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Around four-fifthsof the American population suffer from back pain at some point in lives. However, we often tend to make the wrong decisions when dealing with this issue.


The causes of back pain are various. It can be due to an injury from sports. Or it can be traced back to an accident. Whatever the reason is, it’s advised to follow a few tips to keep your back in the best shape possible.


In this article, we’ll share 12 tips to manage any back-pain issues you might have.

Decrease the Time You Spend Resting in Bed (H2)

If you have short-term back pain, it’s recommended that you spend more time being active. Too much bed rest can increase your back pain. Lack of activity can lead to reduced stimulation of the back muscles and spine.


Most doctors recommend that you should not be at bed rest for more than three days.

Don’t Stop Exercising (H2)

As mentioned before, activity is a great remedy for back issues. Exercising is the best way you can maintain a high activity level. Simple exercises like walking keeps your spine upright and neutral.


You don’t need to go overboard with exercises. Try your best to avoid highly demanding physical activities. Also, don’t do anything that has sparked the back pain in the first place.

A Good Posture Is a Must (H2)

Sudden accidents or injuries might start a back pain. But often it can be due to a bad posture that has been around for too long.


A bad posture allows unnecessary pressure to form on the spine and muscles. This causes back pain in the long run.


Train yourself to fix your posture. If your back is curved in a wrong way, back pain is bound to happen.

Consult a Specialist (H2)

A specialist will be able to generate a specific exercise plan suited to address your back issues. Not everyone is the same. There is no single medicine that can solve back pain in every person.


Sometimes one individual may need pain management sessions. Others will benefit more from stretching and exercising.


Consult a specialist who’ll address your unique issues. It can be anyone who specializes in treating back problems. Make sure he is certified.

Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles (H2)

A strong core helps a lot when it comes to preventing back pain. If you have strong abdominal muscles, you’ll have more support in the lower back.


Exercises like planks, sit-ups, crunches, yoga will help you in developing this area.

Increase Flexibility in Your Body (H2)

If your body is under excessive tension and pressure, it will create back pain. Flexibility will allow your body to avoid these issues.


It’ll also help bydistributing your body weight equally throughout your body. Stretching and yoga are two good ways to ensure flexibility in the body.


An inversiontable can be a great tool to stretch your spine and get more flexibility. There are many awesomeinversion tablesonthe market at great prices.

Don’t Always Go for a Brace (H2)

Braces support the back by providing more stability to your abdominal muscles. But prolonged use can cause those muscles to weaken.


Don’t use braces for more than 15 minutes. And use them only in cases of highly demanding activities.


Using braces while deadlifting heavy weights makes sense. But it has no need if you are gardening.

Go for Ice or Heat Packs (H2)

Using ice and heat packs alternatively is a great home remedy for back pain. If there is a painwith swelling, go for ice.


Switch to heat packs after some minutes of application. Whicheveryou use, make sure you don’t hurt your skin during application.

Maintain the Proper Sleeping Position (H2)

This plays an immense role in maintaining your back’s health. Almost all doctors suggest that the most ideal sleeping position is sleeping on the back.


The least recommended one is sleeping on the stomach. The latter causes unnecessary rounding of your back and strain on the muscles.


Yet it can be a challenge for most to change their existing sleeping positions. Side sleepers should put a pillow between the knees. Back sleepers can put a pillow under their knees for added support.

Smoking can Cause Back Pain (H2)

Nicotine often causes decreased blood flow in soft tissues. So, it’s always recommended to quit smoking.


Smoking can indirectly increase your back pain. It’ll also cause inactivity by hurting your lungs.Quitting this habit can solve many problems associated with back pain.

Talk Therapy can be Helpful (H2)

Talk therapy with an experienced counselor or psychologist can address any anxiety or depression issues. These issues can indirectly cause back pain.


An unhealthy mind or a depressed mood will definitely affect your overall wellbeing.Consider getting help to address these issues if you have them. It will definitely help you both physically and mentally as a whole.

Try Some Relaxation Techniques (H2)

Relaxation techniques can greatly help in relaxing your body and mind. Relaxation techniques come in wide varieties- tai chi, meditation, yoga and so on. Choose the one which helps you the most to relax.


Remember that a peaceful mind will ensure that your body is physically well. This can contribute a lot toeasing back pain.

Some Final Words (H2)

Back pain is a bothersome problem for many. Sometimes the pain is quite excruciating. This can cause some to take drastic measures to alleviate the pain.


But it’s always recommended to take less invasive and cheaper measures. Consider these before taking drugs or going under the knife.


In most cases,if you follow the above tips, your back pain will disappear within weeks. This is obviously better than more intrusive options with various side effects.


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