The world's leading researcher of ovulatory cycles offers insight into the intelligence of hormones. HORMONAL (on-sale 2/13)

“The perfect Valentine’s Day read for…any woman who’s ever been pissed off by a guy calling her ‘hormonal.’” -- Bookpage

“Essentially, HORMONAL covers everything anyone could ever want to know about the hormonal cycles of women, from birth through puberty and the childbearing years and into menopause. ‘Every girl and woman benefits from understanding the scope of hormonal cycles, the hows, whens, and whys,’ writes the author. ‘We should become familiar with the potential nudges that affect our behavior. And we should know that choosing to act on those behaviors is an individual choice, dependent upon our own preferences and goals. Being naïve to our hormonal natures will not help us. Being hormonally intelligent, on the other hand, will.’ Haselton provides a useful tool for women in that quest to become better informed about a significant aspect of their lives.” -- Kirkus

Martie Haselton, PhD, is the world's leading researcher on how ovulatory cycles influence women's sexuality. She is a professor of Psychology at UCLA and the Institute for Society and Genetics and directs UCLA’s Evolutionary Psychology Lab. In her forthcoming book, HORMONAL: The Hidden Intelligence of Hormones -- How They Drive Desire, Shape Relationships, Influence Our Choices, and Make Us Wiser (Little Brown and Company/February 13, 2018/$28.00 hardcover) Dr. Haselton explains the hidden intelligence of the hormonal cycle and its role in empowering women to succeed sexually, reproductively, and socially.


Hormones don't make women irrational; they do help women choose mates, compete with female rivals, produce healthy offspring, and conquer other biological challenges. With fresh insight, Martie Haselton explains that behind the "fickle" differences in what women find sexy about men, or what they like to wear, there's a hidden adaptive intelligence that has evolved over eons. The research is provocative but extremely compelling, and it comes with fascinating practical takeaways on how women can use their hormonal cycles to their advantage, helping them achieve success in their relationships, careers, and lives. Groundbreaking and counterintuitive, HORMONAL will empower women everywhere to embrace their biology.


Martie Haselton, PhD is the world’s leading researcher on sexuality and the ovulation cycle. In HORMONAL: The Hidden Intelligence of Hormones — How They Drive Desire, Shape Relationships, Influence Our Choices, and Make Us Wiser (Little Brown and Company/February 13, 2018/$28.00 hardcover) Haselton takes a deep, revealing look at the biological processes that so profoundly influence our behavior, and sets forth a radical new view of women’s bodies, minds, and sexual relationships that embraces hormonal cycles as adaptive solutions to the genuine biological challenges that women have faced throughout history.


At the core of Haselton’s new Darwinian Feminism is her remarkable discovery that humans, like our animal cousins, possess a special phase of sexuality, called estrus, which comes with a host of physiological and behavioral changes. Combining the scientific rigor of a leading researcher with the wit and candor of a best friend, Haselton explains how hormonal intelligence works — both its strengths and its weaknesses — and how women can track and understand their desires, fears, perceptions, and fantasies across the 28-day cycle and over the course of their lives.


Rigorously researched, entertaining, and empowering, HORMONAL offers women deep new insights into their bodies, brains, relationships, and affairs, allowing them to make better-informed choices about sex, marriage, friendship, contraception, and more. Above all, HORMONAL is a clarion call to appreciate and embrace the genius of female biology!


Did you know…


  • A woman’s attractiveness peaks just prior to ovulation because her “mate search effort” is turned on.
  • PMS may have evolved to get rid of boyfriends with unfit sperm.
  • Lap dancers on the Pill make about $20,000 less per year than lap dancers who are ovulating normally.
  • A woman may find an otherwise obnoxious male unusually appealing during certain points in her cycle.
  • Ovulating women tend to prefer more stylish and provocative clothing, and to spend more money on fashion and beauty — not so much to attract men, but to intimidate female rivals.
  • Women walk more, eat less, socialize more, meet more men, dance more, and flirt more when they’re ovulating.
  • Unlike nearly any other creature on earth, humans evolved to have sex—for fun, not babies--outside of the fertile window.
  • New mothers are formidable. They will behave more aggressively toward someone who is threatening, but their blood pressure stays low – they are cool as a cucumber and badass at the same time.
  • Menopause is not a sign that something has gone wrong in a woman’s body – it has a deep evolutionary history vital to our species’ success.





Study Reveals Men & Women Are Equally Miserable About Their Body 
  • A study in the Body Image Journal looked at 12,176 online surveys gathered by NBC News and Today, and found that the amount of women disliking their bodies is around the same as the amount of men who feel the same about theirs. So it's not just a women's issue.
  • 6% of men and 9% of women reported that they were very to extremely dissatisfied with their looks. 15% of men and 20% of women said that they felt very to extremely dissatisfied with their weight. 28% of men and 26% of women said they were very to extremely satisfied with their looks.

