May 29th, 2019



Holistic Nurse Shares Fascinating Science Behind Gemstone Therapy & How It Can Help Mental & Physical HealthThey say diamonds are a girl's best friend and now women across America have discovered a whole new reason for the sparkle obsession. It's called "Gemstone Therapy" and If you haven't encountered this holistic trend yet, you will soon. It's the ancient practice of using crystals to improve health, mental wellness, cure ailments, even increase prosperity. Thanks to celebs like Adelle, Victoria Beckham, and Princess Kate, crystal healing went from a new age curiosity to a mainstream sensation almost overnight. Walk down the streets of NYC today and you will be bombarded with ads for gemstone beauty treatments. Young professionals from LA to Miami pay top dollar for sessions with gemstone therapists, but it's not just a trend for yuppie urbanites with extra cash. Etsy has nearly 350,000 items marked "healing crystals" and even Walmart now sells  $11 chakra sets.  But will clutching an amethyst or wearing a diamond necklace really do anything for your health? According to former ER and Critical Care nurse, Jennifer Marcenelle, it's certainly possible and here is what you need to know:"The therapeutic benefits of gemstone energies run far and wide. There is a reason why this has been around for centuries," says Marcenelle.As a board-certified, holistic, registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in the medical field, Marcenelle has seen a rapid rise in interest for this alternative treatment. A growing number of people are turning to it as an all-natural solution for help with anxiety, depression, chronic and acute pain, fatigue, sprains, and even skin rashes. It supports the body’s ability to self-heal (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and has been found to energize the body and mind, decrease blood pressure and inflammation, reduce toxins, and minimize stress. Here's how it works: We know from elementary science class that all matter is made up of atoms and molecules that are constantly moving and vibrating. Unlike gemstones which vibrate at unchanging frequencies, our body’s vibrations fluctuate, especially with stress. Evidence suggests that gemstones send out vibrations which can resonate with the frequency of healthy cells in a specific part of the human body, and they may help bring back unhealthy cells to vibrating at the same level as healthy cells. "Regardless of why it works, the number of people gemstone therapy has helped is undeniable. The idea is that the gemstones support the other work you are doing to heal your body and mind... "...says Marcenelle who discovered gemstone therapy after surviving a personal health crisis as a result of burnout. Marcenelle's firsthand exposure to the day-to-day stresses of critical care nursing opened her eyes to the burnout epidemic that ravages Americans. As a result, she experienced personal, professional and spiritual burnout, and after a near-suicide, she became her own critical care patient. Today Marcenelle is on a mission to help others take their life back from burnout. Jennifer Marcenelle has been instrumental in the nationwide movement to optimize health and wellness through Gemstone Therapy. She is sharing fascinating information on this ancient practice and how people can use it to improve their mental and physical health. INTERVIEW / ARTICLE TALKING POINTS:Gemstone therapy - the latest trend in health and wellnessThe craze with crystals: separating fact from fictionFascinating science and research behind this ancient practice and why it is effectiveJennifer's personal health crisis and experience with medical burnout and how she used gemstone therapy to combat itActionable tips and advice people can use to improve their health using Gemstones ABOUT JENNIFER MARCENELLE: Jennifer Marcenelle MBA, BSN, RN, HBC-HN is a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse with over 30 years of experience in the medical industry. She is a certified Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Practitioner. At the age of 44, she had a health crisis and near suicide from burnout. She’s the founder and CEO Of Burn Bright Today and has dedicated her career to helping people move from Burning Out to Burning Bright.For More Information Visit:


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