September 4th, 2020

// Tea Drunk starts an Educational Club to teach all about Tea

Tea Drunk starts an Educational Club to teach all about Tea 

The producer of the world's most expensive tea ventures into offering exclusive zoom classes during COVID-19 pandemic

New York- A celebration of an epic romance between man and nature - Tea Drunk is known for its finest and most prized tea that comes straight from the lands of China. One of the world’s most popular luxury brands, Van Cleef & Arpels, known for its attention to detail and exquisite quality products has partnered with Tea Drunk for their corporate training courses. On the tails of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tea Drunk has started an online Educational Tea Club with a monthly subscription opportunity that offers the chance to meet and connect with team members, brew tea samples while following the video, receive special discounts on pre-sale teas, etc. Live and recorded classes are available in brewing, tea crash courses, and even tea connoisseur for those who want to gain higher experience in tea making. Tea Drunk provides tea service to corporations and institutes as well. "What I love the most is the level of online engagement we received during this time. We kept putting educational posts about tea on Instagram and received more inquiries about various topics on tea which in turn inspired me to do more virtual classes and events," said Tea Drunk founder Shunan Teng.

The tea available through Tea Drunk is truly one of a kind. Like nature cannot recreate itself, no two batches of tea are the same. Some tea leaves are picked from ancient tea trees which are 200-600 years old with the actual harvesting season containing only 10-15 days per year. While more commercial teas are harvested all year long and are finished processing in hours. Every tea is prepared with lots of love and hard work by Shunan Teng who heads to the deepest mountains in China in the Spring Season. 

Shunan Teng is the educator for the TED-Ed lesson – The History of Tea and has collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to execute a temporary Chinese tea house in the museum. She is an avid educator on tea and has spoken on the subject matter at many institutions including Yale University, World Tea Expo, and Stony Brook University.

About Tea Drunk: Based and founded in NYC in 2013, Tea Drunk is on a mission to break all stereotypes in tea and open access in the West to the highest level of Chinese teas. Tea Drunk is the destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge. At $369/ ounce, these are not any typical “fine teas”. These are historical teas cared by heritage farmers for generations. Shunan Teng- the founder of Tea Drunk, travels to historic tea mountains in China every year to harvest and make tea alongside the heritage farmers.


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