6 Foods That Can Help Save Your Skin From Sun Damage


Just as an unhealthy diet can have a negative effect on your skin and health, a healthy diet high in antioxidant-rich foods can help protect your body, even from the sun. Since antioxidants help reduce inflammation and free radicals, loading your diet with them will go a long way against sunburn and skin damage as a result of UV rays. We connected with Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O., a New York City Osteopathic Physician board certified in family and anti-aging medicine for his list of foods that help prevent sun damage.


To be clear, Dr. Calapai is not saying you should completely replace using daily use of sunscreen with food, but what you eat can offer additional protection for your skin. So if you’re looking for some ingestible sun protection, add these six sun-friendly foods to your next shopping list.


  1. Berries & stone fruits

Strawberries, blueberries and cherries contain high levels of vitamin C, which can reduce free radical damage caused by exposure to UV radiation. Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production, important for skin’s youthful appearance. As a bonus, cherries contain melatonin, which protects skin from UV radiation and repairs sunburn damage.


  1. Leafy greens

If it’s green and it’s got leaves, chances are it’s good for sun protection. According to one study, spinach, kale and swiss chard can reduce the risk of squamous cell skin cancer by 50%. Broccoli is also a good choice: it’s full of sulphoraphane, an antioxidant that helps your cells protect themselves against UV radiation.


Fresh herbs like parsley, basil, sage and rosemary are also packed with free radical-fighting, skin-protecting antioxidants. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to cruciferous vegetables.


  1. Red & orange produce

The antioxidant lycopene has been shown to protect the skin against sunburn and is at least twice as effective an antioxidant as betacarotene when it comes to blocking UV light. It also helps rid the body of free radicals. Chow down on tomatoes, papaya, guava, red bell peppers and pink grapefruit. Watermelon is an especially good choice: it contains 40% more lycopene than tomatoes.


  1. Micro-algae

Spirulna has been dubbed “the next great superfood,” and for good reason. This micro-algea, along with chlorella, contains the antioxidant astaxanthin, which has been shown to protect the skin and eyes against UV radiation. It also fights free radicals and inflammation to prevent sun damage by preventing UV-induced cell damage.


If micro-algea isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can find this powerful antioxidant in shrimp and salmon.


  1. Chocolate

As long as it’s dark chocolate you’re eating, you’ll be ingesting plenty of flavanoids, which can improve your skin’s ability protect against sunburns and other UV-induced issues.


Research found that people who ate about one ounce of high-percentage dark chocolate every day for three months could withstand twice the amount of UVB rays before their skin started to turn red, compared to those who didn’t.


  1. Green & black tea

The myriad health benefits of tea are well known, but it’s nice to know that the cups you’re drinking can also help protect against sun damage. Green and black teas are packed with polyphenols that can help stop cancer development by limiting the blood supply to the cancerous area. Green tea can even help prevent non-melanoma skin cancer by enhancing DNA repair.

Did you know that it's Women's History Month in some parts of the world? In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8th, we at Train It Right thought it would be a  great idea to continue the celebration of women with an amazing, adrenal pumping, inspiring and celebratory workout playlist!!! Do yourself a favor and create a playlist on your favorite music subscription service (spotify, apple music, tidal, etc) with these songs and get your sweat on!!!

Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out
Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)
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Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Loud
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
Katy Perry - Roar
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Madonna - Express Yourself
Destiny's Child - Independent Women, Pt 1
Adele - Rolling In The Deep
Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Aretha Franklin - Respect
Kelly Clarkston - Miss Independent
Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
No Doubt - Just A Girl
Fergie - Fergalicious
Andra Day - Rise Up

You Look Great! 5 Ways to Lighten Up on Physical Appearance



Go on your Facebook or Instagram feed and you’ll be hard pressed not to find selfies of people flexing at the gym or sunbathing in a bikini. Sprinkled in are ads for skin creams, weight management shakes, hair restoration, cosmetic procedures and butt lifting yoga pants. Thanks to smartphones and selfie culture we are all online being bombarded and obsessing over physical appearance, especially our own. Dr. Sanam Hafeez a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, says it is time to lighten up. Below are some common obsessive thoughts and actions on physical appearance and what to do about them.

  1. “It takes me an hour and 5 outfit changes before I can leave the house.”

“When you find it difficult to commit to an outfit choice and rapidly change outfits only to look in the mirror thinking everything looks terrible, there is certainly heightened anxiety taking place,” explains Dr. Hafeez. She adds, the problem isn’t the clothes. The problem is self-perception and mindset. “The better you feel about yourself from the inside and the more positive things you have in your life to be appreciative of, the less time you will spend on clothing choices. You’ll know exactly what you want to wear and you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice,” offers Hafeez.

The solution? She suggests training your mind to decide and stick to the style decision by setting an alarm for 5 minutes to brainstorm 2 options. Dr. Hafeez also encourages focusing on where you are going and the positive aspects of the anticipated experience to shift the mind off your physical appearance.

  1. “I can’t pass a reflective surface without checking myself in it.”

If you’re checking yourself out thinking, you look fantastic and swiftly continue to walk on that’s normal, fine, and even healthy. However, if you are thinking, you need to lose weight, that you have a double chin, that you look old, that your hair is terrible, then you’re beating yourself up and are focused on unattainable perfection. “Our bodies will change and we will age. This is a fact of life. Exercising for as little as 20 minutes per day, eating healthily, walking, reading and meditation are all things that are beneficial to us. When we make how we feel top priority, we start to look good. We’re more radiant, smiling, and have higher, more positive energy,” explains Dr. Hafeez.

  1. “I never can leave the house without make-up.”

This is a tough one and common for a lot of women. We all want that fresh faced, gorgeous without trying look. Very few women past puberty can achieve it. “There’s a difference between the level of self-consciousness between a woman who takes 10 minutes to put on some moisturizing foundation, mascara and lip gloss and someone who must spend an hour a full face of make-up perfectly applied,” says Dr. Hafeez.

Getting monthly facials and educating yourself on different make up formulations can help you cut down on the amount of make-up needed. This could shorten the time it takes getting glammed up!

  1. “I constantly compare myself to others on social media, in magazines, in public.”

Dr. Kirk Brandow, founder and director of the Brandow Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery who has appeared on national programs such as Good Morning America and 20/20, commenting on physical appearance says comparison mindset is incredibly common. “Ten years ago people would come to me with pictures of celebrities, and now they’re showing me random people on their social media feeds.  It is unreasonable to compare yourself to a celebrity as they have a team of trainers and stylists that help them achieve and maintain a certain desired look. Today people see their high school friend on social media with the perfect breasts and they want that same look. People are really comparing themselves to everyone now,” he candidly explains.


Dr. Hafeez advises taking breaks from social media and doing body strengthening and range of motion exercises that also weave in breathing and mindfulness such as yoga or tai chi. “When you are aware of your body’s strength and your general well-being, you’re not going to compare yourself to others. When you’re too busy enjoying a happy, healthy, you won’t care if your thighs are less toned than someone else’s.


  1. “I have a list of cosmetic procedures I want to do and am planning to do this year!”

This is when we must be mindful of body dysmorphia. When we have a distorted perception of our appearance it can lead to an addiction to cosmetic procedures. Dr. Brandow adds that it is very important for cosmetic surgeons to screen people to see if they have signs of body dysmorphia. “Ethically when someone comes in with a list of flaws they want to fix it is up to us professionals to advise them appropriately. When someone is addicted to surgeries and tries to “fix” the same body part repeatedly, that’s a red flag.

Dr. Sanam Hafeez suggests keeping an “appreciation journal” and write down 10 things you appreciate about yourself and your life. This will lessen harsh self-criticism and the need to measure up to any physical ideal.


About the doctors:

Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD is a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, P.C. a neuropsychological, developmental and educational center in Manhattan and Queens. 

Dr. Hafeez masterfully applies her years of experience connecting psychological implications to address some of today’s common issues such as body image, social media addiction, relationships, workplace stress, parenting and psychopathology (bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc…). In addition, Dr. Hafeez works with individuals who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), learning disabilities, attention and memory problems, and abuse. Dr. Hafeez often shares her credible expertise to various news outlets in New York City and frequently appears on CNN and Dr.Oz.

Connect with her via twitter @comprehendMind or 

Dr. Kirk Brandow, founder and director of Brandow Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery is a plastic surgeon with practices in the Philadelphia metro area. Named a “Top Doc” in Plastic Surgery by Philadelphia Magazine as well as nationally recognized for one of America’s “Best Plastic Surgeons” of this decade, Dr. Brandow is a trusted expert who has developed many innovative, minimally invasive procedures for the face, body and skin. He has been featured on local, national and international television programs including 20/20, CNN’s Headline News, Good Morning America.

Connect with Dr. Brandow via


Avoiding Foods That Make You Look & Feel Fat for Every Life Occasion 


When planning for a fun get-together with friends everything goes through your mind, from your wardrobe to jewelry and make-up. What many of us don’t plan for, however, is our meals.  Eating the wrong foods before an event can sabotage your beauty plan. Certain foods can give your gut an instant bloat that looks and feels awful. However, there is a solution to this dilemma. Instead of skipping dinner to squeeze into your LBD or grabbing bagels for a quick morning bite, there are belly bloat busters. Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine and anti-aging medicine. Here are some of his suggestions:

For a girl’s night out: Don’t be afraid to have a large meal beforehand (large meaning more than just a PB&J). If you are planning for an active night, whether dancing, bowling or party hopping, you will need the fuel. Dr. Calapai has created the perfect meal for this situation:

-      1 grilled chicken breast (approx 4 oz)

-      1/2 cup cooked brown rice and lentils

-      1 cup steamed string beans

This combo will fill you up without weighing you down, and will give you the energy you need to dance the night away!

