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This all started just over a year ago when I saw Alicia training at my gym. I thought wow this woman is in amazing shape and I want to be just like her. At that stage in my life I was contemplating doing another fitness competition. I did one about 5 years ago and it was the worst experience of my life. I got really sick during my prep due to a nutritionist not listening to me and my body. It took me a whole year to get my body back but its still been a process to get my mind back to loving my body. I had the worst body image of myself, and I know Alicia can confirm that. I hated every part of my body and was totally uncomfortable with myself on the inside and outside. Fast forward a few years and a several pounds later and here I was stalking Alicia on social media. When finally, I took the plunge and decided to email her and see if she could take me under her wing. And she responded yes! We decided I had the shape to compete in figure and that was the goal! I sent in my start up questionnaire and check in photos and there was no turning back. There are a lot of things I love about Alicia, but one of the most important things was that she listened to me. Every week during my check-ins I would tell her how I was feeling and how I my body felt. She took that into consideration when creating my new programs month to month or week to week. I never had a coach do that. She would also send me little pep talks, as there were several times where I just didn’t feel happy with my body! And she really taught me how to love myself from within. With that my confidence slowly built up! We were chipping away at my body up until July 21st2017. The day I got engaged and everything changed!! We shifted from competition prep into wedding prep! Week after week we chipped away at my body, slimming down to fit into my size 4 dress, yes I said size 4! I have never been that size before, and word could not describe the feelings I had that day when I said ‘YES’ to the dress. My body was shaping up so nicely and I was fitting into clothing sizes I never really dreamed about fitting into. Not to mention that size 4 dress had to be taken in a little!!! I dropped weight and I reach a new milestone, I finally made it under 20% body fat! Something I never thought I would be able to do. I toned every part of my body and those thunder thighs were finally gaining shape! I could ever see quad cuts! Woo!! A year of hard work between the two of us and there I was waking up on my wedding as a new person. Not just because that was the day I was marrying the love of my life but because I finally loved myself. I loved every part of my body, a feeling I have never really experienced. Since I was little, I was always the tall ugly duckling that didn’t really fit in. I played sports to help but I was still teased all through my younger years. This is where my poor self esteem stemmed from. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!! Alicia turned me from an average joe into a stunning bride!! Something I can not thank her enough for! But what I really want to thank her for is all her hard work that went into not only making me the most beautiful bride but for helping me change my mind set towards myself and for giving my the tools to grow and learn! I have never been this confident in myself! I bought a cheeky bottom bikini something I never thought would have happened in a million years! And for that I will always be grateful to have Alicia!!!

Amanda M

I first met Alicia at the 2018 Arnold Amateur. After having followed her on Instagram and watching her prep, I was blown away by her beautiful physique in person. We chatted quickly in the changeroom and said our good byes. A few weeks later I wanted to start my own competition prep. I emailed Alicia asking her for an in person consultation, and we met two weeks later. We conversed about future prep plans and had a show date in mind. The following week I got my training and meal program. From that point, Alicia revolutionized my life. I was losing the weight I had struggled with for so long, and my hormones were beginning to balance. She is not only a coach, but a friend as well. This woman is an empath by nature and a warrior by design. She has the most supportive soul. She works relentlessly to ensure both herself, and her clients are performing optimally. In regards to bettering myself physically and mentally, working with Alicia has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Christina M.

I really wanted to shout out my coach Alicia Bell - it's my first time prepping for a Bikini competition, and I've gone through so many different emotions in the process (as I'm sure you can all relate). She has been extremely supportive, incredibly knowledgable, and has been one of the reasons that my self-esteem has improved. Whenever I have doubts, or I'm unsure, she comes to the rescue. Just another reason I'm thrilled to be a part of the T-Rex family. Thanks Coach for everything!!!!!

Monika K.

