Common water treatments could damage DNA

Scientists are warning that a water treatment widely used in developing countries could be damaging the DNA of those drinking it.

Despite poor evidence of their effectiveness as a water disinfectant, colloidal silver and silver nanoparticles are increasingly being promoted for treating potentially contaminated drinking water in low income countries.

A study led by the University of East Anglia has concluded that there is a risk these treatments could in fact cause genotoxicity, which is damage to DNA, and affect reproduction and future generations.

Prof Paul Hunter from UEA’s Norwich Medical School, said the study brings together existing research to highlight the potential risks. “Colloidal silver as a water treatment is sold across Africa and in countries like Haiti, despite the fact it doesn’t treat water very effectively. The World Health Organization (WHO) advises against its use as a primary water treatment. If it isn’t doing any good, we wanted to investigate if in fact it could be causing harm.”

The research looked at previous studies where the effects of silver, silver nitrate and silver nanoparticles have been measured ‘in vivo’ – on living animals.

They found that, although results varied, more studies than they expected showed some evidence of genotoxicity, reporting effects including chromosomal aberrations, DNA fragmentation and damage to sperm.

Prof Hunter said: “We already know that there is little evidence that silver in water has any benefit. But this study brings together a body of work which shows it is potentially damaging DNA, and harming reproductive success.”

Colloidal silver is also widely marketed as an alternative health substance which can treat everything from skin complaints to bacterial and viral infections, cancer and AIDS. Again, little research exists to show any beneficial effects, but there are known side effects. One of the more obvious signs of over-exposure to silver is argyria, where the skin and hair turns a blue-grey colour.

WHO guidelines for drinking water quality don’t currently include a value for silver in water, but indicate that a concentration of 0.1 milligrams per litre could be tolerated without risk to health. However, this was determined as a level unlikely to cause argyria, and didn’t take into account potential damage to DNA.

Prof Hunter said: “While none of the previous studies alone are definitive, and we can’t use them to determine a safe level of consumption from this review, we consider that the balance of evidence suggests there is the chance of damage to DNA.

“There is an urgent need for more research on this area to determine if people drinking water treated with silver have evidence of DNA damage.”

When you think of at home water pitcher water filters you probably think of a jazzy snazzy commercial. BUT have you tried ZeroWater?

Before I tried it out, I decided to do a little research on it and other water filters on the market and I found that ZeroWater seemed to have more benefits for what I was looking for. Unlike a lot of water filters on the market (even the ones more known), Zero Water has a 5 stage filter whereas many there have 2 or 3. It also removes practically all of the extra stuff out of the water, whereas some other brands have a far less percentage of doing so. Knowing these facts had me sold.

After trying out the water filter system, I must say that I have noticed a clear difference in my water. Not only does it taste better, but it seems to be cleaner to me. Like me, you might prefer bottled water to tap water anyway, but like me you've probably also noticed that bottled water has become another household "bill". Getting a water filter system can eliminate that all together. So not only will you get a greater quality of water, but overtime you'll find that you're saving money and using less plastic (we're eco friendly over here at Train It Right).

The Zero Water website has a cool feature as well that allows you to type in your zip code (depending on what country you're from) and check your TDS reading. Check it out on their site and have a look around to check out their water filtering system!

Happy and clean drinking to you!

Get The Perfect Body With This Magic Elixir

Get The Perfect Body With This Magic Elixir

Do you want a slim waist? Perfect, glowing skin? Want to lose 10 pounds easy? Are you ready for it... Wait for it... Okay here it is... The magic Elixir is actually available to just about anyone reading this. It's available at a super low cost, sometimes you can even find it free... Have you guessed what it is?

The magic elixir is WATER!! Yes water can guarantee you a slim waist, perfect, glowing skin and you can lose 10 pounds easy, if you start drinking the right amount for you. Granted, to see lasting results of weight loss, you would have to also abide by a healthy diet and workout regularly (meal and workout plans are available here at

Many underestimate the power of water or believe they just can't down the amount that they're supposed to have. Speak with any nutritionist and they will tell you that you should be drinking a specific amount for your body. The formula that many use is to take your body weight, divide it by 2 and that'll give you the number in ounces of how much water you should consume daily. So, if you're 150 pounds you should do 150 divided by 2 to find you should be drinking a minimum of 75 ounces of water. To break down further, thats a little under 4.5 standard bottles (16.9 ounces) of water.

