New Book Reveals How To Eat As Much As You Want & Never Gain Weight - Interviews Available With Author  
What if you could eat as much as you wanted, all day every day, and never gain weight? No gimmicks, nothing unsafe. And what if it was among the easiest things you've ever done?  Maureen Anderson's book "The Willpower Workaround," readers will learn a new mindset to eating and living well.
Maureen Anderson Says:
One of the boldest moves I ever made was challenging the assumption that food should be a reward for anything. It's like a career consultant friend once told me: you need vacations the same way you need to breathe out after breathing in. Breathing out isn't a reward for breathing in. It's just part of the deal. When you make food a "reward" instead of a normal part of taking care of yourself, there's a tendency to dress it up, to make it "entertainment" (as Dilbert creator Scott Adams says).
We learn in the book that your initial success with permanent weight loss was based on winning a challenge. Do you have any advice for men and women who need a reward to stay on the path toward changing the way they eat?
One key to your success was focusing on how bad certain foods made you feel physically, like the hamburger headaches. Did you also focus on how bad you were going to feel about yourself when you indulged in junk food?
About Maureen Anderson
Maureen Anderson is the host of the nationally-syndicated radio talk show, Doing What Works, that helps you fix what you don't like about your life. She is also the author of The Career Clinic: Eight Simple Rules for Finding Work You Love (AMACOM, 2009). She is the co-author, with Dick Beardsley, of Staying the Course: A Runner's Toughest Race (University of Minnesota Press, 2002). And she won a 2006 Minnesota Book Award for Left for Dead: A Second Life after Vietnam, with Jon Hovde (Minnesota, 2005).
You can follow her on Twitter @DoingWhatWorks.

Healthful Facts: 5 Ways You Can Take Control of Your Body

People have ignored their health for all sorts of reasons. For example, some simply were just too busy to worry about their health, but that is changing. More and more people understand how important it is to stay on top of their health. Taking control of your health is not too hard though it does require a bit of an investment on your part.


One of the easiest things you can do is learn what is healthy and what is not. You can take better control of your health if you know what is good for you and what might not be. Talk to a health consultant, and make sure you look up information online to further your education.

Take Action

Knowing what is healthy is one thing, but you also have to make sure you motivate yourself to take action by sticking to specific diets or exercise regimes. You could talk to a dietitian and a fitness trainer to help motivate you if you have trouble doing this step on your own. You can also read a few self-help books, which work for some people.

Choose Care

People who wait to the last minute to seek medical attention hardly put any thought into where they will go for help. You need to value choice, and look for a care center that truly cares for you. For example, you may want to look for a personal dentist such as Smile Makers Dental rather than the closest one to your house. Knowing that the dentist provides trustworthy care is one major step in the right direction.

Supportive Team

Some people may be having a hard time letting go of unhealthy habits. This is normal, but you have to make sure that you have a support system. There are support groups for people having all sorts of issues such as overeating or smoking. Admitting to yourself you have a lack of control is important, and it’s yet another step in the right direction.

Peer Pressure

You need make some new friends on this journey of yours that will help focus you and push you. Taking full control of your health is not always easy, so you are going to need friends who care about health as much as you do. Now, those who already have health enthusiast friends may skip this step, but those who do not try to make friends.

There you go, now you know five ways to take control of your health once and for all. Be sure to talk to health care specialists about additional ways you can make this change.

Meghan Belnap / Blogger, Researcher and Freelance Writer

Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer who enjoys spending time with her family. She loves being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise. Meghan finds happiness in researching new topics that help to expand her horizons. You can often find her buried in a good book or out looking for an adventure. You can connect with her on Facebook right here and Twitter right here.


You are officially the first to hear about my new 8 week Challenge!

What better way to start off the New Year then with a new routine on the way to a new you!

Who is this program for? Non competition prep clients that are looking for a lifestyle change, new routine and an individualized program that they can do on their own, any time, any where.

What do you get? 2-Week training Split that will be updated every 2 weeks when you check in with me via email, weekly calendar overview of program, designated sets & reps for each exercise, individualized nutrition plan, individualized cardio, and access to the Train It Right private client Facebook page.

To sign up simply email me at: with Subject line: 8 week challenge

Healthiest McDonald's Menu Combos That You Can Make Yourself

Despite being known as a fast food restaurant chain, Mcdonalds does have items that are lower in calories on their menu. And depending on the meal you choose to order, there are several different ways to enjoy a full meal without busting your calorie or macro count for the day. These orders can come in at under 500 calories. On the catch side you just have to manipulate the order yourself.