For a dinner- date: You’re wearing a stunning new BCBG dress that already had to be zipped up by your roommate. When you’re at the restaurant with your guy refrain from ordering a salad to make it look like you’re being healthy. All the veggies in the salad will actually cause your stomach to bloat more. Dr. Calapai  advises that a fish dish with one side of grilled veggies is the way to go! “Wild Salmon is jam-packed with heart healthy vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. If Salmon is not an option, mackerel, sea bass and lemon sole are all good options as well. As for the veggies, try to steer clear of cruciferous veggies (such as cauliflower, broccoli) that can cause bloating. Instead opt for grilled zucchini, asparagus, or carrots - which will keep your tummy tamed!”

For a day at the beach: It’s finally getting warm out and you can take that bathing suit out of hiding. If you’re going to the beach you need a healthy, energizing meal to get you through the morning but you don’t want it to show in your stomach.  You’re probably thinking that the easiest thing to eat before you head out is some Special K with skim milk. It’s low in calories after all, right? It doesn’t matter how low-cal it is, the dairy and multi-grains will expand in your intestines, causing your gut to stick out. Instead of cereal, Dr. Calapai has an awesome recipe for oatmeal pancakes. Take 1/2 cup raw oats, 3 egg whites, 1/2 apple, and a dash of cinnamon and throw in a blender to create the pancake mix. This high fiber non-fat breakfast choice offers whole grain fiber plus additional fiber from the apple, and protein from the egg whites. It's a great filling way to start the day, and will not create any abdominal gas or bloating, so you can go bikini-bare with ease!

For an afternoon luncheon: Eating a well-balanced lunch is essential for boosting energy and productivity; giving you power over that mid-day slump and keeping your metabolism active.  A lot of times people want to skip lunch in hopes of losing weight and grab an energy drink to keep them going. This is so bad! The carbonation from an energy drink will make you more bloated then a light lunch. Dr. Calapai says, “For a mid-day luncheon, your best bet is a salad chock-full of fresh veggies and greens, and topped with a piece of grilled fish, low-fat tuna salad, or fresh turkey breast slices. Throw a few walnuts or almonds on top and dress with a low fat/low sugar dressing, to finish off your delicious salad creation!”

Before Sex: Luckily, you can eat your dinner or dessert (or both, on good dates) and enjoy sex too. Just lay off the foods that can trigger digestive issues, a real problem if you have a sensitive stomach or suffer from date-related anxieties, which can amplify digestive issues, according to Dr. Calapai. An 8-ounce piece of meat could trigger gas that's particularly foul-smelling. "Gas associated with red meat is more odorous because of chemicals it produces in the colon," Dr. Calapai explains. That's because when you overeat protein, it goes straight to the colon for fermentation where it creates some seriously offensive byproducts.  A safer bet is salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms. Instead of a Margarita drink: Tequila straight up, or wine (a safer bet). This way, you're only up against naturally occurring sugars.

For traveling days: These days airports are getting bigger and so are the food courts. It’s tempting to give in to the convenience of fast travel food, but the combination of a high-sodium smorgasbord and air travel equals a very bloated body from head to toe. You absolutely must resist because there are better options. Eat before you leave for the airport.  Dr. Calapai suggests packing your carry-on with fruits, veggies, and granola bars. Believe it or not these are available at kiosks. Also, avoid the beverage service on board. Stick to water, you will have a happier flight and feel revived upon arriving at your destination! 

Dr. Christopher Calapai D.O.

Anti-Aging Physician and "The Stem Cell Guru

Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, anti-aging medicine and chelation therapy. Proclaimed as the "The Stem Cell Guru" by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S.

His stem cell treatments have achieved remarkable results in clinical trials on patients with conditions as varied as Alzheimer's, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, frailty syndrome, heart, kidney and liver failure, lupus, MS and Parkinson's.

Dr. Calapai started his practice in New York City in 1986 and for over 25 years he has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows, including his two weekly call-in shows on WABC 770-AM, where he offers health and medical advice. He has a show on Saturday morning 8-9am and Sunday evening from 6-7pm. He has consulted with numerous high-profile individuals including Mike TysonMickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and Fox series Gotham's, Donal Logue and worked as a medical consultant for the New York Rangers hockey team as well as various modeling agencies.

Dr. Calapai received his medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and he consults in Manhattan with practices on Long Island, in East Meadow and Plainview. He has appeared on News12 and in the pages of 25A Magazine and Social Life Magazine.

