Try This Push Up Burpee Heisman Circuit - Train It Right

  • Warm Up for 5 minutes (easy jog, brisk walk or on any machine of choice)
  • Push hard for 30 seconds of the circuit
  • Recover for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 8x
  • Cool down 5 minutes
  • Stretch 5 minutes. Hold each stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds

Alicia Bell

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Got An Exercise Ball? Try This Workout

Working out is challenging. Sometimes getting to the gym can be challenging, and if we workout on our own we don’t get that extra push that a personal trainer or an exercise class would give us. Do you have an old dusty exercise ball that you have had sitting around for months but havent touched? If you have an exercise ball at home here is a free DVD that you can follow. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced options for all of the exercises.  This video was shot with Zenzation/Pur Athletics some time ago. It was a learning experience. Go check it out! #trainitright

alicia with ball -  dry brush fliter DSC_0044(2)

3 Quick Ab Exercises To Get A Summer Stomach

Abdominal exercises are an important part of a well rounded fitness program. Abdominal exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together. When they are strong you have better balance and stability. Having well developed abdominal muscles not only gives you a sexy summer stomach but they can help heal most types of back pain.

Here is a great summer abdominal workout that you can do anywhere. This ab workout is designed to strengthen and tone your mid section. For this particular workout you do not need any fitness equipment at all! Make sure to perform all of the exercises slow and controlled so that you activate the abdominals properly.

The workout should be done three times per week, with at least one day off between workouts. Monday – Wednesday – Friday would be ideal. Try to do as many rounds as you can. Or Try and add these in where ever you can! Feel the burn! #trainitright

Got 5 Minutes? Want better better legs and a better butt? Try This


Need a new leg and butt routine? Try this short and highly effective workout for your legs and butt. Perform this workout routine one to two times a week week in addition to cardio intervals. Do two to four total rounds and it will have your legs, hamstrings and butt toned. These exercises will give leave your legs looking sculpted and strong for the summer. If you need more of a challenge simply hold a weighted medicine ball or wear ankle weights during the exercises.

Got 5 Minutes? Want better better legs and a better butt? Try This:



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    When paired up with Polar H7 heart rate sensor, measures your every heartbeat and lets you know if you’re mostly burning fat or improving your fitness. Gives the most accurate calorie burn in heart rate based training.



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PolarA300 - trainitright



    Charges conveniently with a simple plug and play USB.

In 15 Minutes Riff Raff Will Show You How To Get Pythons - Train It Right

This is a highly entertaining 15 minutes of "fitness" video that you will ever watch. Good for him for trying to live a healthy lifestyle vs his hardcore partying ways. He's trying to "gain weight and feel great!"

What do you think? His diet is insane. He can definitely eat LOL! He definitely loves his sauces! Check out his starbucks order. Could you drink that?

The U.K.’s ‘This Girl Can’ PSA shows how real women look when they exercise—and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The U.K.’s ‘This Girl Can’ PSA - Must Watch - Train It Right

I love the message that this video sends! No matter your age, shape or size you can #trainitright Don't be ashamed. Be proud that you are being active and healthy! What are your thoughts?


The Tile - Never Lose Anything Again

This is such a great product. When you attach Tile to an item (like your keys), you're really tethering them both to your phone. So when your stuff gets lost, it has a buddy that knows what to do. You just turn on the app and it tells you how far away from the item you are and it tells you when you get closer to the item.

As an independent trainer I am always on the go. I travel to different locations, carry lots of bags and drive a big SUV. This product would be perfect for my busy, chaotic, cluttery lifestyle. Because of that, I am sold. I definitely want to order one. I can't wait because I am for ever losing my keys/cellphone etc. I am going to start with one and if I love it I will definitely Order more. If the tile app people are reading this heyyyyyy I would love to work with you! *wink*wink*

To Order your's Click the link below:

The Homeless Frenchman Who Never Misses A Workout - Train It Right

A friend recently sent me this article about a homeless Frenchman Jacques Sayagh. According to the article he has found a novel way to make sure he never misses a workout. The article posted on:

Rather than travel long distances to a gym at ungodly hours, the 50-year-old bodybuilder works out right next to his "home" – on the streets of Paris.

"I don't want to live in a small apartment," he says in the video above, which has gone viral since it was uploaded to YouTube last week. "People do not understand why I sleep on the floor, but I never feel cold."

Homeless Bodybuilder

Shots of his stretch of street show that he lives with his dog, various bits of workout apparatus, and tubs of creatine powder.

"Bodybuilders are futurists, they dare everything," explains Sayagh, who competes in bodybuilding contests despite a diseased liver from his days of alcohol abuse. "It's a world that I like."

Sayagh says that a simple motivation propels him to work out, even when Paris's streets are at their very coldest. "I have grandchildren. I don't want them to think that their grandfather is an asshole. I want them to be proud of me, that's all I want."

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The today show launched a new fitness program called Radius.  The Radius trainers are made up of a team that includes a multitude of trainers. Some I have come across before on the internet. Some I have never heard of. That doesn't mean that they aren't excellent trainers by any means. Obviously they know their stuff to be part of such a huge project. According to the trainers that were on the show this is an on-demand fitness service that offers you workout videos in a variety of styles, intensities and durations. This will allow you to create your own customized training program. According to Radius it is "Personalized fitness, anytime, anywhere, any screen."

The Radius routines are designed to accessible anywhere, meaning they are viewable on any screen (such as your smartphone, computer, tablet and TV). Even more of a bonus is that they require little to no equipment. This makes it easy if you have a busy life, small space or travel a lot. Most routines don’t require anything beyond a mat, towel and water bottle.

NBCUniversal owns the venture in partnership with Under Armour, and with a monthly rate of $9.99 American. The most interesting part of this venture partnership is that the Radius programs  will air on NBCSN, weekdays between 6 - 9 AM, and is also set to launch through Xfinity On Demand soon. How cool is that? It's been so long since there has been real workout programs on TV. Im not sure if this will be available in Canada right away but I sure hope so. This is totally something as a trainer that I would love to be a part of. Maybe a Canadian version? Just dreaming haha

Check out more about Radius on their website: or follow them on twitter: