December 19th, 2018


By Eddie Fatakhov (a.k.a. Dr. Fat-Off) M.D. 

It probably comes as no surprise that the top resolution of last New Years Eve was to lose weight and be healthier. This resolution is a favorite the world over so, if you are one of the millions wanting to lose weight and make positive lifestyle changes in 2019 I have a simple tip… Start now! Gaining weight is much simpler than losing it so instead of saying “I’ll start making better choices in 2019” why not keep a few pounds off ahead of schedule?  Here are 10 ways to avoid holiday weight gain during food-focused festivities, office parties, and holiday family gatherings.  
1.) HOLIDAY PARTIES Holiday parties are in full swing so go to yours with a plan. A simple way to decrease temptation is to arrive late, leave early, and stay social in between (this will keep you away from snacks and fatty dips).  2.) SUGAR FREE IS KEYThe best way to make sure you avoid liquid sugar is to BYOSFB (bring your own sugar free beverage).  3.) PREGAME
Before you go to any holiday gathering eat an apple with some peanut butter. This will help to give you some fullness and also take the edge off your overall hunger.  4.) MAKE THE BUFFET OKAY
- If your party is at a restaurant with a buffet drink a full glass of water before you get in line.
- Once you’re in line start with a small plate
- Pick two items and only cover ⅔ of your plate- Keep drinking that water while you eat.
- Chew chew chew. Take your time eating to allow your body to feel full.- Did I say keep drinking water?!  5.) AVOID THE “D” WORD
Telling people you are on a diet during the holidays can backfire with food being put in your face accompanied by phrases like “It’s the holidays, it doesn’t count!” So instead of using the “D” word try “I can’t have that” or “I ate before I came.”  6.) LEAN MEAT IS YOUR LEAN FRIEND
If there is an option to have lean meat like turkey or fish jump on it! These are also great options for family functions. Turkey wrapped celery with a pickle slice anyone? 7.) BRING YOUR VEGETABLES
Adding lightly steamed vegetables to the meals you bring to parties is a simple and great way to add beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fiber to your holidays. 8.) FRUIT IS A DESSERT FOOD Look for the fresh fruit at parties or bring it to gatherings to give yourself a great alternative to pies, cakes, and cookies! 
After you get your plate of food stand and eat. Most likely you will eat less if you can’t plant yourself and focus solely on the food. 10.) DANCE & MINGLEBuild a little workout into your party time by staying active as much as possible. - If there is music get people to dance (you know you want to).
- Work the room - try to socialize in the entire space as a way to keep moving. ABOUT DR. FAT-OFF…  Eddie Fatakhov, M.D., a.k.a. Dr. Fat-off, is a Board-Certified Physician, Nutritionist, and Best-Selling Author of "The Doctors' Clinic-30 Program. His latest book is “Dr. Fat-Off Simple Life-Long Weight-Loss Solutions.” Email: eddie@drfatakhov.comOffice: 404-836-9906 


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