November 4th, 2019



Holistic Nurse Shares How to Feel Your Best During the Season of Giving'Tis the season for family, friends, and....festive burnout!Officially classified as a medical condition earlier this year by the WHO, burnout is a growing mental health problem in America and it affects more people during the holidays than at any other time of year. It's understandable why our energy levels are depleted. The holidays bring an overwhelming array of seasonal demands (from shopping, baking, decorating, and entertaining, to traveling and excessive eating and drinking.) After the holidays we feel mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. But for many, the holiday blues peak even sooner. A survey from last year shows one in three Americans experience ‘Festive Burnout’ before Christmas even comes! According to Burnout expert Jennifer Marcenelle, it takes a concerted effort to replenish your energy this time of year but it is vital in order to avoid burnout."Burnout is a huge mental health problem this time of year and it needs to be taken seriously because it can lead to an assortment of health and wellness issues...." ...says Jennifer Marcenelle who has dedicated her career to combating the burnout epidemic. The term burnout is tossed around so casually today, it is difficult to know where normal stress stops and where burnout begins. It's true that the holidays bring on a number of festive commitments. We are all stressed. We are all tired, and we are all trying to balance our time against a growing to-do list. According to Jennifer, this is how burnout begins. It creeps in slowly and undetected. By recognizing the earliest warning signs and by replenishing your energy, it is preventable. We all know diet, exercise, sleep, and hydration are paramount to health. During the season of eating, moderation is key. It is important to balance indulgences with a bit of physical activity, nutritious food, and a lot of water. Fueling your body with fresh whole food will fuel your energy and it might sound counterintuitive, but expending energy through exercise will too. Avoiding burnout also starts with mindfulness. Taking a few minutes out of your day to clarify your intentions and be in the moment are helpful. Jennifer is also an advocate of other holistic techniques like meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and Gemstone and Diamond therapy. "The holidays are an opportunity to enjoy quality time with family and friends but if you are burned out, no one wins. With so many things depleting your energy it is important that you take time to recharge so you can sustain mental and physical health..."...says Marcenelle whose firsthand exposure to the day-to-day stresses of critical care nursing opened her eyes to the burnout epidemic that ravages Americans. As a result, she experienced personal, professional and spiritual burnout, and after a near-suicide, she became her own critical care patient. Now she is on a mission to help others take their life back from burnout. Jennifer Marcenelle is urging awareness for mental and emotional health. She is sharing tips and actionable advice people can use to avoid and combat festive burnout, improve mental wellness, and have a happier, healthier holiday. IN AN INTERVIEW OR ARTICLE JENNIFER MARCENELLE CAN DISCUSS:Insight and actionable advice people can use to avoid and combat burnout during the holidaysWarning signs of burnout and the difference between normal stress and a serious problemTips for improving mental, physical and emotional health during the holidaysMulti-dimensional holistic solutions for stress and anxietySeasonal strategies for burnout ABOUT JENNIFER MARCENELLE: Jennifer Marcenelle MBA, BSN, RN, HBC-HN is a Board-Certified Holistic Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience in the medical industry. She currently holds degrees in nursing and business, with a specialization in Holistic Healing for burnout. As an energy medicine practitioner and the Founder and CEO of Burn Bright Today, she helps people improve mental wellness and recover from burnout and other challenges. A certified Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Practitioner, Marcenelle has dedicated her career to helping people move from Burning Out to Burning Bright.For More Information Visit:


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