I approached Alicia a little over year ago after discovering her through social media. At the time, I was feeling sluggish and had low self confidence in terms of how my body looked -- I was searching for a trainer who would not only help me achieve my personal fitness goals but also someone who would make me feel comfortable and confident again. I have always enjoyed going to the gym to do various styles of exercise but I was starting to feel my body plateau and knew that it was time to switch it up. Alicia's workouts are sweaty, effective, informative and most importantly, FUN! Alicia's knowledge and experience in the fitness and coaching world are unparalled -- I feel stronger and more confident today than I ever have. Alicia motivates me to stay accountable and inspires me with her own personal fitness journey every day. Although I sometimes doubt my survival throughout her workouts, they are always something that I look forward to and keep going back for more! Thank you Alicia!! Can't wait to crush it on Wednesday!!


“Thanks for the booty gains, the laughs, the knowledge, the motivation, the inspiration, and the good times. As a trainer you are fun, professional, and you know your shit. Basically the best.”


“Thank you so much for helping me to not only start my fitness goals, but to also achieve some of them. You were a better trainer than I could have imagined. Always positive, professional, kind, interested and motivational!”


“The train it right transformation program with Alicia is the best program I ever could’ve joined. As well as working for the body you want every day Alicia provides the best motivation you could ever ask for which is her. She truly lives the happy healthy lifestyle she portrays. What better than a teacher that practices what they teach. She also grouped us with others in the same program knowing we can motivate, inspire and lift each other up. Whether it’s because we feel alone in this greatly needed lifestyle change or an audience to cheer us on for every little accomplishment we make on our journey we have our community where we can always go to get ourselves back on track and refocused. Joining this program has all around made me a better person no more procrastinating, finding a balance in life and if you really want something to give it your all and you will surprise yourself. My only regret is not joining sooner. Thank you Alicia for seeing something in me I once couldn’t see in myself.”

Renee Alicia Peart

“I have trained for all the wrong reasons in the past and it’s an eye-opening experience to train hard, train smart, and ultimately train right. This is what I’ve learned in the very short time I’ve been working with Alicia. Even if your lips are saying “can’t,” she shows you that your body can and there’s no better feeling than accomplishing something in the very moment you thought you wouldn’t be able to. I’m very much looking forward to working with Alicia in the coming months, and hope I will continue to work with her for years to come.”

Arianne Young

“After gaining a lot of weight over 10 years, Alicia was the first person to get me over the fear of the commitment to begin a weight loss journey.

There is a unique combination in Alica…she has a way of balancing kind encouragement with the push you need to go a little beyond your usual comfort zone. Her words are not empty platitudes, when you trust her and do the extra she says you are capable of, you find yourself achieving new levels comfortably. You quickly recognize that her view of what you are capable of in each session comes from a place of knowledge and not empty ‘cheerleading’. Although she moved to another city, she continued to help me from afar. I utilized her e-book and YouTube channel to stay motivated.

Am now embrarking on yet another journey and programme with her. To see if I can shake these last stubborn pounds and go beyond a journey of plain weight loss and now aim to build my endurance and make my body strong. Alicia is not only a fantastic motivator, but has a wide range of experience, certifications and knowledge that allows her to stand behind her statement of being able to train pretty much anyone no matter their ultimate goal.”

Deanne Allgrove

“I would be the first to tell you, I didn’t think I needed a trainer. I have a sibling who’s a professional athlete, and I had trained with him on an off over the past 10 years. My challenge was that as much as I thought I knew about nutrition and fitness, I still wasn’t seeing the changes that I wanted to see and what resulted was feelings of resentment and anger when I would step on the scale. After seeing a photo of myself this past summer, I knew I had to take action, I was not happy with the way I looked. I really stepped up my fitness and healthy eating habits, but when after a few months I still wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted, I finally decided to seek the help of a professional trainer. After following Alicia on Instagram for a few months, and following her workout and eating tips, I knew she would be a great trainer. I’ve been training with Alicia now for almost 5 months, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She’s not only helped me to reshape my body completely, she’s also helped to transform my views on nutrition and what it truly means to take care of my body. She’s always available if I have questions or concerns and is constantly thinking of new ways to help me reach my goal. I can’t imagine life without her!”

