Arizona Cardinals Hire First Female Coach in NFL History (VIDEO) Jen Welter NFL First Female Coach


Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for gender equity. They have hired the first female coach in NFL history. Check out the video below. Way to go Jen because you are training it right. You are now a role model for so many women. We hope that you hold up to the high standards everyone will expect from you as a coach, a women, a role model and the FIRST to cross this NFL gender barrier. Good luck and we hope that you will have a long, prosperous and successful career.

Women's Running Features Plus-Size Model Erica Schenk On Its Cover

"Women of all sizes deserve to be praised for good health and have a presence in the media," Schenk told the mag. "Some women believe that since they have curves they can’t run or shouldn’t run. Running is for everybody, anytime."

Way to go Erica! And congrats on landing the cover! What a great step for women and plus size active women! You are definitely Training It Right!


Jamue Eason -Train-It-Right-Alicia-Bell

Fitness model Jamie Eason is ready to train again and posted this on her facebook.

"Just had my final post-partum check up and I got the green light to work out. I've gained quite a few curves. My hips are 3 inches wider and I'm not sure how much more they will shrink? I'm about 8 lbs from my pre-baby weight, which isn't bad but my body composition is considerably different. I've got free weights at home, so it's time to start building up some endurance again. Please wish me luck! "

She looks great for just giving birth! We wish you all the best girl!


Barbie Doll Face Bodybuilder


A 17 year old Russian girl has a doll-like face but physique of a body builder. Julia Vins is a 17-year old Russian powerlifter who recently shot to Internet fame after a series of photos showing her doll-like face and impressive physique went viral.  Thoughts? Concerns?


I have to give UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer props. She definitely trains it right and keeps it tight. What do you guys think?


Check out the smoking hot Karina Smirnoff from dancing with the stars on the new Fitness Rx cover. She looks like a fitness model! Go Karina!


Sooooooooo this might be a controversial and touchy subject. I love this girl to death. She is Canadian and a real sweetheart. She has marketed her self in the USA very well and has even created a really popular youtube channel. Her videos are edited quite well and she is always happy and energetic.

Despite all these positives I find a negative. She is very thin. The photo below is from a recent FitnessRx interview with Amanda. She has everything you would want in a trainer, but on the downside she is a signed and working fashion model. We all know that comes with weight and body issues. She does acknowledge that she is skinny and even addresses it in a youtube video:

With all her knowledge and marketing is she really giving people a good image of what a healthy and fit trainer who motivates people for lifestyle change should look like? Thoughts?


I am really loving Chyna's style these days! I wear workout clothes everyday and she keeps it stylish with this galaxy adidas leggings and top! Looking good girl!



Photo courtesy of mediatakeout.

Evelyn shows us all why it's important to stay hydrated.


Check out the picture that Rosa Acosta posted on her Instagram today! She represents a new breed of model that we support...HEALTHY! Way to go Rosa and way to stay dedicated to health and fitness!