Try making some of the following combos at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Meal 1:

Fruit & Maple Oatmeal: 310 calories

Apple Slices: 15 calories

Coffee: 0 calories (no cream or sugar)
Total: 325 calories

Meal 2:

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: 150 calories

Coffee: 0 calories (no cream or sugar)

Hash Browns: 150 calories
Total 300 calories

Meal 3:

Egg McMuffin: 290 calories

Hash Browns: 150 calories

Coffee: 0 calories (no cream or sugar)

Total: 440 calories

Meal 4:

Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (no cheese or tortilla strips): 260 calories

Fruities (Mandarin orange): 35 calories

Total: 295 calories

Meal 5: 

Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich: 380 calories

Side Salad: (no dressing) 20 calories

Water: 0 calories
Total: 400 calories

Meal 6:

Hamburger: 250 calories

Kids Fries: 110 Calories

Small Diet Soda
Total: 360 calories

Meal 7:

Cheeseburger: 300 calories

Side Salad: 20 calories

Total: 320 calories

Meal 8:

Hamburger: 250 calories

Side Salad: 20 calories

Total 270 calories

Happy do it yourself Mcdonalds creating! Let me know how it goes!

Reputed Body Transformation Expert Joel Bushby Shares Valuable Information About TNT and Other Aspects of Fitness and Life

Joel Bushby introduces natural, safe and effective body transformation training techniques.

“The passion for helping others was triggered in me about five years ago and the success I got from my endeavors were spectacular,” says Joel Bushby about his early stints as a fitness coach. “I am happy to have played a role in many life-changing stories. My TNT process has helped in positively impacting people’s lives every day and naturally.”

In a recent interview, The Natural Transformer has shared his views, business goals and important steps needed to become a Pro Natural body builder. According to Joel Bushby, at one stage of his life, winning body building and fitness competitions were a priority and he competed and won several of them. However, now the priorities have changed. His goal is to help others achieve success in winning competitions, Pro Cards and even in other areas of their life.

Joel Bushby has some valuable advice for body builders. He urges them to be patient and consistent in their efforts. Having tried nearly every bodybuilding program available, he states from his experience that everyone has to discover a program that best suits their body type. It must also be congruent to the muscle groups they want to focus on.

At the same time, Joel also stresses on the relevance of nutrition in every aspect of fitness regardless of whether the focus is on muscle growth or weight loss. He says that meal timing is important for gaining muscle and so is protein intake.

Joel Bushby aims at impacting people’s life every day and has an impressive client list. His training processes and advice has helped many people achieve their fitness goals.

The reputed fitness and transformation expert is of the opinion that any transition from spring/summer months to winter season does not require any dramatic changes in exercise routines. Joel lives in Queensland, Australia which has a tropical and sunny weather all year round. This makes it easy for him to maintain the workout routine regardless of the change in season.

Joel Bushby also offers advice to competitors on how to earn their Pro Card. They have to first determine their reasons. According to Joel, a Pro Card is not just for increasing their business. The real intent of getting the Pro Card must be to push themselves to their limit and stretch their capabilities.

Joel says that he enjoys training others because it can touch and change the lives of others. To bring about life-changing transformation in others can give anyone a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

About Joel Bushby:

Joel Bushby is a highly respected name in the fitness training domain. With his innovative and dedicated approach, Joel has been impacting the lives of people consistently. The Natural Transformer (TNT) offers a 12-week transformation program that can transform people in the most effective way.

For more information, visit The Natural Transformer website

Joel Bushby's social media pages:

Video Link:

For more information on this press release visit:

Long Work Weeks? 7 Stress-Reducing Activities to Come Home To


After a busy and stressful work week, you’ve earned every second of your weekend free time. While it may be tempting to spend your time watching shows online, there are ways you can use your downtime to reduce stress rather than merely recover from it. The following seven activities will help you emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle whatever the next workweek brings your way.


Get Moving

Whether you spend your days in front of a computer screen or on your feet, ungluing yourself from the couch is probably the last thing on your mind. At the end of a long week, exercise can do wonders for your mind and body. Even if it’s just a walk or dancing in the kitchen with your family, a little purposeful movement during the weekend will reinvigorate and strengthen you for the week ahead.


Make Meals

While you’re in the kitchen dancing, be sure that you’re cooking some healthier meals and snacks. This will provide you with some delicious food to enjoy over the weekend and possibly during the week. Since nutrition plays a key role in wellness, you’ll also be building a better body for coping with the coming week. Moreover, many healthy staples such as garlic, oranges, and oatmeal have been shown to combat stressful feelings.