Renée Weekes

After signing up at a gym at the end of November and being paired up with one of their trainers for a fitness assessment I knew it wasn’t a fit. I was uncomfortable and wasn’t given the chance to vocalize what I would want out of the training experience, I left the gym feeling defeated. I knew I wanted to make these personal changes in my life but didn’t know how to do it on my own.

My coworker introduced me to Alicia via social media in December 2013, after spending sometime on her twitter and Instagram, I emailed her to inquire about training with her. From the get-go Alicia made me feel relaxed and at ease, her first question was, “What did I want to achieve?” I knew it was fit, we were going to form a solid team to achieve what I wanted. She put me through hell that first session, but it was an eye opening experience to see where exactly I was on a fitness level.

“Alicia is an incredibly inspiring personal trainer, and has changed the way I view myself. Each workout is new, I’m never bored, she always finds a new way to challenge me and shake-up the workout routine. Her expertise and authority push me through every workout, especially when I want to give up. Her enthusiasm is infectious and makes me want to continue to strive to be a better person. I am thrilled with the results I have seen, I can see how much leaner and toned I am, but what excites me the most is to see how much stronger I have become. I originally set a goal of 20 pounds, however after loosing the first 20 I decided to challenge myself and set another goal to loose 20 more pounds. I’m well on my way, with every intention to keep challenging myself once I’ve reached the mark I’ve set for myself. It’s a lifestyle choice, not just a fix. Thank you so much Alicia, for helping me reach my goals, and for just being you.”

Dayna Shiskos

“I have known Alicia for 3 years now and recently as of 9 months ago had her write me up a complete diet and workout plan. Now what makes this a little different is that I have type 2 diabetes and I have a bad low back so that limits me on both food and workouts. I started at about 212 pounds. With following her instructions that took me a few weeks to get used to and follow a routine, I was able to get to 185 pounds. My goal is for 170. I figure in less than 4 months I will be there. I am very happy with her coaching and ideas. She was able to get back to me with answers to questions I had every now and again in a timely matter. I wish I had taken photos of the beginning because I honestly didn’t think I could stick with it long enough to get to where I am at today. I have made this a lifestyle change and I managed to get some co workers involved with a positive attitude.”

Tyson Toller

“Alicia is an inspired and inspiring Personal Trainer. Her expertise, authority and enthusiasm make training with her informative, rewarding and most especially effective. I couldn’t have picked a better trainer. “

Katherine Kerr

“Alicia is a great trainer. I had under estimated her skills and she really let me have it in the gym! She really pushes and motivates you to go the extra mile when you are ready to just give up!”

Lil Jon

Celebrity Apprentice Star, Rapper, DJ, Producer, Entrepreneur, Personal Training Client
“I have been training with Alicia for over a year now. I love the workout sessions as Alicia really knows how to keep me motivated and on track to achieving my goals. She is very experienced in the industry and comes with a wealth of knowledge in helping you to shape your body and improve your overall health. Alicia is a great instructor and demonstrates each exercise to me and explains the right way to perform the moves to ensure that each routine is executed safely, yet still achieving maximum results. Alicia is flexible in rearranging our training days to always makes time to adjust to my very busy schedule to ensure that I am still able to train my desired times/days per week. In addition, Alicia makes the routines fun and challenging at the same time. Somedays we workout in a gym, other days the workouts are outdoors to take advantage of the sunny weather. I love the change in scenery and exploring new, creative ways to workout.The best part about our workouts is seeing my results. I have really noticed a change in my body and the new strength of my muscles. I am now more toned, stronger and have better endurance because of our training sessions.Thanks Alicia for your continuous support in driving me to achieve my goals and improve my overall health. My body loves you for it!” Marian J” “I felt that Alicia’s training helped my running form and explosion. I would suggest that anyone looking to be a faster and more explosive runner to look Up Alicia Bell.”