He is the author of E-books Heavy Metals and Chronic Disease, Reverse Diabetes Forever! Seven Steps to Healthy Blood Sugar, Top Ten Supplements You Can't Live Withoutand Glorious Glutathione. Learn more about Dr. Calapai on his website,

Urging Canadians to get tough on diabetes


Sun Life Financial commitment to diabetes totals more than $17 million 

Sun Life Financial Inc. (TSX: SLF) (NYSE: SLF) is proud to be teaming up with the Canadian Football League (CFL) in the fight against diabetes. This unique collaboration, now in its fourth year, encourages Canadians to take a type 2 diabetes online risk test at, reminding Canadians that knowing their risk level is simple yet vital.

"We are excited to join forces with the CFL to encourage football fans and Canadians to take charge of their health and understand their type 2 diabetes risk," said Paul Joliat, Assistant Vice-President, Philanthropy & Sponsorships, Sun Life Financial. "Currently, one in three Canadians is affected by diabetes or prediabetes. The good news is that 90% of those impacted by the disease have type 2 diabetes which can be delayed and/or prevented with healthy eating, exercise, and of course, identifying your risk."

This year, Sun Life and the CFL are launching a multi-media campaign to engage fans through tweets, photos and videos to raise awareness for diabetes and its related complications. Through healthy eating and exercise tips, CFL players from each of the nine teams will be helping to motivate fans to take charge of their health, learn their type 2 diabetes risk and take the necessary action to prevent and/or delay its onset.

"We are thrilled to team up with Sun Life in their efforts to raise awareness for diabetes prevention," said CFL Commissioner, Jeffrey L. Orridge. "We hope to inspire our fans to be leaders in the fight against the disease and go online to take the test."

As part of an overall diabetes awareness campaign, Sun Life is also working alongside the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) throughout October and November to encourage Canadians to get screened and potentially prevent new cases of type 2 diabetes. Since announcing support of the cause in late 2012, Sun Life has proudly committed more than $17 million in support of diabetes awareness, prevention, care and research initiatives.

Canadians are urged to get involved. Visit to take the type 2 diabetes online risk test or visit for more information and to watch the player videos.

About Sun Life Financial
Sun Life Financial is a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Sun Life Financial has operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of June 30, 2016, the Sun Life Financial group of companies had total assets under management of $865 billion. For more information please visit

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.

About the Canadian Football League
Today's CFL is more than just our great game of football. It's fans sharing their excitement for what they see on the field, and what they experience off it. Stay up to date on all the non-stop action at And join all of Canada as we celebrate the 104th Grey Cup, presented by Shaw, next November in Toronto.




Tuesday, November 1, 2016 | 7 pm – 10 pm | Roy Thomson Hall


Toronto, Ontario – October 17, 2016 – A mecca for urban foodies to experience the best Ontario’s culinary scene has to offer, the 21st annual Eat to the Beat presented by KitchenAid® is a fundraiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) and features 60 female chefs supporting people living with breast cancer on Tuesday, November 1 from 7 pm – 10 pm at Roy Thomson Hall (60 Simcoe Street). General Admission Tickets are $189 (a tax receipt will be issued for the maximum allowable amount). For tickets or to see the line-up of chefs and beverage participants, please visit or call 1 (800) 387-9816.


Eat to the Beat guests have the opportunity to enjoy specially prepared savoury and sweet dishes at 60 stations, along with wine, beer and a selection of non alcoholic beverages set up around Roy Thomson Hall’s outer lobby.


“We are so grateful to our participating chefs, sponsors and supporters who have helped to make Eat to the Beat Toronto’s must-attend culinary event and fundraiser over the years,” says Cathy Park, co-chair, Eat to the Beat.


In addition to food and drink, colourful and whimsical one-of-a-kind corsets, inspired by food and created and modelled by breast cancer survivors, have become an integral part of Eat to the Beat.


“A fun, colourful and cheeky tradition at Eat to the Beat, breast cancer survivors will be adding class with a bit of sass, modeling original food-inspired corsets that they have created,” adds Joanne Brophy, co-chair, Eat to the Beat.


Started 21 years ago by sisters Lisa and Abby Slater, Eat to the Beat has raised more than $3.9 million since its inception. Funds raised at Eat to the Beat will support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – dedicated to funding relevant and innovative research, supporting and advocating for the breast cancer community, and providing credible, unbiased information to help empower those affected by breast cancer or at increased genetic risk of developing the disease.


“Just like Lisa and Abby, we’re inspired by the strength of breast cancer survivors and those who are affected by this disease,” says Karen Malone, VP, Research & Programs, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, “Thanks to fundraising events like Eat to the Beat, we can continue to offer emotional support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer.”