What are some of the immediate benefits of water?

Well for one, drinking 1-2 bottles of water within the first hour of waking up will help wake up your entire body, leading to activating all of your internal organs. It'll also help you lose that 'sleepy' feeling and help you get your day off to a more positive start.

Drinking water also helps with digestion's. If you start drinking 1 glass of water about 30 minutes before a meal, you'll be doing your digestive system a favor. You'll also find that you are less likely to overeat. So next time you're out to dinner, try to down an entire glass of water before you start your meal.

Drinking more water also leads to healthier hair and nails, beautiful, glowing skin, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of stroke and heart attacks and so much more.

Did we also mention that it helps with weight loss? Yes! Those that drink more water usually have a better handle on their weight and those that increase their water intake find that they are more likely to lose weight. Increase your daily intake to about a gallon a day and you may notice immediate weight loss within a week.

So next time you go to grab sugary juice or soda go for water instead and watch the endless benefits!!!

Check back with in the near future for tips on how you can start drinking more water... It's actually easier than you think.


Ryan’s Well: 20 Years of Drinking Water to Millions & Growing Stronger


Ontario, Canada - Ryan’s Well Foundation is celebrating its 20th successful year in digging wells to provide clean drinking water to the poorest regions of the developing world. To date, nearly one million people have been impacted in 16 countries with 1,166 water projects installed and 1,245 latrines completed. The Foundation is chugging along like a finely tuned water pump, and endeavoring to triple its human-impact over the next twenty years.

The Foundation’s accomplishments started with the passion and courage of one 6-year-old boy named Ryan Hreljac, back in 1998. Ryan was startled to learn in his grade 1 class that not all children could simply get a drink from the drinking fountain, as he could. “My world changed in that moment, I wanted to do something about the problem. So I started saving money to dig a well. When I realized I couldn’t do it on my own, I began speaking to groups of people to ask them to contribute, and we’ve been digging wells ever since”, said an enthused Ryan. Twenty years later, Ryan is requested to share his story locally and globally to motivate people young and old, to make a positive impact in the world.

Ryan's passion is to end the world’s water crisis. “We couldn’t do it without the help of all the compassionate contributions coming in from around the world, along with the local partners in each region, which makes it not only possible to provide clean water, but also sanitation and hygiene education”, Ryan declared. He went on to talk about the Foundation’s future growth and impact; “By leveraging the tools in our Foundation’s infrastructure, including all the participating schools/teachers/kids, fundraising challenges, business partnerships, relationships, and speaking engagements, I believe we can dramatically increase awareness of the severity of the problem we are solving. After that, human kindness takes over and provides the means to implement!”, he declared with a smile. No doubt Ryan’s initial vision of funding a well was likely considered unattainable for a young child, but Ryan FOUND A WAY, because of his commitment to accomplishing his aspiration. If we’ve learned one lesson from Ryan, it would be that determination quenches.

Dollar-for-dollar Ryan’s Well is one of the world’s most significantly impactful charities. For every $10 donated, one deserving human is provided access to fresh, clean water for many years. Minimal Input = Maximum Output.

Ryan’s story has been featured in many publications and on shows including Oprah, CNN, Wayne Dyer and Readers Digest. For more information or to book Ryan for an appearance, visit our website or email Megan Glenn at



Photo Image Credit: Lesley Marino

7 Little Self Care Tips for Lazy People to Start Today

Before outlining our seven tips to start today, it is important to mention some key points about human psychology and the difference between goals and processes. Many believe that people are creatures of habit and conditioning, and not just at the mercy of their genes. The significance of this is that routines and procedures can be put into place which become habit over time and then further evolve into an everyday part of your lifestyle. With this in mind there are a number of tips and strategies which can be used in order to get more efficient and steadily progress. By performing habits everyday you can build up momentum such that it is eventually just something you do everyday, as opposed to a "task" which has to be completed

The importance of goal setting is mentioned in practically every single self-improvement manual ever written. Put simply if there are no goals then there will be nothing to work towards. Having a goal gives motivation, the anti-thesis to boredom, which gets you out of bed in the morning. One of the main purposes of life is to achieve goals. Lazy people cannot be lazy if they have goals, as goals are what sets lazy people apart from active, motivated people. Write down your goals and all you want to achieve. Sign it with your name. And stick it onto the wall. This means that your goals are now tangible, and you have committed to achieving them.