Rashad Mccants

Former ACC and NBA basketball player
“I’ve been training with Alicia for a little over 2 years now. The improvements I have made both personally and professionally are a direct result of her hard work and dedication for that time. Alicia does everything she can to not only improve the fitness industry but also to help it evolve. She has followed through on every commitment she has made to me, she is results driven, and with her can do attitude has supported me in my goal setting and achievements. This year I have committed to run an Ultra-marathon from Vancouver to the summit of Whistler for BC Children’s hospital. Without the commitments of a support team this would not be possible, Alicia has given up her own time to help me achieve this mammoth goal, she is a credit to the Fitness Industry. I would have absolutely no problem recommending Alicia Bell to anyone looking for a person to change their life. Alicia is not only a Personal Trainer, she will become your friend and will take great pride in seeing you reach any goals you set yourself.”

Peter Oates

2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Nova Scotia Legion Head Coach 2001, 2005, 2009 Nova Scotia Canada Games Coach 2002, 2003 Nova Scotia International Children’s Games Head Coach 2000 – 2009 Nova Scotia Head Coach Wide World of Sports Training Camp

“I started my journey with Alicia Bell just a few months ago. I have to be honest in saying…I was not quite sure what to expect.  A few very reliable sources had referred me…but being a pessimist, I figured, “…she is probably good…but I don’t think anyone can help me to achieve my goals.”  It took one introductory session with Alicia for me to realize how incredibly wrong I truly was.

My goal was, and continues to be, to loose approximately 20lbs and tone all areas of my body.  Within a few weeks of working with Alicia I was thrilled to already be seeing definition that had been previously obsolete after years of working with other trainers, and on my own.  What added to this excitement was the fact that her sessions were diverse, functional, full body, and perhaps most appealing, FUN (well, if you enjoy the torture)!

Never do we replicate the same workouts, exercises, or circuits; she is always pulling new activities out of her magical training hat, and improvising as need be.  We train indoors and outdoors, rain, snow or shine.  Despite the weather conditions, I can always count on the fact that my workout will be challenging, exciting, and effective in achieving my goals.

The thing that really makes Alicia appealing as a trainer is not just her extensive experience, or her ability to make your workout meet the goals that you have set;  but it is also in her knowledge of diet and nutrition.  She has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on the importance of specific vitamins and minerals, what not to eat, when and why, and what is optimal to be ingesting.  What is important to note here is that the information she provides is not just a blanket document that is sent to all trainees’ – she tailors them, specifically for you.

I went from a girl who didn’t know her way around the gym, couldn’t even run around my block, or even considering lifting a 20lbs weight, to someone who has become nutritionally sound and increasingly fit, toned, and lean.   That being said, I am nowhere near finished!

Previously I thought I would be so happy with how I look now, but Alicia makes you strive to achieve more.  To understand your capabilities and ascribe to a, “train it right” philosophy.  She makes you see that this isn’t just crash fitness, or crash dieting, but rather, a way of life.  With my crazy work schedule, the only thing I should want to do on a day off, or after a long day is SLEEP! However, what I look forward to doing is training with Alicia.

If you are looking for just another trainer, the GTA has millions.  If you are looking for someone who really gets the fitness world, who will really get you – then call on Alicia.  She will start off as a trainer and quickly become your friend and your inspiration. While you are working on improving yourself, you can guarantee that she will be doing the same for herself.  That is, striving to become a better trainer everyday, to ensure that you are working with the best.  Alicia truly embodies “Train it Right”, and is a gem, and an asset in a male dominated industry.”

