HFACTOR Hydrogen Rich Water ReviewHfactor

I recently had the opportunity to try HFACTORHydrogen Rich Water. The water arrived in a nice package and its contents were quite interesting. The packaging was sheik and silver. The contents said that it contained hydrogen rich water. I have tried hydrogenated water before. However this water was lighter, tastier, and felt very smooth.  The smaller packaging made it easy to throw in my bag or my purse. I do however wish that there was a larger size as I drink a lot of water. There for I have to give this product a thumbs up but I am hoping they develop a bigger option for us thirstier athletes.
According to their website. Hydrogen Water has been shown to deploy a wide range of performance and therapeutic effects. Hydrogen, as it exists in normal water, is a light gas and evaporates quickly, preventing this incredible antioxidant from reaching our cells. Enter Molecular Hydrogen, which quickly circulates, into many locations of our body, including the hard to reach powerhouses of our cells.

HFACTOR naturally infuses Hydrogen into water at unprecedented levels, providing a saturation that is easy for our body to obtain and enjoy its benefits.

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This morning I woke up and grabbed a vitamin water as I walked out the door. I took it because it was available, not because I'm an advocate or even because I believe it has health benefits. I then started taking sips of it and kept taking it in and out of my bag. Then I noticed the cap was half screwed on and it had leaked all trough my bag. It's water right? It shouldn't do that much damage. As I was cleaning the bag out I noticed it was sticky. So clearly there is added sugar. Not so heathy. Right then and there I started to think more about the "vitamin water." I came to a realization I not only get it sometimes because I'm feeling that color but hve been known to buy xxx because of its name. I haven't even been drinking it to its health purposes at all. Who else does this?