July 18th, 2018

// 10 Things You Should Know About Figure Prep

10 Things You Should Know About Figure Prep

  1. You have to sacrifice your time and energy and focus it into your prep.
  2. It is expensive - make sure you can afford it first.
  3. You will cry - sometimes uncontrollably for no reason, sometimes happy tears and sometimes sad and frustration tears.
  4. Expect to be hungry - you just have to deal with it.
  5. Expect to be tired -naps will be your best friend.
  6. Sometimes you feel like shit and others youre on top of the world - Get it done no matter what.
  7. You will never see yourself objectively so get a coach - don't assess yourself because it is hard to see your own progress.
  8. It is an emotional rollercoaster - find coping mechanism that are not related to food.
  9. Nothing is guaranteed no matter how hard you work - so dont get caught up on placings or sour that things did not go in your favour.
  10. Be selfish and focus on yourself. Don't let others rain on your personal goal parade - Remember it was and is your decision to do a show. Don't expect the people around you to change their lives just for you, don't expect them to all support you.

No matter what you should enjoy the process and if you don't and spend the entire time miserable or complaining YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING THE SHOW. It is hard. It will be challenging. It will test you. Mentality is the hardest part of it. Obviously this is just my opinion based on my experience.

And no I haven't always been perfect during a prep. I have moments of weaknesses, self doubt...quite frankly at times I have been so hard on myself that I was super negative. But I have learned so much from every prep. I have learned about myself, others and the process and I keep getting better. I love the journey and the challenges it brings. It will only make me a better person in the long run.

And If you ever want to look in on my preps I document as much as I can on my youtube channel:



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