Katy P

“I first met Alicia in 2001 when she came to Dalhousie University to embark on a degree in Kinesiology. She came across as a typical nineteen year old away from home for the first time, a little overwhelmed in the big city that we call Halifax. She joined our track and field club in the fall of 2003, and I was by then quite impressed with the young lady that she had turned into.What struck me was how much she was giving back to the sport that she has been a part of for so long. At the ripe old age of 21, she was coaching high school kids. She wasn’t just coaching them; she was coaching them with a maturity, grace and skill of someone well beyond her years.This past summer, she took on the responsibility of being a provincial coach for 38 athletes that competed at the 17 and under National Championships. All during that time she was training herself, so that she could be a part of the Canada Games experience. It was to our province’s great deficit that she made the decision to leave Nova Scotia to pursue opportunities in Ontario. Within a week of her arrival in Ottawa, she had joined a track club, and immediately started coaching in that system. The qualities that I find most refreshing in my dealings with Alicia are in no particular order: her straightforward approach, her compassion and caring for others, and a willingness and need to excel in whatever she attempts.She leaves behind quite a void to fill in Nova Scotia, and while we wish her well, we hope that sometime soon she’ll be able to return. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.” -Steve Morley Distance Coach, YHZ Track I have known Alicia Bell for 10 years as an athlete and now as a Coach.Alicia is a very intelligent, personable and gifted coach. Alicia was an Assistant Coach at 2 Canadian Legion Championships in Edmonton 2005 and Burnaby 2006 for Team Nova Scotia. Alicia was also a member of the 2009 Nova Scotia Coaching Staff at the 3 week Disney Wide World of Sports Training Camp in Orlando, Florida with former USA Olympic Head Coach Brooks Johnson and his world class athletes David Oliver, Joel Brown, Tiffany-Ross Williams, Kenta Bell, Novlene Williams and Kenia Sinclair. Alicia has an outstanding work ethic and with her advanced university education, professional Certified Personal Trainer diploma and her NCCP Level 3 Sprint and Hurdle Certification, I feel Alicia would be an excellent choice as a coaching and trainer.”

Charles Scarrow

“I first met Alicia in 2001 when she came to Dalhousie University to embark on a degree in Kinesiology.  She came across as a typical nineteen year old away from home for the first time, a little overwhelmed in the big city that we call Halifax.  She joined our track and field club in the fall of 2003, and I was by then quite impressed with the young lady that she had turned into.

What struck me was how much she was giving back to the sport that she has been a part of for so long.  At the ripe old age of 21, she was coaching high school kids.  She wasn’t just coaching them; she was coaching them with a maturity, grace and skill of someone well beyond her years.

This past summer, she took on the responsibility of being a provincial coach for 38 athletes that competed at the 17 and under National Championships.  All during that time she was training herself, so that she could be a part of the Canada Games experience.  It was to our province’s great deficit that she made the decision to leave Nova Scotia to pursue opportunities in Ontario.

Within a week of her arrival in Ottawa, she had joined a track club, and immediately started coaching in that system.

The qualities that I find most refreshing in my dealings with Alicia are in no particular order: her straightforward approach, her compassion and caring for others, and a willingness and need to excel in whatever she attempts.

She leaves behind quite a void to fill in Nova Scotia, and while we wish her well, we hope that sometime soon she’ll be able to return.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.”

Steve Morley

Distance Coach, YHZ Track
“Alicia Bell is a great track coach . Throughout my time being under Alicia’s coaching wing I have learned a lot and I am happy I have the privilege of being coached by such a awesome person. Ever since I first met Alicia I could tell as a coach she was very nice , friendly and kind and the kind of person you want to coach kids . Having Alicia coach me has helped me physically , as her tough track workouts get me in better shape but also self consciously . It helps self consciously as having a personal image of someone who is fit and in shape really boosts your ego and makes you feel better about yourself and with Alicia’s training I do feel better about myself . I’m glad to have met Alicia and that she is my coach because I wouldn’t want anyone else coaching me.”