A process is something that you will do everyday. A lesser known tip is that in order to reach goals you have to set processes. A goal might be to write a Novel. A process might be to write your novel everyday, or to write 1000 words every day. You cannot fail to achieve a goal if you commit to doing processes everyday, as ultimately your goals will be achieved.

7 Little Self Care Tips for Lazy People to Start Today

The following are Seven self care tips for Lazy people. Some might seem obvious at first, however it is important to bear in mind that not everybody has the same levels of motivation or enthusiasm, and everyone is different. Make use of goals, processes and signatures to put the following tips into action and to integrate them as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tip One – Exercise

Obviously you need your body in top physical condition. Use the goal/process/signature protocol mentioned above to exercise 3-4 times a week minimum. If you are sitting in front of a desk for 8+ hours a day looking at a computer monitor, then stretching is of the utmost importance, as well as fresh air. Exercise outside is best  as nothing can trump fresh air, which will also help you sleep. There are several hit and tips on GGP about how to motivate yourself to work out for extended periods of time.

Tip Two – Unplug

In order to engage in maximum productivity it is best to know how the mind works. Study after study has proven that best results are achieved by 40-50 minutes of focused attention, followed by 10-15 minutes of focused relaxation. Thus even if you feel you could work for longer than 50 minutes it is best to stop for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths, relax completely and utterly and resume work after your relaxation period. Most people actually take their work with them on their break, as their work related thoughts keep replaying in their minds. This is counterproductive. Time off is essential for mental maintenance.

Tip Three – Establish a Healthy Morning Routine

A good breakfast will set you up for the day in terms of what you eat. But a good routine will set you up for the day in all ways. Establish a morning routine which incorporates a period of meditation, eating a healthy breakfast, looking at the goals you need to achieve and saying positive affirmations. This will put you into a positive mind frame for the day instead of just rushing out the door in the mornings in order to beat traffic and make it into work on time.

Tip Four – Skin Care

Skin Care is perhaps the most overlooked area of physical health. The skin is the largest organ in the body. However, little attention is paid to skin care. There are ample opportunities to absorb much needed nutrients through the skin. The shower is completely under utilized and is a prime opportunity to allow vital minerals to soak into your skin. The shower is the ultimate form of skin care. Get an organic, high quality body lotion and just allow it to soak in. Your skin is “eating” the lotion in the same way that the mouth “eats” food. It is also very important to be aware of what types of skin products your skin care regime includes – makeup, sunscreen and hand lotions often contain harmful chemicals. Organic is best.

Tip Five – Eat healthily

This means an increase of fruits and vegetables, and a decrease in animals and animal products. It does not have to be a big deal, you can just give up sugar, alcohol and processed foods at a moment's notice. Simply stop eating them now and put focus towards eating healthy. 21 days is the time it takes to establish a habit. Thus if you can manage to eat a certain food for this time period it will no longer be a strain, it will be incorporated as part of your lifestyle.

Tip Six – Drink Clean Water

Aside from skin care this is perhaps the most overlooked area of physical well being. The advice to drink lots of water is well known. What is perhaps lesser known is that the quality of water indicates if you should be drinking it in the first place. A water meter can be purchased on Amazon for $10. The difference between drinking water with 0 Parts Per Million(PPM) and 200 PPM is quite literally the difference between drinking water that is pure and water that is poisonous. Most bottled water has PPM in the range of 200+. Test your shower water as well as the skin is efficient at absorbing water.

Tip Seven - Destress

Stress is touted often as the main cause of disease and mental illness. There is never any reason to stress. Even if it's a self help tip such as to drink clean water, do not stress if you cannot put the tip in practice right now. Do what you can when you can and don't stress about the rest.

Above are 7 tips which can be put into practice today. Right now. Set out goals immediately and identify what you want and how to achieve it. It is ultimately the only way to conquer laziness and boredom and to achieve your desires.


Wonder Water: 6 Unexpected Infused Water Ideas for Gorgeous Skin



While most dermatologists and doctors preach the benefits of drinking more water, water gets boring. Perhaps you’ve done just about everything to make your plain glass of water more enjoyable. If you’re running out of ideas and are tempted to reach for a caffeinated beverage you’re not alone. We talked to the experts who gave us six fresh infused water recipes that’ll pack a punch of flavor and add health and beauty benefits to your H2O! If you’re new to infused water it’s easy. Chop up the ingredients, let them sit over night in your water pitcher and sip your way to healthy hydration inside and out.