Eat to the Beat at a Glance:

DATE:              Tuesday, November 1, 2016

TIME:                7 pm – 10 pm

VENUE:            Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto (St. Andrew subway station)

COST:              Tickets include savoury and sweet dishes at 60 stations along with wine, beer and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

General Admission Ticket: $189 (a tax receipt will be issued for the maximum allowable amount)

DRESS:            Smart Casual

CONTACT: or call 1 (800) 387-9816


TWITTER:          @EattotheBeat_TO

HASHTAG:        #EattotheBeat


Participating chefs and select menu items that will be featured at this year’s Eat to the Beat include:

  • Sandra Abballe, Succulent Chocolates and Sweets
  • Vanessa Baudanza and Isabelle Loiacono, The Rolling Pin
  • Wanda Beaver, Wanda's Pie in the Sky- Grand Marnier Nanaimo bars
  • Renee Bellefeuille, Art Gallery of Ontario- cured whitefish, rye toast, tarragon crème fraiche and pickled caperberry goat cheese and artichoke puff
  • Cathy Beneway, CreativeCatering by Cathy
  • Emma Beqaj, Emma's Eatery Catering- lobster grilled cheese
  • Arvinda Chauhan and Preena Chauhan, Arvinda’s -spicy curry leaf infused chick pea dip with tomato purée served on cucumber and zucchini rounds and garnished with savoury noodles and curry leaf
  • Tiiu Christie and Tysa Christie, Marigolds and Onions
  • Felicia Derose Colette Grand Café
  • Donna Dooher and Michael Leary, Mildred's Temple Kitchen
  • Kyla Eaglesham, Madeleines
  • Rossy Earle, SupiCucu
  • Michelle Edgar, TheSweet Escape Patisserie
  • Alison Ferland, Byblos
  • Mali Fernandez, Xola Mexican Food
  • Alexandra Feswick, The Drake Hotel- Adobo pulled pork steam buns with daikon pickle
  • Trish Gill, The Emmet Ray
  • Bonnie Gordon, Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts- Macaron in a variety of flavours, homemade chocolates, and langues de chat
  • Tamara Green, The Living Kitchen
  • Kimberly Humby, East & Main Bistro 
  • Anna Janes, Cocomira Confections
  • Vanessa Le Page, Cake Lady - Edible Art - The Shortbread
  • Tara Lee, Bar Hop- mini pork and ricotta meatballs with a tomato cream sauce
  • Jacqueline Lo, Ruelo Patisserie
  • Erin Marcus, Ace Bakery
  • Lynn Mendelson, Lynn Mendelson Catering- million $ bars
  • Joan Monfaredi, Park Hyatt Hotel- tuna tartar wonton tacos with pea shoots, chili rice vinegar and scallion
  • Jennifer Mooers and Chris Brown, Citizen Catering
  • Lauren Mozer, Elle Cuisine
  • Catherine O’Donnell, WillowCakes and Pastries
  • Christine Ostiguy, YorkshirePudding Catering
  • Angela Panigas, The Sultan's Tent & Café Moroc
  • Chef Véronique Perez, Crêpes à GoGo Spadinaand Limonana
  • Jennifer Perusini, BerBer Social
  • Andrea Poirier, Inn on the Twenty
  • Karen Rachlin, Bite Catering
  • Regular Nuit, Pai Northern Thai Kitchen, Sabai Sabai Kitchen and Bar and Sukhothai Restaurant - "Mee kra ti" – stir fried rice vermicelli with coconut milk and tofu
  • Caroline Reid, Scaramouche- house-cured duck pastrami with celery root salad, hazelnut purée and vincotto
  • Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist- balsamic roasted pear wedges wrapped in prosciutto with gorgonzola dip
  • Dufflet Rosenberg, Dufflet Pastries- cookie bar
  • Barbara Rotberg, Lollicakes
  • Gauravi Shah, Tilde- chorizo meatballs with lime aioli and grilled pineapple salsa, bean vegballs with roasted tomato salsa and cilantro gremolata
  • Trista Sheen, Bar Begonia
  • Alida Solomon, Tutti Matti
  • Lili Sullivan, Waupoos Winery- cider braised lamb in a filo cup with spiked apple
  • Meghan Van Horne, Public Schoolhouse @ Jackson’s Falls- polenta crisp with smoked trout, chèvre, wild spinach and walnut pesto
  • Karen Viva-Haynes, VivaTastings
  • Elaine Wong, The Omni King Edward Hotel
  • Winlai Wong, The Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto
  • Jeanne Da Silva, George Brown College Chef School- edamame falafels with a cultured vegetable slaw on whole wheat tortilla cups and vegetarian BLT with coconut bacon, roasted tomatoes and a spicy avocado purée on whole grain baguette
  • Vanessa Yeung, Aphrodite Cooks
  • Eden Hertzog, New Moon Kitchen
  • Leyla Kizilirmak, Art Square Gallery and Café- organic and fair trade dark chocolate boobs
  • Carmen Jeffrey, President’s Choice Cooking School


About the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation:

