The Kelowna-based brand expands this September with their second Canadian location 

PINCO is thrilled to announce that Toronto will soon be able to experience their rejuvenating, full-body, 50-minute spin class beginning September 30, 2016. The lifestyle and fitness brands second Canadian studio will be located in the Forest Hill neighborhood of Toronto at 2577 Yonge Street, just south of Eglinton Road.

SPINCO’s rhythm-based workout is a high-energy and structured experience designed for both men and women of all fitness levels. Lead by enthusiastic and inspiring instructors, each SPINCO class is set to a carefully curated musical playlist to motivate and energize the room. “The idea is that everyone works as a team moving together to the music to engage the leg, core and arm muscles and to re-energize the mind,” says Founder and CEO of SPINCO, Michelle August.

The SPINCO lifestyle is founded on positive values, evident in the brand’s commitment to giving back to the community by partnering with local charities and showcasing neighboring businesses. For the Toronto-launch, SPINCO has partnered with Peace Collective (PC) to design a stylish collection of workout wear to be sold at the new studio. A portion of proceeds from all PC x SPINCO clothing sales will be donated to a ‘Boys and Girls Club’ in communities across Canada, giving children access to weekly recreational sports and activities.

“Fitness is a necessity to everyday life at any age,” says August, “and the SPINCO lifestyle is deeply-rooted in the notion that physical activity feeds the mind and replenishes the soul. We think of this as the SPINCO mindset, and when this mindset is intertwined with the community, we all become agents of social change and a force for good.” SPINCO will host their by-donation, ‘spin-it-forward’ class nation-wide every Monday evening for non-members and members alike, with 100% of proceeds being donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

To help re-energize the body in between classes, SPINCO will offer a variety of healthy snacks thoughtfully curated by the culinary team at Chase Hospitality Group. SPINCO has also partnered with Lululemon for a series of events and collaborations scheduled to take place over the next year.

Once opened, SPINCO will offer four to six spin classes daily within their spacious 50-person studio furnished with top of the line stationary bicycles and equipment.  A variety of class pack options ranging from $25 to $850 will be available for purchase, and every first class is complimentary. Class sign-up can be facilitated online or through SPINCO’s user-friendly mobile app.


SPINCO is a one-of-a-kind fitness and lifestyle brand that launched in Kelowna, BC in 2014 offering structured, full-body, 50-minute spin classes designed to energize your mind and feed your soul. Lead by dedicated and inspiring instructors, the goal of the class is to work together as one team, one bike, by moving in unison to the music to engage your butt, core and arms. SPINCO’s workouts are made to inspire. Wherever you are starting from, we will motivate you to achieve higher levels of your own personal well-being and physical strength. The SPINCO mindset is founded on community, and SPINCO is committed to partnering with local charities and showcasing neighboring businesses.

SPINCO is a lifestyle. SPINCO is an experience. SPINCO is a state of mind.

Social handle: @SPINCOToronto

Website: SPINCO.ca



Tori Piccin | PR Account Manager | tori@deckagency.com

Hey Guys!

I want to make my blog a little bit more intimate. As some of you who have been following me for a while know that as of this year I started competing in Figure Competitions within the Ontario Physique Association OPA.

I was previously with Bombshell Fitness. Where my coach had me training and competing for bikini category. Although I love bikini. My body seemed more suitable for NPC bikini than bikini here in the OPA. I decided to switch to local coaching and saught out the best of the best. Sean Tierney of Team Trex.  We both concluded that I would be more suited for figure than I was bikini. I also began coaching with Team Trex. So if anyone reading this is thinking of doing a competition feel free to contact me about it. I will give you all the information for you to get started with me as your coach!

Anyway back to the point. The intense training/prep was much different than what I had been doing commenced. For my first show my coach and I decided to go the natural stream. I did a regional show. This show as held in Barrie. I placed second in my category and qualified for provincials to be held two weeks following in London. Where I placed 5th which qualified me for natural provincials.

Alicia Bell - Figure Competitor Alicia Bell - Figure Competitor Alicia Bell - Figure Competitor Alicia Bell - Figure Competitor Alicia Bell - Figure Competitor Alicia Bell - Figure Competitor Alicia Bell - Figure Competitor

Im still learning the sport, the judging and the reasoning behind placings. And I know I have a lot of growth and development to do physically to get to where I want to go in the sport. With that being said the training, dieting along with living my life with regular work etc was not easy. It was hard. I struggled with the diet the most. Not the training. When I don't have carbs I feel deprived for some reason when in fact the opposite is suppose to happen because your body produces keytones. This time around I plan on being even more detailed with my diet and hydration. Drinking 4L of water a day isn't easy either.

Im currently sitting 10 weeks out from the OPA Gala. This is an Open show. Not a natural one. I am really excited about this show and I can't wait to bring an enhanced package. An unforgettable one I hope. I have some weight to lose. I know it sounds crazy but stage ready is a whole different level of fitness than fit for life. Or even fit for a photo shoot. This lifestyle of competing is not for every one.

Im going to try and update you all as much as I can with my schedule on how everything is going. There are ups and downs but thats what makes sport magically! Competitors lifestyles are tough but I know I can achieve much more in this sport if I really put my mind to it! And if I inspire some of you along the way to compete, go to the gym or even just become more active will be reward enough for me!