  1. Mango Ginger

This combo might seem weird, but adding the health benefits of ginger and the antioxidant power of mangoes is a surprisingly tasty mix! “Mangoes contain so many vitamins that help boost your immune system. It has antioxidants that maintain youthful glowing skin and aid in the production of blood cells,” says Dr. Christopher Calapai D.O. an anti-aging expert and long-time health advisor to the New York Rangers hockey team.  “Ginger is also helpful in fighting infection, has been linked to lower cholesterol levels, may reduce muscle aches, and helps digestion,” adds Dr. Calapai. 

  1. Grapefruit Rosemary

Recently rosemary was found to be the main ingredient eaten by residents of an Italian village with one of the highest populations of people who live past 100! “Rosemary improves circulation and sends more blood to the brain which is linked to greater concentration and potentially reduces risk of Alzheimer’s,” says Dr. Calapai. Grapefruit is not only delicious but it’s a natural fat burner, boosts metabolism and cleanses your liver.

  1. Melon Mix

Cut up watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe chunks and throw into your water over night. “This melon variety tastes great and is amazing for your skin,” says Dr. Kally Papantoniou board certified dermatologist and clinical instructor at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. “Melons are immensely hydrating, meaning more hydration per cup of water. They are also chock-full of antioxidants that keep skin clear plus they contain vitamins that promote collagen production which helps skin cell turnover.”

  1. Citrus Mint Pick your favorite citrus fruits, cut up into slices and add some crushed mint.  “Adding mint to your water is not only extra refreshing but also improves digestive health and can speed up your metabolism,” says Dr. Calapai. “Mint actually contains salicylic acid, a potent acne fighter,” says Dr. Papantoniou. “It’s also well known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties which work to calm irritation both on your skin or internally,” she adds.
  2. Cucumber Lavender

“The reason so many spas use cucumber based treatments is because it contains many skin friendly minerals like magnesium, potassium and silicon,” says Dr. Papantoniou. “This mix is especially healthy,” says Dr. Calapai “Cucumbers are powerful detoxifiers, flushing out any waste in your system. Adding crushed lavender to the mix not only adds a beautiful aroma but can also help digestion as lavender contains polyphenols that reduce bad bacteria in your gut, making your system run smoother,” he explains.

  1. Pineapple Coconut Water
This one is almost cheating… almost. Get your favorite store bought raw coconut water and refrigerate over night with large chunks of pineapple. The coconut-pineapple flavor combo is delicious and reminiscent of a piña colada without all the sugar and calories. Although this is not pure H2O, coconut water contains electrolytes which plain water does not, which rehydrate you in record time. “Pineapple is yet another fruit that aids in collagen production,” says Papantoniou “This is not just great for beautiful skin, collagen also has a major role in bone health and tissue repair.”


Clearly there are benefits to keeping hydrated. Water does not have to be boring, it can be delicious. Drink up!


Dr. Christopher Calapai D.O.

Anti-Aging Physician and "The Stem Cell Guru"



Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, anti-aging medicine and chelation therapy. Proclaimed as the "The Stem Cell Guru" by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S.


His stem cell treatments have achieved remarkable results in clinical trials on patients with conditions as varied as Alzheimer's, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, frailty syndrome, heart, kidney and liver failure, lupus, MS and Parkinson's.


Dr. Calapai started his practice in New York City in 1986 and for over 25 years he has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows, including his two weekly call-in shows on WABC 770-AM, where he offers health and medical advice. He has a show on Saturday morning 8-9am and Sunday evening from 6-7pm. He has consulted with numerous high-profile individuals including Mike TysonChris Noth, Mickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and Fox series Gotham's, Donal Logue and worked as a medical consultant for the New York Rangers hockey team as well as various modeling agencies.


Dr. Calapai received his medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and he consults in Manhattan with practices on Long Island, in East Meadow and Plainview. He has appeared on News12 and in the pages of 25A Magazine and Social Life Magazine.