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is a national community-driven charity. As the largest charitable funder of breast cancer research in Canada, CBCF’s vision is to create a future without breast cancer. Since its inception in 1986, the Foundation has invested over $360 million in breast cancer research, funding more than 1,400 scientific and community grants. CBCF’s investments in vital research, education, health promotion, support and information programs have led to progress in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. For more information, visit


Charitable Registration No. 12799 3608 RR0001

Top 5 Reasons Why Women should lift weights

Alicia Bell - Toronto Personal Trainer
Alicia Bell - Toronto Personal Trainer


A lot of women get intimidated walking into a gym and heading towards the free weight section. You shouldn’t be afraid to dive into the pit of grunting, sweating and good looking men because lifting weights (heavy ones at times) is what is going to get you the body that you really want. It will give you the curves, weight loss and the toned muscles that you want.


Going to the gym and just doing cardio is not going to get you the results that you have been wanting for so long. What it will get you; a flat butt, no muscle tone, and a lot of wasted time and energy. While lifting weights will get you the results that most people want which is a tight and toned butt, muscle tone and the best results for your time and energy.


The follow are the top 5 reasons why women should lift:


  1. Weight Loss
  2. Healthy Food Cravings
  3. Tight and Toned Butt
  4. Flat Stomach
  5. More Energy


1.Weight Loss

One of the best things that happens when you get into the gym and lift weights is that you will lose weight. Believe it or not weight lifting will not make you big and bulky. The bigger muscle groups that you use when lifting the greater the fat loss will be. You will build long lean muscles that are great for burning fat. The heavier you lift the quicker that you will drop those pounds.


  1. Healthy Food Cravings

When you start going to the gym regularly you are less likely to crave bad food. Once you hydrate more and eat cleaner your palate will change. That means that you will crave refined sugary foods less and want more of the fuel your body needs for energy for your daily workout.


  1. Tight and Toned Butt

The more you lift heavy and add in squats and lunges the quicker that your butt will become tight and toned. If you strictly stick to cardio machines you do not activate the glutes fully to create that round bottom that everyone wants. So hit the squat rack, grab the dumbbells and lunge and hit the hamstrings to develop that round bottom that everyone looks for these days.


  1. Flat Stomach

This ties in with weight loss. Because you are lifting and burning more fat the waist line is going to drop and the stomach is going to get lean and toned vs skinny fat and flabby.


  1. More Energy

Once you start lifting the endorphins get released. What do these little guys do? Give you energy! That's why studies have shown that people who do strength training have more energy throughout the day than people who don’t exercise. The have less daily lows and have more energy to get through their days. So buckle up and prepare to feel healthy and energized when you start hitting those weights!


Don’t be intimidated the next time you walk into the gm and show those guys who belongs in that weight pit! Happy training and remember to Train It Right!

CP's VP of Corporate Affairs, Mark Wallace, presents $2 million cheque to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, from left to right: Dr. Jim Kellner, Head, Dept. of Pediatrics, Alberta Health Services - Calgary Zone, Dr. Steven Greenway, Alberta Children's Hospital Pediatric Cardiologist, Saifa Koonar, President and CEO, Lorie Kane, LPGA Champion and CP Ambassador, and Alexa Castillo, CP Women's Open's Ambassador. (CNW Group/Canadian Pacific)
CP's VP of Corporate Affairs, Mark Wallace, presents $2 million cheque to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, from left to right: Dr. Jim Kellner, Head, Dept. of Pediatrics, Alberta Health Services - Calgary Zone, Dr. Steven Greenway, Alberta Children's Hospital Pediatric Cardiologist, Saifa Koonar, President and CEO, Lorie Kane, LPGA Champion and CP Ambassador, and Alexa Castillo, CP Women's Open's Ambassador. (CNW Group/Canadian Pacific)

Alberta kids, Ariya Jutanugarn big winners at Canadian Pacific Women's Open

Ariya Jutanugarn topped one of the deepest fields on the LPGA tour, including dozens of recent Olympians, to win the Canadian Pacific Women's Open title, with local kids also winning big thanks to CP's $2 million donation to the Alberta Children's Hospital in support of pediatric cardiac care and research.

"It was a tremendous week from start to finish and we couldn't be prouder of Ariya and our partnership with the Alberta Children's Hospital," said E. Hunter Harrison, CP's CEO. "Having the tournament at Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club, in our home city and province, is bitter sweet as it is my last Open as CEO. I will be forever proud of the contributions we have made as a result of our involvement with Golf Canada and the CP Women's Open – all part of our commitment, through CP Has Heart, to give where we live and operate."

CP's donation, one of the largest on the LPGA tour, will support the hospital in researching the development of "liquid biopsy," a non-invasive procedure that doctors hope will replace invasive tissue biopsies currently used to determine if a child's transplanted heart is being attacked by his or her immune system. This new approach, in combination with the advanced DNA sequencing technologies at the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute, can also be used to make a genetic diagnosis for congenital heart disease before a baby is born.

