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Check out the Train It Right's September 30 Day Full Body Challenge! Print off your calendar and get to work each day!  Don't forget to hashtag #trainitright in any of your posts! Enjoy training it right!

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I absolutely love what uber is doing #uberhungerto check out below what they are doing to help hunger in Toronto.

At Uber, we want to do our bit to help - and help in a way that only Uber can. That's why we've partnered with local restaurant The Goods, along with food rescue organization Second Harvest, to bring meals to those in need on what we're calling #UberHUNGERTO day.

Here's how we kicked it off:

Pay it forward by popping open your Uber app between 11am-2pm today on Friday, September 25th, to order a meal through UberEATS. We'll match your order and will ensure someone in need receives lunch.

This is not a one day thing. Uber is committed to aid hunger relief by donating any extra UberEATS meals to local food banks daily.


Alicia Bell in Muscle Memory Mag

Have you seen me in the latest issue of muscle memory magazine. There is a full three page feature and interview. You can also view it online at What an honour to have such a great feature and thank you Ayze photos for the great images.




AliciaBell - telus - samsung

Who is Alicia Bell? She is a Toronto based Social Media Influencer, Kinesiologist, Strength Coach and Track and Field Coach who has devoted her life to helping people reach their goals in fitness and sport. She is a nationally recognized track and field coach who coached team Canada at the Maccabi games in Israel in July of 2013. She lead the team to 13 medals.  Alicia has over 10 years of practical and educational experience and is a published Fitness model for Zenzation with her pictures gracing their equipment and she leads their product DVD instruction.

Alicia has experience working with many types of clientele. She has worked as a Kinesiologist and an Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist. She is also experienced at weight loss, strength training, toning and athletic conditioning. She has worked with clients such as Dwight Howard (NBA), Rashad McCants (Former NBA), Geoff Harris (Olympic 800m runner), Lil Jon (Rapper/Dj), Karla Moy aka HustleGrl, Hill Harper (actor, author) and even the mother of the Toronto rapper Drake.

Alicia Bell and Telus Present - Living Better With Samsung S6

I have such a busy schedule! Not only am I a personal trainer in busy downtown Toronto, Canada,  but I also work for a water company (GP8 Sportwater) and I am also an athlete who trains to compete in the Ontario Physique Association (OPA) bikini category.

My life is filled with fitness, nutrition, travelling and social interactions. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of not only my own goals and activities but also my clients and other business adventures. I have to keep a very tight schedule, so for me timing is everything.

Since getting the new Samsung S6 from Telus  I have been living better! I love to take pictures and video of my clients training, my own workouts, the food I eat and the day to day activities and events that I attend. I have found that the Samsung S6 really captures these moments. Its dynamic, ultra-responsive camera captures the true-to-life brilliance of any moment throughout my day. It also has a quick launch camera so that I can pull out my phone and quickly (under a second) launch the camera to take an in the moment photo.


Another convenient feature for me is the quick unlock finger print option. Instead of keying in a password (which you can also do) you can use your very own finger print to quickly unlock your phone. It was very easy to set up and when I need to open my phone fast to read a message it only takes a quick second  to unlock from being secure.

Another one of my favourite features is that it has a super charger. What does this mean? It means that because I am always on the go I can plug the S6 in for just 10 minutes and get up to 4 hours of battery life!!!! When you take as much photos as I do and you are constantly travelling from one place to another and listening to music this is crucial. I don't have the time to leave my phone plugged in for hours at a time.

The apps that I have found useful on the Samsung for my busy and active lifestyle are:


S- Health: This app you can personalize and sync your health data with your Samsung account. You can choose your personal units of measurements and receive notifications of events in the status bar. Within the app you can download extra things. I use the Workout Trainer (if I need a quick workout for myself), Recipes & Nutrition(for finding healthy recipes) and the Hydro Coach (for recording my water intake). There are so many useful apps to help with staying on track and these three are just a few. You can completely personalize the S Health and the apps that you use within it for whatever your goals are.




The phone can also counts your daily step count and allows you to adjust your goals for the count. I have it at 10, 000 steps per day. The only downfall is that if you don't have the watch to go with the phone you have to have the phone in your hand or in your pocket for it to keep track.

The sleep tracker is also key. As an athlete and trainer I cannot express how important sleep can be. If you don't get enough sleep your body will be high in cortisol. A stress released hormone that can trigger your body to store fat. Keeping track of your sleep will help you with your fitness goals.

Another awesome feature with the phone is that it actually has a heart rate sensor that allows you to instantly measure your heart rate and record it. This is great when training because it allows you to check if you are working in the right zone for your goals when you are doing an intense training or cardio session.

I also use the food recording within the S Health application. This can let you see what you are eating and how many calories are in it. Its great to achieve your goals. Whats also really cool is that if you haven't recorded anything for the day it will ask you if you feel like tracking your food? It will also remind you. Which is great if you are as busy as I am and often forget.