He is the author of E-books Heavy Metals and Chronic Disease, Reverse Diabetes Forever! Seven Steps to Healthy Blood Sugar, Top Ten Supplements You Can't Live Without, and Glorious Glutathione. Learn more about Dr. Calapai on his website,

Five Ways To Keep Your New Year's Resolution of Losing Weight In 2017 
Dr. Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist and Author of the new book "Big Medicine: The Cost Of Corporate Control And How Doctors And Patients Working Together Can Rebuild A Better System" 
Dr. George's tips are:
1. Start exercising
An increase in activity of as little as 20 minutes 3 times a week can make a difference in your risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. You don't have to get fancy with a gym membership. Try taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, or park further from the entrance when you go to the market or mall.
2. Eat Smaller portions
You may not want to give up your junk food or fried food, but try to limit your portions. Instead of buying a six pack of soda, buy a two liter bottle. You can better control the portions along with your intake of calories.
3. Drink more water
The average person should be drinking 1 ounce per kilogram of his/her weight in water per day. (1 lb = 2.2kg). Studies have shown that people eat more when they are dehydrated because the signals in the body can confuse hunger with thirst. If you are hungry, try drinking an 8-12 oz glass of water before you decide to eat that snack.
4. Avoid salt
The average American diet consists too much salt. Salt is found in everything from canned foods to frozen foods. Not only does salt make your body retain water, it also dulls your sense of taste when it comes to sugar. As a challenge, decrease the amount of salt you eat for about 1 week, then drink a non-diet soft drink. Not only will you lose about 3- 5 lbs of water weight, but you will see that the soda is incredibly sweet. In addition, try to use sea salt.
5. Avoid high fructose corn syrup
Studies have shown that most products in this country are made with high fructose corn syrup that is contaminated with mercury (a known neurotoxin). Instead try to choose foods made with cane sugar. When you drink soft drinks that are made with sugar you will be less likely to crave salt and be able to stop with one soda because there is no 'sugar high' that leads to the craving that makes you want to have more.
About Dr. Elaina George
Atlanta, GA Based - Dr Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology. She received her Masters degree in Medical Microbiology from Long Island University, and received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Dr George completed her residency at Manhattan, Eye Ear & Throat Hospital. She is on the advisory council of Project 21 black leadership network, an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research. Dr George hosts her own radio show, "Medicine On Call" and she is also a keynote speaker many organizations. As a solo practitioner in private practice who is also a small business owner, she has a unique perspective on the problems of health care delivery, the true costs of healthcare and viable solutions.

Health & Fitness Alert: Fuelshaker Pro Is the Next Step in Supplement Innovation

Alicia Bell - Cartoon - Personal Trainer

Fuelshaker introduced the new Fuelshaker Pro, a hybrid water bottle that features an innovative Fueler powder cartridge and push-button mixing system for sports supplements. Fuelshaker can be used as a water bottle to stay hydrated during the day, and then with a click of a button transforms to a shaker bottle to satisfy your on-the-go sports supplement needs whenever and wherever you want.

The specially designed fueler keeps your supplements dry and its turbine-shaped agitator mixes even the toughest of powders to ensure the best quality drink every time. With three simple steps, the Fuelshaker Pro can help fuel a healthier lifestyle. Fill the fueler with a workout supplement powder (like a protein drink mix or post-workout recovery), place the agitator on top to seal it shut and screw into the bottom of the cup … and you’re ready to go. Its 500ml/20 ounce capacity assures you have enough water for your workout, and the 50g/100cc capacity of the container means you have your ideal protein or sports supplement intake.

When it’s time for your supplement injection, simply flip the bottle upside-down, press the ejector button and give it a shake, your water is now transformed into a supplement enhanced beverage. If you need more, additional fuelers can be purchased separately. The used fuelers can be easily swapped out with a fresh, dry supplement store to ensure that you stay fueled all day.

The lids of the Fuelshaker Pro are designed with leak-proof technology. Once you screw the lid on the shaker cup, you don’t have to worry about the liquid inside leaking. Put it in your gym bag and use it whenever you’re ready … with no fear of liquid leaking on your workout gear or clean clothes.

The Fuelshaker Pro is constructed of durable, high-quality Tritan (BPA-free) plastic. It is top-rack dishwasher safe, meaning you don’t have to worry about washing by hand. With the open bottom end, you will have a clean cup after every run through the dishwasher.

The Fuelshaker Pro is available in two colors, blue or black, and retails online for $26.99. Visit for more info.

Cascade Ice

Thank you Cascade Ice for sending me a package of your  amazing sparkling water. It was delicious. My coach approved these for me to drink. As I am in prep and have a very strict diet so I was really happy when they arrived at my door! My favourite flavour was grapefruit.

