5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight

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Here are 5 tips to help you lose weight and it’s easier than you think.

1. Don’t be afraid to lift weights.  Total body strength training is one of the best ways to get improve your metabolism. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat. Try strength train between 2-3 times a week and it will help you tone up and lose weight faster.

2.  Do cardio. If you’re doing cardio make sure you are doing intervals on any of the machines between 15-30 seconds long are the best. Try going at a good pace for 15-30s then increasing the resistance and intensity for 15-30 seconds. Do tis for 40-60 minutes.

3. Get into a proper sleeping pattern. Get to bed at the same time most evenings. The best sleep you can give your body to recover is between 10 to 12pm. So try and time your sleep between those hours. The ideal amount of sleep is between 5 hours to 8 hours.

4. Eat 3 to 5 times a day with healthy snacks in between! Make sure to have a protein and a dark green with every meal. If this snack is a shake, be sure to add more than just water to your protein, and try to make a delicious smoothy with your favourite fruit.

5. Identify the mental and emotional stressors in your life. Try to write out everything in your life that is a stressor and decide to a) get rid of it, b) change the stressor or the situation or c) accept the stress and move on. Stress also causes your brain to release cortisol (a hormone that causes fat storage).

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According to The American Council on Exercise the order that you do things in the gym is just as important as getting up and going to the gym. They recently did some research, and figured out what structure that your workout shoud follow. The order is important so that you can get the most out of your workout while you are at the gym.

The Study took 24 men and women between 18 and 39 years. They had them take part in 24 exercise sessions that included every possible workout order. The sessions combined cardio training, resistance exercise, neuromotor (agility, speed, and balance) exercises, and also had them performa  flexibility component.

The results showed that cardio should be performed first (interestingly it's the opposite from what I do myself). They then say this should be followed by resistance training and then flexibility and neuromotor exercises in either order. It was found that when participants of the study performed cardio in the beginning that their average heart rate increased less than when it was performed last. Why is that good? The author's Lance Dalleck, Ph.D., says that is a good thing because too-vigorous exercise can lead to injury and increased risk of cardiac issues. And, doing resistance training second maximizes its effectiveness without making it feel too hard (score!). I myself do a light cardio warmup but I do my longer intervals or steady state cardio first. It was unspecified how long the cardio actually was from what I can find to date. Maybe it was just a short warmup.

It should also be noted that researchers did note that these results are not set in stone. “The order determined by this research stems from purely physiological findings, and it’s essential to know, for example, how sequencing affects cardiorespiratory performance and can account for that effect in the workout design,” says Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., ACE’s Chief Science Officer. And, Dr. Dalleck added, not every workout needs to include all four aspects. He goes on to say that, you should take your own personal preferences into account before changing your personal routine.

Therefore  in my opinion if you want to maximize your workout, according to this research cardio should come first. However don't feel like you need to change your routine if it is already working for you just fine. Continue to #trainitright


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In every gym when you walk in no doubt you will see men standing in front of the mirrors pumping out set after set of bicep curls focussing primarily on the Biceps brachii (the visible bicep muscle). While this is an obvious and relatively effective way to train the elbow flexor, it leaves out many other undertrained muscles involved in elbow flexion. To give a quick boost to your arm training in the quest for bulging biceps try some of the following:

Reverse Grip - EZ bar curls:

Grab the EZ bar with an overhand grip and the palms on a grip where they will ever so slightly begin to face each other. Now starting with the arms straight curl the bar up and only at the top will your elbows slightly move forward. What this does is work the brachioradialis (a muscle running directly underneath the biceps) and forearm muscles intensely while reducing the work the biceps brachii contributes to the lift. When this muscle grows it pushes the biceps up which gives the appearance of larger arms!

Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls:

Hammer curls are performed by holding the dumbbells with the palms facing one another as if about to use a hammer. This allows the brachialis and brachioradialis to be further targeted as the biceps function of supination will be removed. Performing these seated will allow you to focus directly on the task at hand, flexing the elbows without swaying the upper body to gain momentum. As well this way the nervous system isn't preoccupied with maintaining standing balance and instead is fully devoted to the hammer curl!