Peter S

Train It Right Track and Field Club
“Since I was young I always liked to call myself athletic, wanting to try and increase my athletic ability I decided to join a track and field organization. After a few years of going through different coaches, I came across the smart and kind hearted Alicia Bell. This Dalhousie University graduate gives only high level quality service to her athletes, even when she volunteers as she does with me. I have extremely enjoyed training under Alicia Bell and is the best coach I have had to date in any sport. What I like best about her is her positive attitude, she refuses to think negatively and will not allow her athletes be negative ether. I have been training under Alicia Bell for the past two years and in that time I have become a better athlete. I’ve learned new techniques to improve performance and greatly increased my health level. I highly recommended Alicia Bell to other athletes and organizations in need of a coach because she really understands the human body and human fitness, as well she knows all the proper ways to train one’s self to perform and succeed in track.”

Domenico Caggianiello

Train It Right Track and Field Club
“I am one of the many track and field athletes that were privileged enough to be coached by Alicia Bell. I have been training with her since 2011 and the thing I have learned to love and appreciate the most about Alicia’s coaching is how closely she works with all of her athletes, including myself. She both relates and disciplines her athletes while still making it enjoyable. She is confident in what she knows and that is reflected in her coaching. Alicia’s goal as a coach is to train and teach us what she knows in hopes that we will all reach our full potential and I am both grateful and thankful to have her help me do what I love.”

Vivienne Okon

Train It Right Track and Field Club

“Football player, Track and Field runner, Torn ACL recipient, Fitness model, Fitness coach and most importantly, an amazing Track and Field Coach.

I have been running track and field competitively for almost 1 year in June and my experience working with Alicia Bell has helped me improved mentally, physically and socially. Alicia cares about her athletes. Not like any original coach, but she ensures we all get to our goal, whatever that goal may be. As a jewish, 5″6, 150 pound runner with minimal experience in track, what I thought was impossible for me to do has now come naturally in a regular warmups and competitive meets. I run 110m, 110m hurdles and 60m distances. Alicia has put me through many exhilarating workouts. Whether they were fun or serious, Alicia always has something on her mind. I am in the midst of turning from a short distance runner, to a middle distance hurdler and runner. I never knew I had it in me, but from the practices and workouts Alicia has given me, the result was more than one can endure. Alicia is funny, serious, strict, good looking and knowledgable in her field of expertise. Alicia has developed a strong friendship with me, not just as coach to athlete, but friend to friend. I can approach her with any concern; from track assistance, to personal matters, Alicia is always there to help. Coaching a team is not easy. Alicia prepares us for whatever comes. She knows what she is doing. I chose to work with Alicia because she keeps me motivated, positive and influences me to help others in the sports field. If Alicia were to leave as coach due to any sort of problem, I would do all in my power to continue working with her. I end school at 4:30 everyday and our practices begin at 6. It is very difficult to make it on time with enough preparation time and satisfaction. Alicia understands. Whether I am on time or late, Alicia would help me 1 on 1 to catch up and If I were to want to do extra, I would receive an email in one day with workouts which I would need to complete on a regular basis.

Alicia is not only an amazing coach, but also a reliable friend. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone who is willing, as I was, to devote themselves to hard and fun work. As a track and field runner, Alicia focuses on each aspect of me, and develops her own system toward improving those aspects.She is the best coach there is out there!”

Ahsher Zeldin

York University Track and Field Club
“Working with Alicia has been a very motivation experience. Her approach is all encompassing, addressing one’s fitness needs, as well as general health. Alicia came highly recommended after my hip replacement. I attribute my progress to her knowledge and understanding of how to pace, yet safely challenge me with realistic goals. The results have improved my strength and quality of life.”

Sandi G.

Age 66

“My husband and I have trained with Alicia since she became an independent trainer many years ago. I can not thank her enough for her impact on my husbands health and fitness. My husband does not like the gym, but because of Alicia, he works out twice a week, every week. Alicia keeps his workouts fun and motivating. She is always very encouraging with him.

For the fitness fanatics like myself, Alicia helps me work muscles I do not work on my own, and introduces me to new exercises. She is also thoughtful to modify moves that could irritate my injury.

Most importantly, training with Alicia is always a blast! She has an energetic, positive spirit and always has fun stories to share. We are privileged to call her our trainer and friend.”

Erin Paisley



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