Check out the phone for yourself in this video from Samsung:


Two ways to enter:
1) Tweeting a contest-specific entry:
If I win a Samsung Galaxy S6 from @trainitright & @TELUS, I'll USE IT TO HELP ME REACH MY GOAL OF_____ #TELUSS6
2) Either sharing or commenting on my Facebook post for this contest on the Facebook page.
  • The contest is Canadian only, no Quebec entries, 18+
  • A random winner will be selected
Check out my fellow bloggers perspectives on how they use their Samsung phones as well. The phone is so versatile for whatever your life may bring.  You can completely personalize the Samsung S6 and for me that is what makes it such a great phone.
Joel Blog.

Caseys Blog.






Lets Talk Libido

Alicia Bell - Train It Right

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, young or old you can have problems with your sex drive. This can seriously affect your personal relationships and/or marriage with your spouse. It has lead to separation or divorce in many cases.  In men a reduced sex drive is often linked to erectile dysfunction.

Some Ways to Boost your sex drive include:

Libido Enhancers
Technology and medicine have advanced so that you can pop a little blue pill and get the desires that you were seeking in many circumstances. This pill does not solve the problem it is only a quick fix. Basically like just patching a tire instead of changing it. However, this does not always work.  When some people take these medicines they have minimal to know effects.

Some people prefer natural libido enhancers. There are products out there from a lot of different companies that have pills that advertise themselves as being “natural.”  Oftentimes these products can be packed with random substances that aren’t scientifically proven. This is where the consumer should be careful.

There are some that are packed with herbs and other natural ingredients  that can increase your sex drive with all natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven.

Dietary Changes

Also some studies have shown that by taking supplements that include tribulus terrestris, tongat ali, acai berry, chaste berry,  ginseng and ginkgo biloba, muira pauma have been shown to be effective.  Also Zinc has been proven important in testosterone production. It is found in a lot of meets.

Also taking protein supplements. If one increases their protein intake It helps give you better recovery, more power and stamina and can also aid in naturally boosting testosterone production. Again I recommend Rivals products because I know they have been scientifically tested and proven.

A low carbohydrate diet and low sugar diet. This is because carbs and sugar affect your body’s insulin level in the blood and that directly affects testosterone. The result of this is a decreased libido.

Make sure that you are eating Essential Fats such as Omega 3s. Again they help naturally boost the body’s testosterone level, and blood flow.  Examples are fish oils, olive oils, nuts and flaxseed.

Lifestyle Changes
In today’s society more and more people are becoming sedentary and not physically active. This is why in today’s world more and more people are overweight or obese. Obesity has been linked to you guessed it, A low sex drive as well as, poor blood circulation which again effects your libido. This can also lead to erectile dysfunction. So get off the couch and stop being a couch potato and get active. Start out small and gradually increase your activity levels. It is important not to do to much too fast. Grab a friend to keep you motivated and as you shed the pounds watch your libido come back!

Smoking and alcohol can also result in a poor sex drive. Smoking can cause breathing problems, is linked to cancer and can affect your circulation which in turn can affect your sex drive. Also Alcohol can cause a reduced sex drive due to mood swings, depression and again blood flow. So stay away from these two addictive substances if you are having problems with a low sex drive.

Try and stay happy and stress free. Increases stress causes a substance in your body called cortisol to increase and again that will affect your natural testosterone levels. Try and stay calm and relax. Try meditation, pilates, yoga or tai chi to reduce your stress levels.

Overall my advice is don’t abuse your body, stay active, stress free and try and stay away from things that are toxic for your system. This will keep your sex drive active, healthy and hopefully active for many years to come.

Alicia Bell

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Helping You Train It Right - New Online Programs Available

Introducing a new platform for online personal training from Train It Right. You can get online programs that are specific for you via an online app called trainerize. Alicia customizes everything to suit your needs and you get to track your progress. You will have access to video and your program anywhere via the app. To Find out more visit:

Happy New Year! Keep it right and Train It Right!

Train It Right's very own Alicia Bell had the opportunity to model for Precision Nutrition. The nutrition certification that Alicia has and uses in her nutrition consultations with her clients. It is the best certification for coaches and the best program for client's looking to take their nutrition to the next level. Check out a screen shot of the page!

Alicia Bell - Precision Nutritionist

This is a quick message those of you who have purchased or have inquired about the Groupon.

The group on includes 2x per week

Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm

Saturday - 12pm - 1pm

Sessions will be taught either by Alicia Bell or Alysha Emerson

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Did You See Train It Right in Impact Magazine's March/April Issue?

Alicia was asked to write an article about 5k and 10k training that included core speed.  Did you pick up a copy?
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