Grow Something

Since your Monday through Friday routine probably doesn’t include much time outdoors or in contact with green spaces, gardening can be a welcome addition to your weekend itinerary. During warmer months, vegetable gardening can provide you with ingredients for nutritious cuisine and lovely flowers to brighten your home. If its winter or you’d rather not maintain an outdoor garden, consider caring for some houseplants.


Cultivate Creativity

Plants aren’t the only item you can grow during your free time. Creative pursuits such as playing a musical instrument or engaging in a craft can help shift your focus from weekday stress to weekend serenity. These practices will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment and possibly homemade gifts for loved ones.


Soak Your Stress Away

After all your workweek and weekend activities, you might be feeling a bit achy and worn down by the cares of life. Sometimes, a quick dip in a pool or a warm soak in a tub can help you unwind enough to really enjoy your downtime. If you’re considering purchasing a hot tub, be sure to check out hot tub reviews, online forums, and the Better Business Bureau website before making such a large investment.

Bring the Spa Home

As you soak in your bath or hot tub, you can really pour on the pampering with a few basic spa treatments. Mixing sugar and coconut or almond oil will create a gentle, whole body exfoliation scrub to slough away any rough skin. Many lotions and creams also absorb more readily when you’re still warm from the bath.


Read to Refocus and Reinvent

While spending your weekend in Paris probably isn’t possible, reading an engaging travel book or website are. Children enlist their imaginations to transform the mundane into the magical every day. Reading can give you the inspiration and the mental muscle to reinvent yourself.

Even though work stress may feel overwhelming, it is possible to emerge from your weekend in fighting form. No matter which stress reducing activity you choose, the important thing is that you mindfully pursue it. Once you’re stress levels have plummeted, you’ll be able to enjoy life mo

CRAFT Beer Market taps open first location in Toronto on Dec. 6
Canadian restaurant houses Ontario’s largest
selection of craft brews

Toronto, ON – Opening its doors on Dec. 6, CRAFT Beer Market officially taps open its first Toronto location in the city’s Financial District (1 Adelaide St. E.). The new two-storey restaurant houses over 400 seats inside, as well as a 250-person beer garden outdoors opening in summer 2018. The Toronto location features Ontario’s largest selection of craft beers, ranging from local Toronto breweries to well-established classics, in addition to sustainably sourced dishes.

“Toronto is such an amazing city with great food, beer and culture, and we’re so excited to be a part of this community and the growth of the craft beer scene,” said PJ L’Heureux, president and founder of CRAFT Beer Market. “We’re passionate about supporting the local communities we’re a part of, whether it’s through neighborhood breweries or local farms. Toronto has been so welcoming, from our existing long-term relationships, to the amazing new friends we have met. We cannot wait to open the doors to the great people of Toronto.”

Upon entrance, guests are greeted by a glass-enclosed keg room, which holds more than 250 kegs. Stainless steel draft beer lines connect the keg room to the restaurant’s centrepiece – an oval-shaped bar lined with 160 taps ready to pour great beer – traditional lagers to obscure ales, ciders and wine.

In addition to its wide selection of beers, CRAFT is committed to preparing fresh food using locally-sourced ingredients. The menu offers an elevated and sophisticated take on traditional comfort foods, such as Shrimp Tacos, a signature dish grilled with Ocean Wise shrimp and served with fresh cabbage, pico de gallo and CRAFT’s signature house made hot sauce.

House favourites include CRAFT’s Grilled West Coast Salmon, sustainably raised salmon served with quinoa, almonds and green beans sautéed with chili garlic vinaigrette. The Dark Beer Braised Beef Brisket, locally sourced Ontario beef from Sanagan’s braised for 10 hours and marinated in CRAFT’s house made sauce and served with smashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

CRAFT Beer Market’s Shrimp Tacos
Photo Credit: CRAFT Beer Market

CRAFT Beer Market’s Grilled West Coast Salmon
Photo Credit: CRAFT Beer Market

Served only on Saturdays and Sundays, CRAFT’s brunch menu offers casual yet delectable fare sure to wake up taste buds. Whether guests are craving an extravagant meal like Breakfast Tacos filled with scrambled eggs and beer can chicken or a more Classic Breakfast with two farm fresh eggs and sides, CRAFT has options suited for everyone.