Thick grip implements:

The reason that thick grip implements work so well for making the arms bigger in a hurry is that they increase the neural recruitment of the motor units in the forearm while reducing the strain on the wrist. When this occurs the forearms will gain strength and size which will lead to a radiating effect up to the biceps leading to greater weights being able to be lifted and then more micro trauma to the muscles causing hypertrophy. In the event the facility you train at doesn't have any thick implements, you can bypass this issue by purchasing a pair of Fat Gripz which are attachable to most barbells, dumbbells and handles at www.fatgripz.ca, or at many supplement stores.

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Reebok introduces new Sidney Crosby
SC87 Collection 

NHL Superstar’s new Reebok apparel and footwear designed
to deliver 
functional, adaptable performance


Toronto, ON – Today leading fitness brand, Reebok, unveiled its new Reebok SC87training collection of footwear and apparel to the Canadian market. Endorsed by three-time NHL all-star Sidney Crosby, the high-performance assortment is now available at Sport Chek, Sports Experts and Reebok retail locations across the country, as well as at www.reebok.ca.

The Reebok SC87 apparel line, Sidney Crosby’s signature collection of Reebok ONE Series apparel, incorporates Reebok’s latest and most innovative fitness apparel technologies. Reebok PlayDry is a moisture management system designed to wick away moisture from the body, keeping the wearer dry while working out.  Flat locked stitching and engineered arm openings also provide ease of movement during any workout.

At Reebok we believe in making fitness products that live up to the expectations of professionals like Sidney Crosby and everyday athletes alike,” said Michael Rossi, VP Reebok Canada. “Crosby wears his gear everyday as he prepares for his season, which is a testament to its quality. We are very proud to have an outstanding Canadian sports icon as part of the Reebok family, and his signature collection, Reebok SC87representsour brand so well.

Key apparel items in the collection include the Reebok SC87 Delta Bonded Fleece FZ Hoody ($79.99), the Reebok SC87 Jacquard Short Sleeve Shirt ($44.99) with engineered armhole construction and Flatlock stitching, as well as the Reebok SC87 10” Knit Short ($39.99) with low pressure waistband with internal drawcord.

Reebok SC87 apparel


The Reebok SC87 line features two new footwear offerings in the Reebok SC87 ONE Trainer 1.0 ($109.99) and the Reebok SC87 ZigTech 3.0 ($119.99).

A lightweight trainer that delivers the essentials, Reebok SC87 ONE Trainer 1.0footwear comes equipped with a breathable upper, durable heel strike and a soft, cushioning sockliner that can accommodate orthotics. Its low-cut design means added mobility needed for the exercises Crosby performs in the gym to get stronger on the ice.

Reebok SC87 ONE Trainer 1.0

At 9.4 oz. (270 gr) Reebok SC87 ZigTech 3.0 footwear is the lightest, most responsive ZigTech shoe to date. It features a de-coupled heel for an impact-reducing natural shearing during heel strike and its Infinity Impact System midsole keeps Zig units located only where your foot strikes the ground. A strong and lightweight spring plate supports the foot from impact thru the gait cycle and an Active Lacing FitSleeve secures the foot directly over the midsole.

Reebok SC87 ZigTech 3.0

Revealed during this past weekend’s Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer tournamentbenefiting The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, the Reebok SC87 collection was launched alongside Sidney Crosby’s new Reebok TV commercial, which will air this fall. As part of the fundraising event, Reebok donated $35,000 to Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer tournament to help fund research for a cause close to so many Canadians.

Reebok's new commercial featuring Sidney Crosby for the SC87 Collection is available to watch at http://youtu.be/k6qYBkRL_Z8.

The Reebok SC87 Collection is available at Sport Chek, Sports Experts and Reebok retail locations across the country, as well as at www.reebok.ca.

Reebok is dedicated to empowering people to be fit for life. Reebok wants to inspire people to get moving and is passionate about helping people lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Website: Reebok.ca
Hashtag: #ReebokSC87
Twitter: @ReebokCanada
Facebook: Reebok
YouTube: Reebok

This video is hilarious. To all you Lebron James out there. Don't over do it!


What do you think of the reebok DMX shoe? I like the colors. I would have to try it though.

reebok dmx

BA's Derrick Favors Metabolic Complex: Training Days - Part 6 - The NOC

Huge congrats to a long time personal friend of mine Lita Lewis. Who recently won her class in her very first figure competition and took the overall win. Who is Lita you may ask. The follow is an interview I did with her prior to her competition when she was still considering competing in bikini before deciding on figure.