What is Cascade Ice you ask? Well it is a sparkling water beverage that is ZERO CALORIES! Sodium Free. Caffeine Free. Gluten Free. Zero Grams of Sugar. And no Carbs.

According to the Cascade Ice website, "Cascade Ice is available in over 30 great tasting varieties. Cascade Ice water is a sodium free, caffeine free, gluten free flavored sparkling water with a clean crisp, delicious taste.  Cascade Ice water eliminates all the unnecessary, unhealthy “extras” found in other flavored waters like sugar, sodium, carbs, caffeine and gluten – giving you pure, refreshing taste."




Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is such a regular occurrence for many women that they consider it a normal part of getting their period. The Mayo Clinic estimates about 75 percent of women get at least some form of PMS. Although the causes of PMS aren't well understood, “fluctuating levels of hormones and brain chemicals are thought to play a role. What a woman eats and drinks can also have an effect, “ says  Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O.  a Manhattan Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, and anti-aging medicine. He shares with us 10 do’s and don’ts for getting through PMS as pain free as possible. 

1)Do get more calcium

Some studies have shown that calcium levels are lower in women with PMS, and that those with the highest intake of calcium reported the mildest PMS symptoms. Dr. Calapai suggests sourcing your calcium from foods such as low-fat milk and dairy, calcium-fortified breakfast cereals and orange juice, and leafy greens.

2) Don't consume excessive salt

Salt increases water retention, so if you suffer from premenstrual bloating, do limit the amount of sodium you consume in the run up to your period. Eliminate the salt shaker, and cut back on the canned foods, processed foods and condiments, all of which are overflowing with sodium.

3) Do drink more water

“Although this sounds counter-intuitive,” says Dr. Calapai,  “Water can actually alleviate PMS-related fluid retention. Drink plenty of H2O -- aim for 8 to 10 glasses a day; more when you exercise -- to flush toxins out of your system and reduce premenstrual bloating.”

4) Do Eat Dark Chocolate

Craving the sugary confections like chocolate and cupcakes is totally normal. Try and reach for dark chocolate when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.  A bonus is, it will boost your mood.


5) Don’t Consume Coffee

While you may need that daily cup   (or two) to be functional, studies show that caffeine increases levels of anxiety. Dr. Calapai explains that, “Your blood vessels contract when caffeine is present in your body, which worsens menstrual cramps. Also, for those with loose stool while on their periods, adding caffeine to your diet will make it difficult for your body to retain water and worsen diarrhea.”


6) Do Eat Greens

Losing a lot of blood can cause iron deficiency, which can cause lightheadedness or nausea. To counteract this problem, Dr. Calapai recommends stocking up on darker greens, like spinach, kale and broccoli to get your iron levels back up, but avoid eating them raw. For spinach, sautée with minced garlic and olive oil for a warm, flavorful bundle of nutrients!


7) Don’t Drink Alcohol

It will only worsen feelings of depression and moodiness. One study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology also found that regular alcohol consumption increased length of and severity of cramps in women who experience cramps during PMS.


8) Do Eat Bananas

Sleep disturbances right before your period are the norm for many women. Plus, experts at John Hopkins University in Baltimore found that too little sleep made women more susceptible to pain (meaning those cramps will feel even worse). So make sure to get your z's by eating bananas, which contain melatonin—a sleep-aid hormone that's secreted at night and helps regulate our body's natural rhythms.


Dr. Christopher Calapai D.O.

Anti-Aging Physician and "The Stem Cell Guru"

Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, and anti-aging medicine. Proclaimed as the "The Stem Cell Guru" by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S.


His stem cell treatments have achieved remarkable results in clinical trials on patients with conditions as varied as Alzheimer's, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, frailty syndrome, heart, kidney and liver failure, lupus, MS and Parkinson's.


Dr. Calapai started his practice in New York City in 1986 and for over 25 years he has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows, including his two weekly call-in shows on WABC 770-AM, where he offers health and medical advice. He has a show on Saturday morning 8-9am and Sunday evening from 6-7pm. He has consulted with numerous high-profile individuals including Mike TysonMickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and Fox series Gotham's, Donal Logue and worked as a medical consultant for the New York Rangers hockey team as well as various modeling agencies.


Dr. Calapai received his medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and he consults in Manhattan with practices on Long Island, in East Meadow and Plainview. He has appeared on News12 and in the pages of 25A Magazine and Social Life Magazine.