February 1st, 2019

// In the Lyme Light: Uplifting New Book by Sophie Ward Proves Defeat is NOT a Symptom of Chronic Disease

In the Lyme Light: Uplifting New Book by Sophie Ward Proves Defeat is NOT a Symptom of Chronic Disease

‘In The Lyme Light: Sophie’s Story. The Journey Of Acceptance and Rediscovery’ is the story of Sophie Ward who, while living with acute and debilitating Lyme Disease, has risen above her “label” to live a full, inspirational life. This is a life-changing book of self-discovery for any person living with a chronic illness; urging them to get up, find their inner strength and live a life that’s full, prosperous and joyous.

Sophie Ward

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United Kingdom – At one point in her life, Sophie Ward’s confusing, undiagnosed health issues created a mystery that took her to the darkest depths imaginable. Life was slow, painful and a guessing game as to when the end would come.

However, after an eventual formal diagnosis of Lyme Disease, Sophie began to once again find her strength and drive – and now thrives as a media commentator, writer and author of the popular ‘Sophantasic’ blog.

And now, Sophie takes it one step further, with the release of 'In The Lyme Light: Sophie’s Story. The Journey Of Acceptance and Rediscovery’ – a book for anyone looking to rise above their diagnosis.


My name is Sophie Ward... for many years, I was lost with no home. My body was my enemy and my mind was my demon. I felt so poorly, so weak but no doctor or consultant could offer me an answer for my pain. Only that I was crazy. My health continued to decline and I feared death, in fact there were a few brushes with death. There were times when I felt it was and could be the end. It took a long nine years, but I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease. A disease I had never really heard of before, but I did my research and realised the scary reality that it was a long road ahead and a lifetime battle.  At this point you can allow yourself to give up or be positive and fight back. Not just for your own good health and wellbeing but for others too. I wanted to protect and save lives from the hell I go through every day. I want to be a positive role model, to inspire people to fight chronic disease and illness head on and always chase your dreams. We deserve our dreams and so we should never give up on ourselves and our goals. You must learn to make friends with your enemies, so you can understand and work with them more effectively and this takes some time. Our lives don't always go to plan and we aren't immune from tragedy and pain, but we do have a choice about how we take on the fight. This isn't just about Lyme Disease, it is about making the best of life and the cards we have been dealt. It is hopefully a dose of motivation that we can always achieve our dreams no matter what. This is the beginning of my story.

“I now live with the acceptance that – yes I have some limitations that most others don’t – but my life is blessed with all of the opportunity, potential and success of anyone else,” explains the author. “I’ve not allowed Lyme Disease to define me, even though it is there in full force, every second of every day. I wanted to write something to reach out to others in my position, so they too can enter a positive new paradigm of life.”

Continuing, “You can feel very alone when living with a chronic illness, and all-too-often I hear from people who feel they have to suffer in silence. That’s simply not true, and I hope my book can change lives, and get those who felt they had nothing left to live for back on their feet and living with gusto.”

‘In The Lyme Light: Sophie’s Story. The Journey Of Acceptance and Rediscovery’ is due for release on February 12th, 2018.

For more information, contact the author directly.

About the author, in her own words:

Lyme Disease has affected my life completely. It has brought a lot of pain but helped me gain strength and find my voice. I have been blessed with amazing opportunities like appearing on BBC Breakfast & Sky News. Not to mention bringing me here, writing to you all. I began my blog: Sophantastic which is a great healer of mine. I have had to learn on the job and learn quickly. Thank you for all being a part of my journey .


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