Q: Full Name/Nick Names (why)? Lita Lewis, also called Xena but not because I am a princess but  because I am a warrior ; lol

Q: What is your favorite sport and why? To pick just one is difficult but if you had a knife to my throat I’d say Track & Field. Primarily because it was the first sport my parents introduced me to as a kid. I immediately grew a love for it that not only meant 12 years of competitive pursuit but a love, appreciation and respect that I still have for the sport & the athletes today.

Q: Who inspired you to be fit? Earlier, my parents. My parents told me that as a toddler I had way too much energy they could handle so mum signed me up to the local Little Athletics team so I could burn all my energy running around a track. Because my involvement in sports became a passion it then essentially became a goal to maintain ultimate fitness and health so I was able to perform at my best and be fit. In more recent years, Alicia Marie, an IFBB Pro, Fitness Model,  Multi-media personality, Health & Fitness Guru, Publisher Author. About 3 years ago I saw her picture in a magazine publication and said to myself, yup, I want to look like her! Ha!

Q: Do you have a trainer? If so who? I don’t have a trainer but I am working with a specialist. He is a strength & conditioning coach, he specializes in literally everything I can think and under his guidance he has helped me shake things up. Since following his programs I’ve seen amazing results, increased my strength, endurance, flexibility and muscle definition. More recently I have joined Team Blade, a professional training & nutrition team that caters primarily to athletes currently in and pursuing various categories in the sport of Body Building. I look forward to starting specific training and a diet in preparation for my first Bikini competition.

Q: Can you tell me about your diet? Do you have cheat days? If so what do you like to have? My diet is relatively clean, by that I mean I’m eating 85% healthy, which consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats like fish, salmon, and chicken (red meat maybe once every 8 weeks). I typically start the day with a big breakfast; oatmeal, blueberries, cottage cheese, almonds, white eggs. Eat grilled chicken or salmon during lunch and again for dinner in a smaller portion. In between meals I snack consistently throughout the day on unsalted almonds, a berry mix of fruits, trail mix. I drink a green juice every day, and drink plenty of water. I also add in a protein shake in the late afternoon. Cheat days?! No such thing, I have a cheat meal 2-3 times a week – which for me is usually dark chocolate covered mints & truffle friend fries.

Q: What does your typical workout include? Does it vary each day? How many days a week? My workouts vary each day, I currently work out at least 5 days a week alternating each day with a lower or upper body attack. Some weeks I’ll target 2 or 3 specific muscles and exhaust only those muscles solely during the one workout. Each workout starts with a core warm up, followed by 3-4 sets that make up 3-5 different movements that I will perform without rest. I conclude with 300 reps of any core exercises, stretch, take in some protein and pray I can make it down the stairs to the locker room without tripping from exhaustion, lol.

Q: Top 3 exercises you like to do in the gym? Outdoors? Gym; Weighted Hip Thrusts, Kettle Bell deep seated squats and Bicep Drop sets. Outdoors; Hill/Bleacher Sprints, Pull Up-to-Burpee-to-Push-Up combo and Running/Workouts on the beach.

Q: Any upcoming projects? I’d say so! Currently in training for my first Bikini competition. I’m amped about it!

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future with your health and fitness? The ultimate goal is to become a nationally recognized health & fitness icon. This goal sits on the very top of the golden list, however stepping stones towards achieving such status will involve many things, some being; becoming a true competitor in the sport of bodybuilding, fitness modeling, providing training & consulting services, motivational speaking, creating fitness DVDs, writing books and developing programs for our youth to encourage and promote healthy lifestyles. The latter being one I am very passionate about.

Q: Words of wisdom to others or favorite quote.... One of my favorite quotes is a Japanese proverb – “Fall seven times, and stand up eight.” This speaks to having resilience and adopting a true warrior attitude. Many greats have fallen or failed at some point along the journey to success but it is the will to pick yourself up and continue on that separates good from great. I say, be consistent in your actions & your thoughts while in pursuit of your goals. Success is at the end, you will only meet defeat if you stop.


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