July 14th, 2020

// NONIKO launches first of its kind plastic-free, all natural deodorant solution

NONIKO launches first of its kind plastic-free, all natural deodorant solution

Brand evolution pushes boundaries to define the future of sustainability pairing its cult favorite natural deodorant in a truly sustainable, reusable, stainless steel case.
SAN DIEGO, CALIF- July, 2020- Noniko, is raising the standard in how body care is defined. It is their belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice efficacy or luxury in order to have a product that’s natural, clean, and responsible. That’s why they paired their revolutionary natural deodorant with the first and only zero plastic, reusable case and refill. “We recognize that everything we do has an impact on our planet and we wanted to be mindful of our footprint. After tirelessly searching and continuing to find inferior sustainable packaging options for our Noniko deodorant, we were ecstatic to team up with Verity to bring you our effective natural deodorant in plastic-free reusable packaging.” Says CPO, Piper Lacy. Noniko is pushing the boundaries, defining the future, and positioning themselves as leaders in sustainability. Their straightforward formulations have only 6 ingredients that pack a punch. Their natural deodorant is effective, and now with the first of its kind plastic-free stainless steel packaging, they’re set to blaze a new standard industry-wide. With this change, they’re offering a subscription program to bring deodorant straight to your door. This conscious subscription model limits the number of product shipments throughout the year, to minimize shipping material waste. Noniko’s deodorant collaboration with Verity Packaging is only the first step the company is taking in revolutionizing the industry. Noniko plans to be a completely plastic-free company by May 2021 and is furthering their partnership with Verity to assist in this endeavor. Verity Packaging offers sustainable packaging solutions made of stainless steel and aluminum, to brands and businesses committed to combating the single-use plastic crisis. It was only fitting for this relationship between these companies to flourish since they’re both on a mission to raise the standard in packaging options and services to their clients and customers. Verity offers a variety of unique plastic-free packaging options ranging between reusable, hybrid, and fully recyclable metal solutions. “Your reusable water bottle elevates your experience of drinking water while eliminating single-use plastic. At Verity, we have taken that same approach to the personal care industry by creating reusable cases for everything in your bathroom. We’re proud to offer metal alternatives to make it easy for our brands to move into sustainable packaging without sacrificing quality or elegance. We work with brands, big and small, that share the commitment to eliminate single-use plastics.” says CEO Kerri Leslie.

The choice to go plastic-free came from the knowledge that only 9% of plastic that makes it to the recycling bin actually gets recycled. It was Noniko’s mission to find a better solution. In pursuit of their commitment to customers and the planet, they have made the decision to follow-up this deodorant launch by transitioning all their products into truly sustainable packaging with the commitment to be a completely plastic-free company by May 2021. “We acknowledge that there is a connection between the body and the earth. We’re creating harmony in this relationship by harnessing the power of nature while respecting and caring for our planet. We applied the same mentality to our packaging” says CPO Piper Lacy. “We’re proud to be the first to offer an effective natural deodorant in a stainless steel, plastic-free case and refills for our three signature scents and phase out all plastic within our product offerings over the next year.” To explore our brand, exciting new products, and join us on our mission, please visit www.nonikoskin.com.
Email madison@nonikoskin.comAbout NONIKO
Noniko is raising the standard in how body care is defined. Handcrafted in small batches in our San Diego studio, it is our mission to deliver you truly natural, effective ingredients in sustainable packaging. We take pride in our products and in our planet, and you’ll see this reflected in everything we do. It is our belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice efficacy or luxury in order to have a product that’s natural, clean, and responsible.We are proud to offer our deodorants in 100% plastic-free packaging. Our first-of-its-kind cases and inserts are made of stainless steel, and the case is meant to be yours for life. This packaging solution is our first step in creating a future free of single-use plastic. About VERITY
Verity offers truly sustainable packaging solutions to brands committed to combating the plastic crisis. They are on a mission to raise the standards in both packaging options and services to their clients. Working with businesses both big and small, Verity is committed to revolutionizing the packaging industry.After searching tirelessly for truly sustainable packaging options, we still found ourselves empty-handed. We came to realize how confusing the process can be and the lack of transparency for consumers and businesses alike. So, with a team of engineers and industry experts, we crafted a timeless range of packaging solutions to be reused and recycled - and we’re pretty damn proud.


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