"As a member of the cardiology team at the Alberta Children's Hospital, I am thrilled with the support they have received from the tournament," said Dr. Steven Greenway, Pediatric Cardiologist, Alberta Children's Hospital. "For more than 25 years, the cardiology team at the Alberta Children's Hospital has been providing leading-edge care for kids in our community. This incredible gift will be used to take our research even further from the lab to the clinic as we develop new, non-invasive tests and personalized treatments for children with heart conditions."

The final donation total was a result of a number of fundraising initiatives leading up to the conclusion of the golf tournament, including Spruce Meadows Clear Rounds for Heart, Alberta Children's Hospital Radio-thon and online donation matching.

"The CP Has Heart campaign has brought our community together in a wonderful way. For children who rely on cardiac care and research at the Alberta Children's Hospital, the 2016 CP Women's Open has left a life-changing legacy in our city for years to come," said Saifa Koonar, President and CEO, Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. We are extremely grateful to CP, Golf Canada and Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club for making this memorable event possible!"

In Canada, one in 100 babies is born with a congenital heart disease. Every year in Alberta, that translates to 500 infants – and their families – who find themselves embarking upon a life-altering journey as a result. That includes CP Women's Open's Ambassador, Alexa Castillo, and her family. The family was referred to the Alberta Children's Hospital where doctors told them their daughter would be born with critical aortic stenosis, a life-threatening heart defect where the aorta in her left ventricle does not work properly. At only eight years old, Alexa has had multiple open heart surgeries and will need a lifetime of care from cardiac specialists.

"It has been so humbling to see the community rally around kids like our daughter who need help for their very special hearts," said Jorge Castillo, Alexa's father. "The care at the Alberta Children's Hospital is amazing and this wonderful gift is going to make it even better for children and their families who will need it in the future."

To coincide with Canada 150 celebrations, next year's Canadian Pacific Women's Open will return to the nation's capital and the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club from August 21 to 27, 2017. CP will announce its charity partner at a later date.

"This week was a fantastic showcase of golf and charitable giving – we congratulate CP, the CP Has Heart program, and everyone involved in the tournament," said Scott Simmons, CEO of Golf Canada. "We look forward to 2017 in Ottawa when we celebrate Canada's 150th with an iconic Canadian company and the best golfers in the world."

About Canadian Pacific
Canadian Pacific (TSX:CP)(NYSE:CP) is a transcontinental railway in Canada and the United States with direct links to eight major ports, including Vancouver and Montreal, providing North American customers a competitive rail service with access to key markets in every corner of the globe. CP is growing with its customers, offering a suite of freight transportation services, logistics solutions and supply chain expertise. Visit to see the rail advantages of CP.

About CP Has Heart
At CP, we know that a railroad may serve as the arteries of a nation, but at its heart is community. That's why, through CP Has Heart, we've already committed more than $8 million to help improve the heart health of men, women and children across North America. And along the way, we're showing heart whenever we can. Find out more on or @CPhasHeart.

About Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation
The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation inspires our community to invest in excellence in child health, research and family centred care. Through the generosity of donors, the Foundation provides funding for innovative programs, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced medical training and internationally-recognized pediatric research. The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation is a founding partner of the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute, as well as the primary funder.

About the 2016 CP Women's Open
The stars of the LPGA Tour challenged for the CP Women's Open from August 22-28, 2016 at Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club in Priddis, Alta. The CP Women's Open, Canada's National Women's Open Golf Championship, is proudly sponsored by Canadian Pacific, RBC, WestJet, Molson Canadian 67, TaylorMade adidas Golf, AutoCanada, Corby Distilleries Ltd., Delta Calgary South, Coca-Cola and CVS Controls Ltd. For information visit

Golf Canada – Love The Game. Grow The Game
Golf Canada is the National Sports Federation and governing body for golf in Canada representing close to 305,000 golfers at more than 1,400 member clubs across the country. A proud member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Golf Canada's mission is to grow participation, excellence and passion in the sport while upholding the integrity and traditions of the game. By investing in the growth of the sport and introducing more participants of all ages to the game, our goal is to be relevant to and respected by all Canadian golf enthusiasts from coast to coast. For more information about what Golf Canada is doing to support golf in your community, visit

Image with caption: "CP's VP of Corporate Affairs, Mark Wallace, presents $2 million cheque to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, from left to right: Dr. Jim Kellner, Head, Dept. of Pediatrics, Alberta Health Services - Calgary Zone, Dr. Steven Greenway, Alberta Children's Hospital Pediatric Cardiologist, Saifa Koonar, President and CEO, Lorie Kane, LPGA Champion and CP Ambassador, and Alexa Castillo, CP Women's Open's Ambassador. (CNW Group/Canadian Pacific)". Image available at:

SOURCE Canadian Pacific

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