“At CRAFT, we take great pride in our menu – it’s as important as our beer selection and it is carefully hand crafted daily in house and reflective of our great local suppliers here in Ontario,” said L’Heureux. “Whether you’re joining us for brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks, we want guests to feel relaxed and enjoy their food as they would in their own home.”

CRAFT Beer Market Toronto opens to the public on Dec. 6 and is open daily for lunch, dinner, late nights and weekend brunch. For hours of operation or more information, please visit

Instagram: @CRAFTtoronto
Twitter: @CRAFTToronto
Facebook: /CRAFTToronto
Hashtag: #CRAFTBeerMarketTO

About CRAFT Beer Market
Calgary-based CRAFT Beer Market opened the doors to its first location in Calgary’s Beltline district in 2011. They followed up with locations in Vancouver and Edmonton in 2013 and Ottawa in May 2016. This year CRAFT opens up two more locations; a second Calgary location at Southcentre and downtown Toronto. Keep up to date on the opening of CRAFT Beer Market by visiting them online at where you can subscribe to the e-newsletter.

How to Live a Healthy Life Without Spending Too Much Money

Life seems to move along, and so does our health. When money is tight, it’s difficult to eat as healthy as you should. Yes, eating organic food is healthier but can become costly if you’re not careful. There are ways to get the high cost of food and gym memberships down. Here are some ideas to help.

Eating Affordable Organic Food

You can grow organic fruits and vegetables in your very own garden. If this is not feasible, purchase them from other farmers that grow organic foods. You will want to look for a farmer that grows their food organically but are not organic certified. They cost about 50 percent less than buying your fruits and vegetables elsewhere. Most grocery stores raise the price to pay for their employees and supplier.

Organic is not necessary with fruits and vegetables that have protective layers such as melons and bananas. Some places can verify that the supplier didn’t use heavy pesticides on the fruits and vegetables they’re selling. Take time to check! Eating healthy on a budget is possible when you look carefully at the meat and produce sales. If you find meat or product sales, buy them first, and you will save money.

Don’t Eat Out

Eating out cost extra, don’t get me wrong this statement doesn’t mean you should never go out to eat. It merely means in moderation. Cooking a meal at home that serves a family of six will cost around $4 a person to prepare, compared to eating out at a restaurant for approximately $15 a person. Naturally, the prices vary depending on what you feel like cooking or where you go out to eat. If you watch what you buy when getting groceries, you will lower your food cost while eating healthier.

Cost Effective Ways to Exercise

Set up a gym at home. Look for gym equipment that people are tired of being in their homes. You can do this by looking at yard sales, checking on Craig’s list, or at the gym. For those individuals who can afford to update their gym equipment, they sometimes will give their old stuff away. Others will sell them cheaper than you would get them new. In fact, some still look just as new depending on how often they were used, by the owner.

For aerobics, you could get an affordable exercise DVD or go for a fast pace walk, jog, or run. Nothing says more about exercise than climbing a mountainside. These exercise activities also will build endurance and strength as well. If a home gym isn’t for you, shop around for the cheapest gym membership. For that matter, you should see if your employer offers a gym membership discount.

Go to Social Events

Social events help you stay connected with others and have a healthy inner core. Some social events provide food, games, and other activities that will help you to stay healthy and keep the cost down. Keeping yourself healthy is not just about eating correctly, but also has to do with emotional and spiritual connections. Being out in a social atmosphere can also prevent you from becoming depressed, emotionally drained, or disconnected. You can find these types of events at churches, social dances, family gatherings, or just a simple get together with friends.

These ideas will help you efficiently stay healthy while keeping the family budget intact. When leading a healthier lifestyle, it can be rewarding to you and the people around you. Why wait until New Years to begin a more robust lifestyle change, when you can start today. It will become a reality when you are utilizing these helpful information methods.

4 Reasons A Great Meal Is About How You Eat – Not What You Eat


Everyone knows it’s important to eat the right foods to live a long and healthy life, but many of us fall short of that ideal.

We eat on the run, pulling into a drive-through and scarfing down a hamburger on the way to the next appointment. We grab a candy bar at the grocery checkout and munch it on the way to the car.

And somewhere along the line we realize that just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge food by its taste, says Jane Bernard, an educator and author of Lucid Living in the Virtual Age (

“We know that taste can be misleading, at least when it comes to what’s best for us,” she says. “People love donuts, but they don’t make a nutritious breakfast. Spinach isn’t popular with many people – especially children – but it’s beneficial to our health in many ways.”

But for Bernard, a great meal is less about what you eat than how you eat it. She advocates something she calls “intuitive eating” that’s aimed at improving every dining experience – and perhaps making for a healthier diet along the way.

“Intuitive eating is deceptively simple,” Bernard says. “Focus on one meal at a time to get the most pleasure and nutrition from your food. Notice what you see, smell and taste. Check in with your body to see if you’re really hungry – because sometimes we keep eating when it’s actually time to stop.”

Although you might find yourself shedding a few pounds, intuitive eating isn’t necessarily about losing weight, she says. It’s about getting more pleasure out of your meals – and getting more pleasure from the people you have meals with.

Bernard suggests a few exercises that can help turn you into an intuitive eater:

  • Smell food before putting it in your mouth. Nearly everyone has memories tied to the aroma of food. Perhaps it’s your mother baking cookies on Christmas Eve. Perhaps it’s hamburgers sizzling on a backyard grill. With most meals, people don’t take the time to savor the aroma, Bernard says.   Does it smell inviting? Greasy? Fresh? Bad? “If the food doesn’t smell right, it isn’t,” Bernard says. “Let your nose protect you and help guide choices.”
  • Taste food as you chew. You may think you already do this, but too often people don’t really take time to enjoy the taste, Bernard says. They wolf down their food so they can move on to whatever is next on their agenda. Tasting food helps your body relax and digest more efficiently, she says. Tasting and savoring what you eat also is good for overall health.
  • Be thankful for your meal. Giving thanks doesn’t have to be limited to Thanksgiving. “Think about what food is giving you: energy, strength, health, nourishment and pleasure,” Bernard says. “If you take a little time to meditate on that, your body will relax and you will get more nourishment from your food.”
  • Give your stomach time to inform your brain. It takes 15 minutes before your brain gets the message from your stomach that you’ve eaten. That’s no doubt one reason people over eat. They don’t give their body time to get the message that they are getting full before gulping down even more food. “Take time to have conversations when you eat and you will eat less – and enjoy the meal more,” Bernard says.

“Eating is a necessity of life,” Bernard says. “But there’s no need to rush things. Eat just enough to feel good and trust that hunger will return and another meal will be found.”

About Jane Bernard

Jane Bernard, author of Lucid Living in the Virtual Age ( and other books, is a philosopher and educator who writes and teaches about intuition and sensual thinking. She has appeared on TV and international radio, talking from the intuitive perspective. Jane introduced her first book, Fine Tuning, on The Montel Williams Show, in 2006.  Her easy-going combination of common sense and originality is a natural eye-opener.

I'm thrilled to announce the official opening of elxr Juice Lab's newest location in Yorkville (55 Avenue Road), as well as their newly-developed menu created by in-house certified nutritionist, Katie Rosenberg.

Elxr now serves of a variety of vegan, organic, gluten-free items including sprouted granola, parfaits, smoothies, hot drinks and a variety of add-ons, plus their coveted line of cold-pressed juices. Menu highlights below!

PB&J Parfait: the familiar flavour of PB&J in a fiber-rich, healthy format.
Ingredients: blueberry chia jam (wild blueberries, cold-pressed apple juice, chia seeds, lemon juice, maple syrup), peanut butter mousse (peanut butter, coconut milk, maple syrup, pure vanilla extract, Himalayan sea salt), house-made probiotic coconut yogurt.
Toasted S'mores Parfait: delicious roasted notes and satisfying chocolate.Ingredients: chocolate ganache (raw cacao, pure vanilla extract, maple syrup, coconut milk, Himalayan sea salt), house-made probiotic coconut yogurt, chia seeds.

Sprouted Granola: Super crunchy, sprouted, house-made granola with great maple flavour, but not too sweetIngredients: sprouted buckwheat, sprouted tri-seed blend (sunflower, pumpkin, chia), unsweetened coconut, maple syrup, extra virgin coconut oil, pure vanilla extract, Himalayan sea salt.Dehydrated at a low temperature to maintain the nutritional integrity of the fats in the nuts and seeds.

Collagen Beet Latte: Warm, balanced sweetness with hints of berries and chocolate.Ingredients: house cashew milk, cold-pressed beet, maple syrup, goji, raw cacao, schisandra, vanilla, Himalayan sea salt, TruMarine collagen.TruMarine Collagen: clinically show to aid in fine line and deep wrinkle reduction while maintaining skin elasticity, reduces joint pain and helps t strengthen hair and nails.Add to any smoothie or latte for an extra nutritional kick.