March 26th, 2019



Ergonomics Expert Shares Surprising Link Between Balance & The Brain By now you have probably heard of "active sitting." It's the latest health craze to peak the interest of sedentary Americans, especially those who work in offices. The trend blew up last summer when Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced 100% of Apple employees would be using standing desks. Since then, a whole new line of office furniture from exercise balls to treadmill desks have made their way to offices and homes across the country. But will exercise balls and standing desks really make a difference? Being more active while you sit understandably affects physical health (the more you move, the more calories you obviously burn.) but new studies show a surprising link between balance and the brain.According to new research, the way you sit not only affects physical health, it also has a dramatic impact on mental health and brain performance."The way you sit has a huge effect on brain activity. It can change anything from your mood and hormones, to memory and cognition," says ergonomics expert Scott Bahneman.Research shows that balance is the key component needed to make active sitting effective and it not only provides fitness for your body, it has a huge impact on brain activity. One of the four main classifications of fitness (along with strength, endurance, and flexibility) is balance. It is often overlooked yet it is one of the most important, and it lends itself perfectly to the office setting. Today, balance therapy is being employed in clinics to increase focus, concentration and brain health to treat conditions such as ADHD, demential, concussive head injuries and more."Balanced active sitting improves memory and cognition by requiring a complex synchronization of mental function and physical movement..." ...says Bahneman, who knows first hand the negative health consequences of sitting disease. After working at a desk job for years and experiencing a decline in health, Bahneman began researching ergonomics and made it his mission to teach others in the corporate world how to combat "sitting disease." Bahneman has fascinating information on balance therapy and the brain and has advice on how to improve brain performance congruent with physical activity.  IN AN INTERVIEW / ARTICLE:The surprising link between balance and the brainFascinating information on balance therapy and why it not only helps physical health but also mental health and brain performanceHow Balanced Active Sitting can improve physical and mental healthAdvice people can use to combat sitting disease and be healthier and more active in the workplaceWhy "balance" is the key component needed to make active sitting effectiveThe impact sitting has on our overall health ABOUT SCOTT BAHNEMAN:
Scott Bahneman is an ergonomics industry expert on a mission to help people live healthier lives in the most natural way possible. He teaches others about balance therapy and other all-natural solutions to combat "sitting disease." He is the Founder & Chairman of SitTight® a company that has transformed sitting into an activity that improves your health by using your body's natural ability to balance. Bahneman been featured on Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca, Fast Company Magazine, and last year, SitTight won the bronze at the 2018 Edison Awards!More Information Visit:


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