Want a quick yet efficient workout on the go? Try these Exercise Cards by Workoutlabs. I love these things. I wouldn't say I personally use them for every workout, but if you want a change, on the go, traveling a lot and have limited access to a gym and/or workout equipment, or simply want to try something new and fun to change up your workout, you have to get these!

What I like about them is that they're easy to carry around and store away. I've been keeping them in my gym bag and using them on clients just to do something different when they want to. An idea is to take the carbs, shuffle them up like they are playing cards and have your client (or yourself) pick from the deck and do the exercises. This is fun folks! If you're not training for anything specific like a competition or a run, it's so important for you to switch things up and give yourself something FUN to do. It keeps the workouts fun and going...

Everyone knows that H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) is great for seeing results and seeing them quickly and getting an amazing workout. All of the exercise for the cards are H.I.I.T based! Can it get any cooler than that?!

When you purchase these Exercise Cards, you get over 50 cards that include: