mobileDOCTOR by - Introducing Canada's First Telemedicine Program for International Students


TORONTO, April 12, 2017 /CNW/ - International Insurance now offers international students direct access to a doctor at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere, using a mobile device. International students across Canada that are covered by can now talk to a medical professional over the phone without having to visit a clinic or wait long hours in an emergency room.

The new mobileDOCTOR by is the first and only telemedicine service of its kind to provide immediate and confidential medical attention to international students 24/7 and in over 140 languages. When unsure if they should go to a clinic or the emergency room, international students can access on-the-spot medical advice, get a referral, or obtain new prescriptions when appropriate.

"The mobileDOCTOR program helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that are not always available in rural communities," says Keith Segal, president and CEO of International Insurance. "In urban areas with long wait times, calling mobileDOCTOR can mean speaking to a medical professional in minutes instead of hours. It can also save lives in critical care and emergency situations."

Telemedicine is most beneficial to international students unfamiliar with the healthcare system in Canada who are often unprepared for the long wait times for doctor appointments and emergency room visits. The mobileDOCTOR service lets students call and talk to a nurse or physician about common health concerns such as cold and flu symptoms, infections, rashes and injuries so they can receive proper medical advice without delay. Mobile technology allows healthcare professionals in multiple locations to receive photos, share information and discuss patient issues to provide a high level of care for students.

mobileDOCTOR by was developed in partnership with Praxes Medical Group, which has over 20 years' experience providing health services for clients in locations around the world.

SOURCE International Insurance