlining the various national standards under one umbrella.


The Try Me Collection ($29.99): 


Our essential trio of products in miniature to cleanse, tone and moisturize for beautiful, radiant skin.

o   Face Cleanser 0.17 fl. oz. 

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o   Daily Face Oil 0.17 fl. oz.


Cleanse, tone and moisturize with this essential Inlight trio, offering your skin just the right nutrients to keep it well nourished and silky soft and smooth. Make Inlight part of your essential daily regime and see the difference for yourself.

100% organic* (100% of the agricultural ingredients in our Floral Face Tonic are organically produced; however water cannot be certified organic)


How to use: Take up a pearl size of cleanser with the spatula and massage gently into the skin for several minutes, allowing the warm fragrances to soothe your senses. Wipe away the balm using a cotton wool pad dampened with a few drops of tonic and feel the silky soft texture of clean skin. Repeat every evening, and morning also if desired. Apply a few drops of Face Oil onto the face every morning, taking care to smooth from the chin upwards, and from the center outwards. Your skin will stay moisturized and fresh all the day


Indulgence Collection ($39.00) 


The cleanser and reviving tonic will delicately cleanse away impurities, whilst the Face Oil soothes and moisturizes and the sumptuous Line Softener, combining 20 different bio-actives, works to plump and hydrate with extra concentrated care.

o   Face Cleanser 0.17 fl. oz.

o   Floral Face Tonic 0.17 fl. oz.

o   Daily Face Oil 0.17 fl. oz.

o   Line Softener 0.17 fl. oz.


100% organic* (100% of the agricultural ingredients in our Floral Face Tonic are organically produced; however water cannot be certified organic)


Body Beautiful Collection ($32.00)


o   Body Oil with Arnica 0.17 fl. oz.

o   Body Butter 0.17 fl. oz.

o   Foot & Leg Balm 0.17 fl. oz.

o   Firm & Tone Oil  0.17 fl. oz.


Dr. Spiezia - Co-founder and Formulator

Medical herbalist and skin expert at The Walsingham Natural Health Center in Turo, Italy, Dr. Mariano Spiezia has been considered the father of the organic beauty movement in Britain and was voted one of the Top 25, “Who’s who in natural beauty” in 2012 and 2013, 2015 and again in 2016. Dr. Spiezia graduated in Medicine and Surgery in Italy in the early 1980s, and has since worked on combining orthodox medicine with the extraordinary power of nature.


The Bio-lipophilic Matrix ®

For years Dr Spiezia has studied these connections with the idea of empowering the ingredients he uses with a higher frequency to gain a positive resonance on people’s skin and overall health. The result of this research is the Bio-lipophilic Matrix®, which is now at the core of each individual Inlight skincare product.


The Bio-lipophilic Matrix® consists of a specific blend of pure organic, cold-pressed oils selected for their high bio-chemical affinity to the lipidic human skin layer. Prior to production, they are energized by Dr. Spiezia’s bespoke techniques, which combine ancient traditions with modern science. These techniques heighten the oils’ vital force and help re-attune the skin to harmony, health and beauty. This enhanced blend of oils forms the heart of every Inlight product.


The core feature of Inlight’s formulations lies most importantly in the synergy between the individual ingredients. Other key factors are Dr. Spiezia’s medical expertise and Inlight’s carefully designed manual production, including its herbal oil, the base of all INLIGHT products, obtained by infusing the selected herbs in oils. The resultant herbal oil is extremely rich in beta-carotene, antioxidants, and pigments such as chlorophyll.


Entirely Plant Based, Inlight Skincare is suitable for vegetarians and Inlight oils are suitable for vegans. In addition, all Inlight products are microbiologically and nickel tested in the high tech labs of the Centre of Homeopathic Medicine in Naples (CeMON).


Inlight proudly displays the BUAV accreditation to demonstrate that none of our products or their ingredients has ever been tested on animals.


Environmentally Mindful Packaging

o   Inlight packaging is all recycled (glass jars up to 98% recycled), recyclable or biodegradable, and Inlight only uses vegetable-based inks. Even maize filler is GM free and will biodegrade over time.

o   Inlight stunning eco-glam boxes contain no extra insert, everything we want you to read is printed on the beautiful interior. Just open the glue-free box and enjoy reading!

o   Every new material is subject to intense scrutiny to ensure we make the best environmental choice.

o   The use of plastic is minimal, and strictly where no realistic alternative exists. Where possible a recyclable plastic is selected (eg. our ointment labels).

o   Inlight re-uses packaging wherever possible.

o   Nothing is wasted, even herb pizza, left at the end of a production cycle, is fed to the cows on Roskilly’s organic dairy farm where Inlight has a workshop.

o   Inlight recycles or composts all office waste, including print cartridges and tea bags.

o   Inlight turns off electric appliances whenever possible.

o   All but one of Inlight's team walks to work.


Embracing the whole body from top to toe, our deeply warming Body Oil will rejuvenate, promoting suppleness and elasticity, whilst its partner the Firm & Tone oil with its high concentrations of active plant oils and astringent plant extracts will leave skin toned and smooth. Restorative Body Butter will pamper, soothe and replenish the skin with its rich formulation and our exquisite Foot & Leg Balm is the perfect answer to revive tired, aching feet and melt away dry, rough skin.


How to use: For the most beneficial effect, apply each of these products after a warm bath or shower when the skin is relaxed, warm and can readily absorb their bio-active nutrients. Massage gently into the appropriate area for long-lasting moisturizing effect.